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ME c0002

Chapter 0002 New Aberio Labyrinth

Translator: Tseirp


The next day. When I came to the Adventurer’s Guild, I noticed that the guild was busier than usual.


It was not just a little busier. There was quite a lot of activity.


At times like this, if there was someone you know, you could easily ask them, but unfortunately, I don’t have such a luxury. To ascertain the cause of the liveliness, I spoke to the receptionist at the counter.


“Did some valuable request come in?”


When I called out to her, the young receptionist answered with a slightly disgusted look on her face.


“They found a new labyrinth.”


“A new labyrinth?”


Labyrinths, including the Miasma Labyrinth, are scattered around the city of Barona.


We adventurers mainly earn a living diving into those labyrinths.


The discovery of a new labyrinth meant that we now had a new place to earn money.


Especially in labyrinths that have just been discovered, there are often untouched treasures, magic tools, and armor, fueling adventurers’ dreams of getting rich quick.


Naturally, I’m also an adventurer who dreams of getting rich quick.


If I could get ahold of some treasure, even a low-level like me could be powerfully equipped.


If I have powerful equipment, I can defeat monsters that are stronger than I am now, and my daily income would definitely increase.


There would be no need to dive into the Miasma Labyrinth like now.


It was a chance to get out of the negative loop of no money, no friends, no equipment.


“Where’s the new labyrinth!?”


“It’s the Aberio Mountains in the north, but you can’t do it.”




“It’s impossible to accept an exploration request for the new labyrinth unless your rank is D or higher.”


I am stunned by the words of the receptionist.


Because my rank was E.


“I really want to dive into that new labyrinth! Is there any other way?”


“I can’t help you even if you put it that way.”


“Oi oi, you shouldn’t pressure the receptionist like that.”


When I was asking if there was any way to dive into the new labyrinth, a man with blond hair cut in between me and the receptionist.


“I-I’m sorry”


There was also a feeling of resentment that an outsider butted in, but it was true that I ended up strongly questioning the receptionist.


I good-naturedly bowed to the receptionist and the man who intervened.


“Well, it’s fine. Judging from your conversation, do you want to dive into a new labyrinth?”




“Then why don’t you join my party as a porter?”


A porter is a so-called party luggage carrier.


As the number of luggage increases, it will not be possible to move perfectly. Disliking that, many adventurers go with a porter to dive into the labyrinth in perfect condition.


“I’m E-rank, but is that okay?”


“If you’re E-rank, you can at least defend yourself, right? We wanted a porter to challenge the new labyrinth, but we couldn’t get ahold of one. We were in a pickle but then I noticed you.”


“I see.”


Not just one or two parties plan to dive into a new labyrinth. Almost all adventurers in Barona plan to do so. Naturally, many parties would be looking for porters, and porters will probably be difficult to secure.


Diving as an adventurer is impossible due to the rank limit, but joining a party that exceeds the rank limit as a porter and diving is permitted by guild rules.


Rather than being unable to do anything and earning a little bit of spare change, I had a much stronger desire to accompany them as a porter and change something in my life.


“I’m Lude. I might be joining as a porter, but please take care of me.”


“I’m Bayer, the leader of the Scarlet Sword. My rank is D. I’d like to introduce you to my teammates.”




After the handshake, I followed Bayer to the bar attached to the guild.


A man and a woman who seemed to be Bayer’s companions were sitting there.


“Hey, Sasha, Rick! I found a porter!”


“I’m Lude. Nice to meet you.”


“Geh, it’s the Miasma Scavenger.”


“Bayer, wasn’t there anyone better?”


When Bayer called out to them, a woman wearing a wizard-like robe and a stern warrior-like man frowned.


Or rather, if looking closely at them, weren’t they the ones who were lined up in front of me in the waiting line for the subjugation assessment yesterday?


I had a bad feeling as soon as we met.


“Don’t say that. Lude here has a low rank, but he has the knowledge and experience of being an adventurer for many years. He’s much more trustworthy than recruiting adventurers around here as porters.”


I couldn’t believe he would say that about me, who had such a low rank despite my age.


Bayer is such a nice guy.


“Well, if Bayer says so.”


“Don’t slow us down, okay?”


“Yes. I look forward to working with you.”


Not as an adventurer, but as a porter, but I was able to participate in the exploration of the new labyrinth.



After introducing ourselves at the guild, we used a carriage and came to the new labyrinth in the northern mountains.


“So this is the new labyrinth…”


“Yeah, it’s called the New Aberio Labyrinth now because it formed in the Aberio Mountains.”


When I was looking at the entrance of the new labyrinth, Bayer who was beside me told me.


At the foot of the Aberio Mountains, pillars with solemn decorations stood side by side, and a large rock door was installed further in. The building was somewhat reminiscent of ancient ruins.



The entrance to the Miasma Labyrinth was a stone grave marker in the depths of the swamp, but the appearance of the labyrinth changes depending on the area.


“Well, let’s go in right away.”


Originally, labyrinths are places to challenge with careful preparations, but this was a new labyrinth that had just been discovered.


Now more than anything else, speed was required.


Several parties besides us had already started exploring, but the labyrinth was expansive enough that it couldn’t be completely explored immediately.


There was a good chance we’ll find treasures that no one has found. If so, we should turn a blind eye to some risks and act swiftly to get favorable returns.


We nodded at Bayer’s words and slowly pried open the two rock doors.


The inside of Aberio Labyrinth was unexpectedly bright, and flames like bonfires were flickering in the passage.


“Surprisingly bright.”


It helped that we didn’t have to prepare lights, but it was eerie as if the labyrinth was inviting us deeper and deeper.


Carrying a large backpack and following behind Bayer and the others, we found adventurers fighting goblins in the hall.


The adventurer who was fighting noticed us, but when Bayer sent a hand signal, he nodded.


As long as they don’t need help, the goblins are the party’s prey. As an adventurer, it is forbidden to swoop in to steal the kill. Events in the Miasma Labyrinth happened because it was a place with no witnesses.


We went around the hall so as not to get in the way of the battle.


Even after passing through the hall, we found parties ahead fighting monsters in the passages or carefully looking around for hidden rooms.


“It’s annoying to see adventurers everywhere we go!”


“A lot of parties are still on the first floor.”


The magician called Sasha shouted in annoyance, and Bayer sighed at the unexpectedly large crowd.


“Then why don’t we dive deeper? If it’s a deeper floor, there won’t be so many adventurers, right?”


“That might be good!”


“That sounds good. There’s no point in exploring the first floor like this.”


“But isn’t it dangerous to descend so quickly? This labyrinth was just discovered. I understand your urgency, but wouldn’t it be better to steadily map the first floor and search for treasures?”


Having other adventurers meant we could help each other in times of need.


However, if you stray from other adventurers, you might not be able to seek help when you encounter a heinous monster.


That didn’t apply to parties with high ranks such as A and B, and with experience, but Bayer’s rank was D. Their levels would be fifteen to twenty at most.


Even though it was for getting rich quick, it felt like the risk was too great.


“Huh? Who said we need your opinion, porter?”


“Because you’re always so small-minded that even at that age, you’re still E-rank. Old man.”


O-old man. True, I’m twenty-two, not that young, and I indeed look old, but I’m not old enough to be called an old man… at least I think.


“Now now, Lude wasn’t saying that out of malice either.”


Bayer said soothingly to Sasha and Rick.




“But I think I agree with both of them. There are too many adventurers on the first floor, and even if we keep exploring steadily like this, we won’t get good results. Let’s aim for a lower floor.”


“As expected of Bayer, you know!”


“Adventures do what adventurers do!”


“It’s okay. We’ll turn back as soon as it gets dangerous.”




If the party leader, Bayer, decided so, then I, the porter, had no choice but to obey.


I nodded obediently and followed Bayer and the others down the stairs leading to the second floor.


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