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ME c0006

Chapter 0006 Return from the Abyss

Translator: Tseirp


“Yes! I’ve finally returned to somewhere I can recognize!”


After wandering through the abyss and continuing to eat monsters while climbing the labyrinth floors, I was finally able to return to a familiar location.


The dark ruins-like earthy passage was definitely the 4th floor.


After all, I encountered a minotaur on such a low floor. I could never forget.


“As expected, the hole in the wall has been repaired…”


When I moved to the passage where I was attacked by the minotaur, the large hole that had been opened by the minotaur’s tackle was completely sealed.


Labyrinths have a repair ability and automatically repair the damage to the ground and walls caused by battles that occur within the labyrinth. I didn’t know the details, but because it’s common in any labyrinth, it was within the scope of my expectations that the hole opened by the minotaur was closed.


“If I destroy the wall again, will a hole to the abyss appear?”


My status has improved by continually eating monsters in the abyss, and my status should probably surpass that of the minotaur at that time.


It’s a tough labyrinth wall, but I was sure my attack could make a hole in it.


But even if that was the case in theory, I didn’t think I’d want to try it.


Thanks to the skills I acquired, I won’t fall to my death, but there were many monsters in the abyss that were still stronger than my current state.


Being alive now was a miracle. It would probably never happen again.


I didn’t want to take a big risk just to satisfy my curiosity.


I took my eyes off the pristine wall, as if nothing had happened to it, and proceeded down the passage towards the 3rd floor.


Then, three Silver Wolves appeared to block my way.


I activated [Appraisal] which I obtained by eating a monster in the abyss.



Silver Wolf

LV 8

Stamina: 20

Strength: 18

Tenacity: 13

Magic: 9

Spirit: 6

Agility: 22

Skill: [Agility Rise (Small)]


A monster level suited for the fourth floor.


Before I fell into the abyss, I would have run away just by encountering it.


However, my status, after experiencing the abyss far below there, was…


Name: Lude

Race: Human

State: Normal

LV42 (↑20)

Stamina: 188 (↑102)

Strength: 156 (↑99)

Tenacity: 136 (↑93)

Magic: 136 (↑102)

Spirit: 112 (↑85)

Agility: 125 (↑81)

Unique Skill: [Nullify status ailments]

Skills: [Swordsmanship] [Martial Arts] [Roar] [Battleaxe Technique] [Muscle Strengthening (Medium)] [Blood Sucking] [Sound Wave Perception] [Heat Source Perception] [Paralyzing Breath] [Thread Manipulation] [Spearmanship] [Hard Body] [Thorn Skin] [Strong Stomach] [Healthy Body] [Intimidation] [Night Vision] [Agility Enhancement (Small)] [Strength Enhancement (Small)] [Blunt Force Resistance (Small)] [Perception Block] [Flame] [Fire Resistance (Large)] [Advanced Swordsmanship] [Club Technique] [Lightning Clad] [Far Sight] [Appraisal] [One-handed Swordsmanship]

Attribute magic: [Fire Attribute]



By defeating monsters, my level and status had risen, and by eating monsters, I had acquired an unusual number of skills.


Literally, the number of digits had increased by one.


Without lifting the battleaxe that I held in one hand, I activated my acquired skill [Intimidation].




With that alone, the Silver Wolves understood the difference in ability and fled away in a panic.


In the labyrinth, the closer you get to the surface, the lower the level of monsters.


It was a natural progression that I, who ascended from the bottom to the top, wasn’t an opponent the fourth floor Silver Wolf could compete against.


I walked through the passage where Silver Wolves fled to.


There were no monsters on that floor that could threaten my life. Just knowing that fact made my heart at ease and lightened my steps.


It felt like a picnic even though I was in a labyrinth.


Did the minotaur that came here feel the same way as I did?


When I thought about it like that, I felt like I was in the same category as the minotaur, and I hated it, so I stopped thinking about it deeply.


“Even so, I don’t see any adventurers at all.”


When I entered this labyrinth, there were many adventurers who dreamed of getting rich quickly because it was a newly discovered labyrinth. The upper floors were overflowing with adventurers, and there weren’t any decent hunting grounds for us who entered late.


It had been a long time since then, and it wouldn’t be strange if the exploration progressed to the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors, but I hadn’t seen a single adventurer thus far.


While holding my doubts, I exited the labyrinth in no time.


I squinted my eyes reflexively due to the excessive amount of light. After repeatedly opening and closing my eye, I finally got used to the amount of light and was able to calmly look at the scenery.


The entrance to Aberio Labyrinth, which looked like a vast ruin.


There was an unmaintained dirt road at the end of the decorated pillars.


“I’m out…”


The fresh air was markedly different from the stagnant air in the abyss and labyrinth. I took a deep breath to enjoy it.


The sun was floating in the sky, giving off a warm light, and I was bathed in pleasant sunshine.


“Haa~! I finally got out of the labyrinth!”


I cried out because I was finally able to accept that reality.


Almost killed by a minotaur, falling into the abyss, eating forbidden monsters to survive, and fighting incredibly strong monsters to escape from the abyss.


How many times did I almost die? Just remembering that hardship brought tears to my eyes.


It wasn’t unreasonable to cry from the surge of emotions.

After immersing in sentiment for a while, I looked around again.


“There’s really no one here.”


I walked through the third, second, and first floor, but I didn’t see any adventurers.


I wondered where the adventurers who had been rushing around had gone.


“Don’t tell me I have to walk back to Barona…”


Typically there would be carriages for adventurers waiting outside these labyrinths, but I didn’t see any.


It would be a chore to have to walk to Barona, which takes several hours by carriage.


But there was nothing I could do about it.


After a short break, I decided to run back to Barona.


When I started running, I was much faster than I had imagined.


I was running at a leisurely pace, but I was still faster than a carriage.


Probably because of my increased status.


When I tried to speed up, I could get even more speed. I was given the interesting experience of seeing the scenery fly by.


Even after maintaining that fast pace, I felt no sign of exhaustion. It was not just simple speed, but my stamina must have increased significantly as well. My fundamental human abilities was vastly different now.


The troublesome return trip became fun, and I continued running to Barona.



I arrived at Barona in less than an hour and headed to the adventurer’s guild.


When I entered the guild, I felt many eyes gather on me.


It’s just that the feeling of the gathered looks was different from the usual contempt, it felt like they were simply surprised to see me.


I didn’t know the reason for the difference in the emotions in their gazes, so I went to the receptionist’s counter to ask about the new labyrinth.




“Huh? Miasma Scavenger? Didn’t you die!?”


When I called out lightly, the receptionist shouted in distraught.


That was cruel, treating a person as if they had died as soon as you saw their face.


“No, I didn’t.”


When I answered flatly, the receptionist had a disbelieving expression on her face.


“Let me take over. I’m Lancarse, the guild master of the Barona branch.”


Before I could ask further, a white-haired man came up from the back office.


He was the guild master who oversaw the Barona branch of the Adventurer’s Guild.


A man I had seen many times in the guild, but as an E-rank adventurer I had nothing to do with him, so that was the first time I had exchanged words with him.


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  1. Vegeta.D.kaiba

    I wonder what rank he could be at now .
    B or C?
    ‘A’ rank seems to a strech this early on so I dont think that for now
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Chris

    So much missed opportunity. Author decided to skip all of the early growth part of the character development and went to ‘MC returns to town as a powerful person’ part of the story. Defeating monsters and watching the MC change from scared weakling to confident predator could of been interesting!

    Also this guy just walked out of a dungeon full of monsters and treasures. Did he bring any treasures back with him? Most likely answer is he didn’t bring any treasures because the author skipped it all. If the character actually spent story time in the dungeon he should of been able to defeat the tough monsters on floor 4 and 5 and discover at least some coins on those floors. You could even have him emerge with a few minor magic items and carry everything inside of a ratty old cloak or the backpack from a dead adventurer.

    Author obviously has something he wants to get to, so he rushed the story to get to this point. I hope its great, because he just skipped what could of been the best part of this story. We don’t even know how long its been since he fell. 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? The lack of detail is frustrating.

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