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ME c0007

Chapter 0007 Authenticity Officer

Translator: Tseirp


“I’m Lude.”


“Sorry but could you show me your adventurer card?”


At Lancarse’s request, I took out an adventurer card from my pocket.


My name, age, and rank set by the guild were written on the copper-colored card that represented E-rank.


It was proof that the guild guarantees your identity as an adventurer.


“Thank you for the verification. You feel different, but you are certainly Lude.”


I could tell because I’ve leveled up. The strength of the man named Lancarse.


His former A-rank as an adventurer wasn’t for show.


I was tempted to use [Appraisal] to see specific numbers, but it was rude to peek without permission, so I refrained from doing so.


“I wanted to ask, was I assumed dead?”


“Yes, we received a report from the ‘Scarlet Sword’ that a minotaur appeared on the fourth floor of the Aberio Labyrinth, and you, their porter, were killed.”


I see. Was that why adventurers no longer entered the Aberio Labyrinth?


If monsters like the minotaur were roaming the upper floors, most adventurers wouldn’t even dare to explore.


Well, that didn’t matter for now. What I was curious about was how Bayer reported the incident.


“How exactly was I killed?”


“I only heard that they encountered the minotaur and they were helpless to stop it from killing you.”


As expected, Bayer and the others did not report that they abandoned me and used me as a decoy.


“Hoo, that’s different from what I actually experienced.”


“H-hey! Lude! You survived!”


As soon as Lancarse was about to reply, Bayer appeared and called out to me.


“When you were attacked by the minotaur, I thought you were a goner, but I never imagine you would survive!”


“Are you injured? We were worried about you, you know?”


“We thought of searching for Lude, but the Aberio Labyrinth was closed to entry and we couldn’t go inside… so we couldn’t mount a search.”


Not only Bayer but Rick and Sasha approached me with looks as if they were really worried about me.


These guys used me as a decoy and abandoned me. I was amazed they could say that with a straight face.


“Come, let’s celebrate Lude’s return.”


“I know a good restaurant. Let’s eat there.”




Bayer and Rick sandwiched me from the left and right and turned my shoulders.


They pretended to be casual, but they put a lot of strength into it, and I could see through that they wanted to force me away from Lancarse.


If it was my status before I leveled up, I would have been taken away helplessly, but I wouldn’t allow that now.


I resisted their push and continued to stay on the spot.


“I don’t need a celebration for my return. More importantly, I have something to report to the guild master.”


“What are you talking about, Lude? You managed to return safely …”


“– I was abandoned by you guys in the labyrinth.”


My indifferent report filled the guild with silence.


Among adventurers, abandoning one’s companions was taboo.


Even in the rules of the Adventurer’s Guild, actions that would kill or acts to abandon one’s companions were prohibited, and severe penalties were stipulated for violations.


At best, a heavy fine and barred from being an adventurer. In the worst case, punishment as mining slaves and even the death penalty was possible.


Adventurers helped each other. If there was someone who betrays their friends out of self-gain, others will not be able to entrust theirs back to them with peace of mind.


“Abandoned, how?”


“Bayer stole my bag and slashed me from the back. Rick used his skill to taunt the Minotaur, and after that Sasha used Haste to escape with just the three of them.”


Hearing my claim, the adventurers around me who listened looked like they were taken aback.


“If that’s true, that’s a grave situation.”


“We didn’t do that!”


“In fact, Lude doesn’t even have a scar on his back!”


“The wound healed, but there’s still the slash mark on my armor!”


“That’s a wound from a monster, isn’t it? Don’t push the blame on us.”


I tried to claim that, but of course, Bayer and Rick would not admit it.


It reached a futile dispute that couldn’t be proven.


“Where’s the proof that we did that in the first place?”


That being said, my position was also slightly weaker.


After all, the only people who were there were these guys and there were no other witnesses.


It was nearly impossible to ascertain my authenticity.


After all, any trouble in the labyrinth was your responsibility.


My appeal would cause Bayer’s reputation to fall, and the guild would take notice, but that’s all.


After the spotlight on them cools, they would either repeat the same thing or resume their activities in another city.


I couldn’t prove it.

“Then, let’s verify the truth. Authenticity Officer.”


When Lancarse raised his voice, a girl in a purple robe came out from the back.


The moment the girl appeared, the guild became noisy.


That was because the purple robe was proof of an Authenticity Officer possessing the [Authenticity] skill.


“W-why is there an Authenticity Officer here!?”


Bayer let out a voice of surprise when he saw the figure of the Authenticity Officer.


The [Authenticity] skill that can see through people’s lies is an innate skill, and it was rare to find a person with it because it cannot be obtained after birth. Therefore, many of those who possess that skill are hired by the country to serve as Authenticity Officers.


Most of the Authenticity Officers reside in the royal capital where royalty and nobility live, and they normally can’t be found in such a small frontier city.


“…Because there have been a lot of questionable incidents lately. I pulled some connections to call one here.”


Lancarse glanced at Bayer and the others.


It was clear that Bayer and others had done it before because their actions were well-practiced.


“Authenticity Officer, these adventurers seem to be denying Lude’s allegations, but what is the truth?”


“…The members of the Scarlet Sword are lying. The man called Lude there said the truth.”


When Lancarse asked, the Authenticity Officer said in a matter-of-fact tone.


“It’s decided then.”


“H-he’s lying! We didn’t do it!”


“Oi oi, that’s unsightly. It’s a judgment by an Authenticity Officer, you know? There is no stronger evidence.”


Judgment by the [Authenticity] skill was absolute. It was officially recognized by the state.


“We encountered a minotaur on the fourth floor, you know? Anyone who encounters such a monster would surely prioritize their life!”


“If that’s all there would be room for extenuating circumstances, but slashing your comrade from behind and taunting the monster toward them is too much. That is nothing but clear malice. Moreover, I seem to hear that the porters that occasionally join your party seem to die quite often. It sounds like a lot more will surface with the right questions?”


Perhaps the Adventurer’s Guild had their eyes on Bayer and the others.


That’s why Lancarse must have negotiated with the royal capital and summoned an Authenticity Officer.


“I’ll confirm the other crimes later, but there’s no doubt that you’ll be barred as an adventurer and become a slave.”


“H-hey, you’re joking, aren’t you? I definitely don’t want to be a slave!”


“I don’t want to be a slave either! It’s a joke to become a slave from something like this!”


Hearing Lancarse’s words, Sasha and Rick turned pale and shouted.


From that alone, it was easy to tell that they didn’t consider the things they did as bad.


Even so, Bayer was awfully quiet.


Thinking it was unnatural, I turned my gaze to find Bayer looking downward with trembling body.


“Kukuku, I will have my adventurer qualifications removed … I’ll be a slave… like I would accept?!”


Bayer pulled out his sword and charged.


I thought he was going to attack me, but his target was the Authenticity Officer.


Naturally, I would not allow that to happen so I immediately reacted and intercepted him before he reached the Authenticity Officer.


“Mooove! Miasma Scavenger!”


“You’ll probably be in even more trouble if you attacked an Authenticity Officer but…”


I punched Bayer’s unguarded face and blew him away.


“Ah, I overdid it.”


I intended to hold back, but my anger from being abandoned in the labyrinth unconsciously made my blow stronger.


“Well, it doesn’t matter as long as he’s alive.”


Bayer was showing the whites of this eyes, but his body was still twitching and moving.


I was relieved that he was alive and well.


I wanted them to live to atone for their sins.


“H-how can you beat Bayer even though you’re level 7!?”


“Someone like Miasma Scavenger can’t be that strong!”


“I wonder why.”


I was actually level 42, but there was no need to tell them that.


“So, do you guys want to fight too?”


Rick and Sasha quickly lost their fighting spirit once Lancarse pressed down on them with bloodlust, and they obediently followed him to the back room.


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