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WM Intermission 10

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Intermission 10 Interlude – the last moments of Lord Zuransu

Translator: Tseirp


A thunderous roar overwhelmed the surroundings.


The residents of Ayteke-Bo saw it for the first time in their lives.

The image of a huge castle wall crumbling down.


Some people didn’t know what was happening but started running.

Some people sat down and stared at the scene in a daze.

And some people just stood there and screamed…


But they were not unlucky.

Because they were able to continue watching that scene.

In other words, it didn’t mean that their lives were in danger …


They were the residents of the East Bank.



The crumbling wall was on the West Bank.



Those who broke down the castle wall rushed forward, straight to the Lord’s Mansion… and punched through it.



“What, what’s happening!?”

Lord Zuransu shouted.

Gujia, the captain of the guards, who was always by his side, didn’t understand what was going on either.


Naturally, no one could answer the question from Lord Zuransu.



The answer came from outside the door.

“E-emergency! Monsters…”

Countless warwolves approach from behind the guards who hastily rushed to report.

“Y-you idiot, close the door…”

Gujia’s screams were drowned out in vain by a group of warwolves that jumped in…


The guard captain left the world without being able to resist.



What the monsters wanted…



Lord Zuransu couldn’t even raise a scream.

Because he was surrounded.




And the growing tentacles of the caterpillars…


Their aim was the spear that Lord Zuransu had in his hand.


Needless to say, it was a spear made from a branch of the World Tree taken by order of Lord Zuransu…


At that point, he finally realized.

The cause of everything was this spear, the order he gave himself, and his foolishness.


But it was too late.




The caterpillar’s tentacles took the spear.

The murderous intent in the eyes of the monsters was still aimed at Lord Zuransu.


They knew.


Who gave the order to take the branch.


The ‘Forest’ knows everything.

The business of the people of the city.

Also the structure of the people’s country.

And who should be responsible of the people’s actions…


He was held accountable…


Lord Zuransu’s life ended.



At that instant, the aggression in all the monsters subsided and they began to retreat.


In the West Bank, there were quite a few people whose lives were barely saved.

On the East Bank, the inhabitants and members of the Kingdom delegation were completely unscathed.



However, the Lord’s Mansion, with its foundation destroyed, eventually collapsed.


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  1. Vegeta.D.kaiba

    Good punishment!
    Nice chapter

  2. CounterMAN

    i can hear Joanquin’s Joker voice : “You get what you fcking deserve”

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