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Chapter 0291 Intermission – King Hahn

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


To the north of ‘Schulz’ and other corridor countries, stretches vast grasslands.

It lies further north of the Pitch-Black Forest around Ayteke-Bo.


To be precise, it’s more of a desolate land than a grassland.

And not one that’s suitable for farming.

For this reason, no country has ever been established there, much less a village.


However, some people live there.



They are the equestrian tribes.



They live by riding horses, herding sheep, and moving from one grassy plain to another.


Many of them are said to have migrated from the north of the Eastern Countries to the east of the Pitch-Black Forest, through the northern lands of the Central Nations.


The northern lands of the Eastern Countries have traditionally been home to many dominant equestrian tribes.

Should a mighty king emerge from their midst, he may lead the tribes to conquer the entire Eastern Countries.


A remnant of that tribe.


However, that was more than 200 years ago, and today they have no contact with the East at all.




Shortly before the departure of the mission from the Central Nations to the Western Countries.


Representatives of the equestrian tribes of the corridor were gathered in one place.

For the first time in two hundred years.


“It’s settled then.”

A man with one crushed eye announced in a reverberating tone.

The attendees nodded in unison at the sound of his voice.


Only one person, a reddish-orange-haired young man, sat in front of the attendees with his arms folded and eyes closed, not even twitching.


He’s the man who was elected ‘King’ at this meeting.



“From this day forward, we will gather under King Hahn. And destroy Schultz!”


The one-eyed man declared, and the attendees stood up and shouted in a frenzy.



The shouts spread quickly outside the tent, from mouth to mouth, among the thousands of horsemen gathered there.




Each of the horsemen returned to their respective tribes.

To convey the results of the meeting.

Of course, the outcome of the meeting was as originally planned, so there would be no confusion in any tribe.


And the next time all the tribesmen gather, it will be with their warriors…

“When will the doors open?”

“Exactly one hundred days from today. As I have already told you.”


The young man with reddish-orange hair, King Hahn, replied to Juddah’s question.


“I never thought it would be for this reason that we, the horsemen of the Corridor, would be united for the first time…”

King Hahn muttered with a frown.

“It needed to be done. Over the past decade, every tribe has fallen victim to ‘Schulz’s’ child hunters. I’d say it’s about goddamn time if you ask me.”

Juddah replied with a faraway look in his eyes.


Although Juddah led the largest tribe among the horsemen, he understood that it would be impossible for his tribe alone to defeat ‘Schulz’.

However, if the number of children continued to go down, the equestrian tribe would spontaneously become extinct.


After overcoming many difficulties, Juddah was finally able to unite the equestrian tribes.

But he understood that this was just the beginning.



“So, the door is in the central basement of the royal castle…. Where would the king and his entourage be then?”

“It’s best if they are in the audience chamber. But a little troublesome should they be in their offices.”

King Hahn replied to Juddah’s muttering, picturing the interior of the castle in his mind.


Then he continued.

“But we can’t back down just because it’s going to get a little tough. The door opens only once every two years. If we miss the hundredth day, it won’t open again for another two years.”

“I guess so. Well, then, I should head back. What about you, Your Majesty?”

The one-eyed Juddah asked.


And King Hahn answered with a sarcastic smile.

“The grandson of an exiled tribe is now the king, huh…. Oh well. I’ll join you soon.”

“All right.”



King Hahn headed toward his companions waiting a short distance away.

They were six of his most trusted confidants….


“Soi, when we go in, your magic will be our trump card. I’m counting on you.”

“Please leave it to me.”

A pretty young woman of about fifteen or so years of age approached her brother, King Hahn.

She’s Soi, Hahn’s younger sister.


Soi must have been happy to be of assistance to her brother, whom she trusted with all her heart.

She nodded her head with a smile all over her face.


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