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Chapter 0295 Into the Royal Castle

Translator: Tseirp


“Over there! Over there on the left, where the magicians are clustered. Break through there.”

The two members of ‘Room 10’ and three members of ‘Room 11’ nodded at Niels’ instructions.


Priest Etho stretched his left arm straight while running.


and fired.


From the rapid-fire crossbow attached to his left arm, three arrows fired in quick succession and flew in the direction Niels pointed.






One step behind the impact, Amon jumped in, followed by Niels.

After a slight delay, Zeke, Harold, and Gowan from Room 11 charged forward in that order.


Although it was within the defensive formation of the equestrian tribes, it must have been a spot with many magicians and priests.

They couldn’t hold up against Niels and the other six at all.



The six who rushed in knocked down the equestrian tribe members and started advancing further in.

At other points, perhaps because the equestrian tribes were resisting quite stubbornly, they couldn’t break through easily to enter the royal castle.

Therefore, the six of them were the first among the Kingdom escort adventurers and the Empire guard unit that headed for the royal castle from the plaza.

And of note, none of the Union escort units were even heading toward the royal castle…



“Which way?”

“Straight ahead.”

Etho answered Niels’ question.


They were aiming for the audience chamber.

Mainly to ensure the safety of Chief Negotiator Ignis.

Hugh McGrath, the head of the mission, was probably all right.



Schulz’s royal castle wasn’t particularly big.

That said, that was compared to the royal castles of the Central Nations, and it was bigger than, for example, the lord’s mansion of Count Rune.


The six of them kept running, defeating several likely enemies along the way, without slowing down…

“Ahead is the corridor leading to the audience chamber.”

Etho announced.



And there was a group of people coming out of the hallway just as the six of them were entering the hallway.



At the front was a man with one crushed eye, followed by a reddish-orange-haired young man holding a fifteen-year-old woman.


Niels sensed that the two men possessed extraordinary power, but he ignored them.

Whether the two were friends or foes, the current top priority was securing Chief Negotiator Ignis’ safety.

For that reason, the five who followed him also continued running without engaging them.



When they were about to finish running down the corridor, they saw the door to the audience chamber open and several people rushed out.

“Guild Master! Mr. Ignis!”

Hearing Niels’ familiar voice, Hugh McGrath and Ignis raised their heads and hands.

To indicate that they were safe.


In addition, others appeared from behind them.

The former Emperor Rupert, Count Hans Kirchhoff, the former King Robert Pirlo, and his guard captain Groen.



The top six members of the mission somehow managed to escape from the burning audience chamber.



“‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’. Thanks for coming. If it’s just your parties, I’m guessing there’s a battle outside the castle as well?”

“Yes. After being attacked by mounted fighters, the mission is mounting a defensive battle in the plaza.”

Niels answered Hugh McGrath’s question on behalf of them.


“The entrance to the royal castle is currently blocked by them and the Kingdom’s adventurers and the Empire guards are fighting to break through.”

Hugh and the former Emperor Rupert nodded at Niels’ additional report.


“Have the Union escort units abandoned us… Hey, Groen, what do you think as the escort captain?”

“I guess they… trust us… If I don’t think about it that way, I’m going to tear up.”

Former King Roberto Pirlo asked, and Captain Groen replied with a slight shake of his head.


Each country had their own circumstances.



“The equestrian tribes did not attach the citizens of ‘Schulz’ and instead targeted several government facilities. In addition, they also attacked our delegation in the plaza. I suspect it has shifted from a defensive battle into a deadlock.”

Niels reported to the three commanders.


“First, let’s join the main force in the plaza.”

Hugh said to Rupert and Roberto Pirlo, and they nodded.

In this case, there was no other option.



Some arrived at the entrance of the royal castle one step ahead of the twelve members of the mission who were withdrawing from the burning royal castle.

Juddah, the man with a crushed eye, and King Hahn, a young man with reddish-orange hair holding his unconscious sister Soi.


“Your Majesty! Chief Juddah!”

“You are safe!”


The equestrian tribe members were elated to see the three of them.

However, when they saw Soi in King Hahn’s arms, they were at a loss for words.


“She avoided instant death. But she’s still in danger. Where’s Bors and the others?”

King Hahn asked about the whereabouts of his subordinates.

“Bors-dono is facing off against the Central Nations delegation in the plaza.”

“Okay, then we will evacuate as planned. Including the current King of Shulz, we have buried the influential royals. We’ll enter the castle openly once the Central Nation delegations leave.”


Messengers ran into the plaza to deliver the words of King Hahn.

And King Hahn and others quickly left the royal castle.



But just once, King Hahn glared at the depths of the royal castle and muttered.


“Former Emperor Rupert… I will never forgive you for hurting Soi. I swear to repay this debt.”




The equestrian tribes withdrew and the royal castle burned to the ground.


Since the King and many of his close aides died, the delegation from the Central Nations gave up on negotiations and decided to leave “Schulz”.



It was a week after the delegations departed that King Hahn, who led the equestrian tribes, entered the Schulz castle as declared.


And then, King Hahn proclaimed himself as the new King of Schulz, and the situation of the corridor nations took a new turn… but that’s another story for a later time.


Author’s note:

Destiny was born here.

Former Emperor Rupert and King Hahn.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they will interact with each other.




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