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Chapter 0297 Inside the City

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The sun had completely set, and the Kingdom delegation was spending their time as they pleased.


Normally, even at such hours, there’d be guards standing watch in shifts.

But there was no one on watch.


They were only given a single instruction, “Don’t go too far”.


Because the ice wall only covered a hundred meters….



“Only in times like this does it truly dawn on me. Water-attribute magic is super useful.”

“I know, right?”

Ryo nodded repeatedly at Niels’ honest impression.

He was pleased with the praise.


“Nah, I feel it’s not so much the water-attribute magic, but just Ryo being amazing…”

“And that includes his disciples.”

Etho said with a wry smile, and Amon added, recalling the <Ice Wall> generated by Ryo’s disciples at the Gecko trading company.




Such a peaceful, leisurely time came to an abrupt end.


After sighting a man running over from the direction of the city gates.

He was running, but staggering.

He didn’t appear to be injured, but… he looked as though he was scared shitless to move properly.


Then, Ryo opened the ice wall just enough for the man to pass through, and closed it again when he got in.

It would be a disaster if some kind of horror followed him in….



“What happened!?”

Hugh McGrath, the leader of the delegation, emphatically asked the man who came running in.


His voice awakened the entire Kingdom delegation.


The adventurers quickly rose to their feet and equipped themselves.

The civilian officials quickly entered their carriages and were out of sight so as not to interfere with the battle.


That was the protocol for the Kingdom delegation during breaks.

So, because they knew exactly what they had to do, they could take things slow any other time.



“T-The delegation…is under attack. Please help us.”

“Tsk. So you guys went inside. What attacked you?”


Hugh clicked his tongue at the report of the man who had come running.


The smaller countries’ delegation that was ahead of the Kingdom had entered the city.



“Niels! Go to their rescue with ‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’. If you need additional reinforcements, release flare magic. Etho, Zeke, you know how right?”


Niels, Etho and Zeke replied.


Etho and Zeke’s flare magic is based on light-attribute magic and is especially visible at night.

A coordinated party with two priests in six members.

The ideal selection to be dispatched to a ruined city.



“Mr. Hugh, what about me?”

“Stay behind, Ryo. Only you can open and close the ice wall.”

Ryo’s question was immediately answered by Hugh.


Hugh’s words were so well-reasoned that even Ryo could not argue with them.


All he could do was turn to the six and nod.

The six nodded back.


Then they ran towards the city gates.




The six members of ‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’ passed through the gate.

There was a fairly wide road that ran straight through the city.

The so-called main street.



Amon pointed to the far end of the road.


A group of carriages and horses seemed to be surrounded by something.


“Let’s go!”

With Niels’ command, the six of them ran toward the group.




Meanwhile, the group in question….


“Dammit, damn, damn…guhaa…”

“<Turn Undead>, I’m already out of magic power…”

“There’s no end to these things…”

“No, help me…”


There were about ten wraiths.

However, no matter how many they defeated, new ones kept spawning….



It was totally bizarre.


Typically, once their souls are purified by <Turn Undead>, the wraiths would dissipate.

Wraiths are formed from the souls of those who died with regret.

Or more accurately, the spirits of those who couldn’t properly pass on…

Hence, they wouldn’t be able to ‘Reincarnate’ or ‘Start a New Life’.


But…something very out of the ordinary was happening there.



“May thy tainted souls return to thy spirits, and I hereby ask for thy sins to be forgiven. <Turn Undead>.”

Priest Etho chanted <Turn Undead> as he ran.


Since it had an area of effect on the entire group, all wraiths were purified and extinguished.






“They’ve spawned again!”

Niels announced, and Etho frowned.


Meanwhile, Priest Zeke, who had arrived at the location of the smaller countries’ delegation, prodded the wraiths with the staff in his hand.

With a single thrust, the wraiths vanished.


Staffs carried by priests have all received holy blessings.

And are especially immensely effective against the undead, such as wraiths and zombies.

So much so that they can often be extinguished with a single blow, as was the case with Zeke earlier.



But then….



“It respawned, as I thought…”

Priest Zeke muttered with a frown on his face.



“Our goal isn’t to defeat them! It’s to rescue the delegation!”

Etho and Zeke’s minds were brought back to the situation at hand with Niels’ words.


Of course, all the while, Amon, swordsman Harold and dual swordsman Gowan were fighting the Wraiths.


Harold, Gowan, use your swords to cut off the areas where mana is most concentrated on the wraiths. No need to use force.”


Both Harold and Gowan replied sharply to Niels’ instruction.


It was a bit tricky for physical attackers to defeat wraiths with weapons.


With a priest’s staff, they could be obliterated by simply damaging their ‘core area’, but that wouldn’t work with a sword.

To be precise, one would have to cut the ‘core’ where they accumulate mana.

Otherwise, it would be like cutting through smoke….



Cutting off a wraith’s mana is akin to slashing through magic with a sword.



Amon, on the other hand, was steadily eliminating every wraith with a single swing.

It wasn’t so difficult for Amon, who could even cut through oncoming magic with his sword.



No matter how many he cut down, they still reappeared….



When the party of six led by Niels arrived, they surrounded the survivors of the smaller countries’ delegation and defended themselves in a circle. That said, there was only one survivor….


“Hey, are you alright?”

Niels called out to the sole survivor of the delegation, a man dressed in what looked like a priest’s uniform.


The man replied with a grin.


And the next instant!


The ground glowed.


“What the?”

“A huge…”

“Magic circle?”

After Niels, Etho, and Amon’s uttered those words respectively… everyone’s vision went dark.


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