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Chapter 0298 Dark Insanity

Translator: Tseirp


It was complete darkness.

They couldn’t even see ten centimeters ahead, let alone one meter ahead.


But suddenly, in front of their eyes, a light appeared. The resulting light rose and stood still at a height of about five meters.


Based on that light, Niels intently explored his surroundings and pondered.

(Etho and Amon are here. Harold, Zeke, and Gowan are also here. There aren’t any others. The man who was wearing something like a priest’s uniform? Where did he go? He said welcome, but what did he mean… )


At the very least, the six people from ‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’ were there.


Furthermore, he noticed that below his feet were cobbled stone.


(The streets in ‘Baudelin’ was just hardened soil. In that case, this place we are now is not Baudelin…?)



Thinking up to that point, even Niels began to break into a cold sweat.

If they were moved in that split instance…

(Was it teleportation …)



Teleportation isn’t an ordinary occurrence.

An example of teleportation in the Central Nations would be the case where the investigation teams were forcibly teleported to the 40th floor of the dungeon after the Great Tidal Bore … and there is a Baron from the Empire capable of using some sort of teleportation.

That’s it.


(That’s right. Come to think of it, in the Western Countries we’re heading to, I recall there’s a dungeon with teleportation traps…?)


Just as Niels’ thoughts diverted, a man appeared in front of the six.



“Ah, the man from earlier…”



Niels stopped Harold from instinctively reaching out.

The man who appeared was dressed like a priest, one of the survivors of the small country mission.

However, that was just his appearance, and the atmosphere it emitted was completely different.


“What the hell are you…”

Involuntarily, Niels muttered.


Not ‘who’ but ‘what’.

That was how peculiar it seemed.



It was an atmosphere that Niels and the others from ‘Room 10’ had never experienced before.

Or should it be called presence?


It looked human, but in reality, it is a completely different thing.


“Demon Lord?”


Was it Priest Zeke who muttered that?

Instinctively, Niels wanted to agree.


Its presence was so isolated from that of a human being.








The ‘priest’ in front of them burst out laughing.



“Demon Lord? Demon Lord huh, I see, Demon Lord. Kuhahahahahahaha. No, I’m not such a weak being. The Demon Lord is just a ‘King of Demons’. That said, normal humans can’t tell the difference. Kuhahahahaha. Okay, that’s rude of me. Demon Lord huh …. that’s really funny.”


Of course, the six had no idea what was so funny.


“Hmm… as expected, you don’t know. You two are priests of the Goddess of Light, right? Still you don’t understand… Well, I guess you don’t learn about it from the temple doctrine of the Central Nations?”

The ‘priest’ in front of them said with an ominous smile, but also with a sense of disappointment.



There, Priest Zeke opened his mouth with a sense that he made up his mind.



At that answer, the ‘priest’ looked slightly surprised and opened his mouth.

“That’s an interesting answer. I see. Did you decide by looking at the wraiths that keep springing up, despite defeating them over and over? Interesting. Necromancers should have died out hundreds of years ago in the Central Nations, but… that’s good … Is that an answer you came up with in your head? I’ll award you strong points for not fixating on the doctrine of the temple.”


The ‘priest’ took a breath there and continued his words.



“But no.”



“I kind of sense he’s using light attribute magic.”

Priest Etho murmured softly.

“No way! I’ve never heard of a priest that can control wraiths…”

Priest Zeke said while shaking his head slightly.


The ‘priest’ looked on with interest.


“No, it’s not at the level of a priest… but… a once sacred, but has become evil…? Fallen?”


Etho whispered the word ‘Fallen’ that he heard from Ryo previously.



In response to that, the reaction of the ‘Priest’ could even be described as intense.



“Fallen! Fallen!? This is a surprise!! How do you know of that concept!? There shouldn’t be anyone in the Central Nations with that knowledge. No, even the Western Countries no longer have that concept either. This is intriguing …”


The eyes of the ‘priest’ who said that were wide open.


Then he started thinking about something.

A small whisper leaked out of his mouth.


“Hmm, this… well, it’ll be a shame to kill them here. It’s really a shame. But, those who know about ‘Fallen’… should I restrain myself…? Hmm, right, I’ll do that.”



Then, he declared in a voice that carried far.

“First of all, I’m not an angel. Also, the truth is, I was going to take your lives here as well, just like the other guys. But I decided not to. Since you all gave me an interesting experience. By all means, let’s have you go to the Western Countries.”



At that moment, the vision of the six people cleared.



When the six looked around, they were at the crossroad of ‘Baudelin’.



Furthermore, adventurers from the Kingdom mission were running around the area.


“Niels, Etho, Amon, everyone!”

Niels and the others heard a familiar voice.


A water magician hugged the three with a crying face.


“I’m glad …”

A small mutter escaped from Ryo’s mouth.


Author’s note:

Just an introductory appearance.


One of the themes throughout ‘Water Magician’

‘Energy supply’ or ‘endurance’, ‘fatigue’…


I have always wondered.

How does an angel who has left God (that is, a fallen angel) continue to exist…

In the first place, is it possible to continue to exist?


Ah, but as he says in the text, this person (?) who appeared this time is not an angel.

What he is will come out in the next few hundred thousand words, maybe.



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