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Chapter 0010 Soaring Earnings

Translator: Tseirp


“…Did you really subjugate these monsters?”


After finishing my exploration of the Miasma Labyrinth, I visited the guild to sell the magic stones and materials, and the receptionist at the counter gave me a look of suspicion.


I, who was level 7, brought in higher-level magic stones and materials.


It may be natural to be suspicious.


Even if I honestly explained that my level was 46, it would be troublesome to answer how I raised my level in such a short time.


I didn’t even want to consider explaining to someone I didn’t trust that I became stronger by eating monsters.


That was why my response was just to brute force it.


“Yeah, so?”


“No, it’s impossible, right? Because your rank is E. There’s no way you can defeat Soldier Lizards, Cave Bats, and Insect Spiders.”


Actually, I also defeated a Lizard General. It sounded like she would go crazy if I told her that.


“Because I was abandoned in the new labyrinth, I worked hard on my own. I’ve become a little stronger than before.”


“I don’t think someone who was abandoned could defeat such monsters?”


“I did my best to defeat them. The magic stones and materials are proof of that.”


“How did you get them? Did you steal someone else’s magic bag?”


The receptionist said in a mocking tone.


Of all days, I had to encounter a receptionist who didn’t think very well of me…


Even if I honestly told her that I was level 46 so I could easily defeat them, from her attitude, I wondered if she would even believe me.


“No, you should already know it’s not possible to open other people’s magic bags without permission.”


A magic bag is registered to the first user who puts magic into it, so even if someone else steals the bag, they can’t take out the items inside. There are unique skills, skills, and magic that breakthrough that, but someone with that ability wouldn’t do something so small-minded like stealing a magic bag.


“Shut up!”


When I pointed out such a rudimentary fact, the receptionist screamed at me with a bright red face as if she didn’t know.


“What are you making a fuss about?”


Then came Lancarse, who had just come down the stairs.


When Lancarse appeared, the receptionist made an embarrassed face, but she quickly steeled her expression and took a resolute attitude.


“This adventurer brought in materials that do not tally with his level, so I was just asking about the circumstances.”


“But it sounded to me there were a lot of pointless questions?”


Apparently, Lancarse had listened to our conversation beforehand.


In that case, I was sure he heard the sarcasm she laced her replies with.


She made it sound good by saying that she was confirming the circumstances, but her words just now clearly did not correspond to an attitude to take toward adventurers.




“Enough. You are dismissed.”


Lancarse let out a sigh and chased the stuttering receptionist away from the counter.


The receptionist glared at me, she withdrew irritatedly to the staff floor in the back.


“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but could you do something about the attitude of the receptionists?”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t think there were employees with such blatant bad attitude… are most of the others like this too?”


“About half of them are the same.”


When I told him clearly, Lancarse raised his eyebrows uncomfortably.


“I’m sorry for that. I will personally retrain them.”


“That would be helpful.”


Receptionists are chosen for their good looks and amiable personality, so they typically have a good reputation among adventurers.


That was why he didn’t suspect they were acting like that behind his back.


Even though he was the guild master, even Lancarse couldn’t know the actual situation of all his employees.


Because Lancarse helped me with the incident the other day, I didn’t feel like strongly blaming him.


“Is there any employee who doesn’t give you trouble?”


“The woman with glasses at the corner over there treats me normally.”


I pointed at a staff member silently writing something on a document at the end of the floor.


She was a woman with a relatively serious atmosphere, with her brown hair trimmed to her shoulders.


I remember that even though she knew I was the Miasma Scavenger, she treated me normally without showing a blatant bad attitude.


“I see!”


Upon hearing my words, Lancarse smiled and called the bespectacled woman from the back.


“And so, Illumi. I’ll leave the rest to you.”


“I don’t know what you mean by ‘and so’, but I guess you want me to work the appraisal counter. Understood.”


Lancarse must have been busy, so he left after summoning the bespectacled employee.


“I apologize for my colleague earlier. My name is Illumi and I’ll be happy to assist you.”


The employee was astonishingly indifferent to Lancarse, but as soon as she entered the counter, she bowed her head to apologize and introduced herself.


Compared to other receptionists, her attitude was completely different.


“I’m Lude, an E-rank adventurer.”


“So, an assessment of magic stones and materials. Please wait for a while as I assess them.”


Illumi looked through the materials submitted once again.


“With all magic stones and materials combined, the price we can offer is 500,000 Regins.”




My day’s earnings turned out to be a ridiculous amount.


“Do you have any problems with this assessment?”


“No. I would like to receive it in coins.”


Surprised by the amount of money, I stiffened and nodded, Illumi calmly collected the magic stones and materials, and prepared the money.


Once again surprised by the number of gold coins presented to the counter, I carefully put them away in my magic bag.


500,000 Regins in just one day.


Up until now, it was common for me to dive into the labyrinth for days with zero results, and even when I find a colony of miasma grass, I earn 8,000 to 10,000 a day at most.


My efforts in the past looked silly in comparison, but I guessed that was the difference in levels.


Work as an adventurer was unfair.


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