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ME c0012

Chapter 0012 Runaway

Translator: Tseirp


Running through the dense forest, she was looking for a place to hide.


(Could I shake them off?)


No matter how hopeful she felt, she immediately shook her head and shook off her naive thoughts.


(No, they are very tenacious. I don’t imagine they will give up just because they lose sight of me once.)


As long as the curse remained in her body, the longer they pursue her, the more disadvantageous it becomes for her.


(… My magic is no longer reliable either.)


There was no choice but to either steel herself and attack head-on or completely shake them off.


But could she beat them now?


Due to the curse, her current status had decreased considerably.


Even if she faced them head-on, her chances of winning were about 50%.


In order to increase her chances, some other means were necessary.


As she pondered in circles in her mind, she suddenly passed through the dense forest and arrived at a vast swamp.


In the depths of the swamp, there was something like a huge stone grave marker, and she could see stairs leading underground.


Sensing objects that were clearly different from natural objects and magic essence drifting from the underground to the surface, she immediately knew it was a labyrinth.


(If I recall the labyrinths around here correctly… the Miasma Labyrinth!)


As an adventurer, she remembered what the labyrinth was through her many years of experience.


The entire labyrinth is covered in miasma, and just by stepping into it, the miasma infects a person and their status decreases. Not only that, it’s a labyrinth with the troublesome characteristic of causing all kinds of other status abnormalities.


Without proper measures, it’s difficult to explore, and even high-ranked adventurers hate it and rarely dive into it.


(The magic tools I possess can greatly reduce the status decrease caused by the miasma. Even if they have countermeasure tools, they will probably suffer a bigger handicap than I will.)


It might be possible to make up for the difference in status that was caused by the curse on her.


It would be great if her pursuers disliked the miasma and retreated, but she doubted it would be so convenient.


(In any case, I’ll settle this here. That’s the only option left.)


She entered the Miasma Labyrinth without hesitation.



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ME c0013


  1. Vegeta.D.kaiba

    Trouble appears in place where mc is literally the king.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Gautam

    The heroine of the story enters the stage?

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