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ME c0015

Chapter 0015 Endurance

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The men with swords in their hands inched closer.

When I dodged the slender man’s swift cut, I saw another brown-haired man swinging his sword at my back, so I threw my body to the side to avoid it.


I quickly tried to adjust my posture, but Farzas was already in front of me.


Judging that I couldn’t dodge the foot that was approaching in front of me, I immediately activated [Hard Body].




A violent impact shook my brain.


I almost lost consciousness, but I mobilized all of my consciousness to avoid fainting.


Kicked hard, I rolled away on the swampland, but I immediately stood up and readied my greatsword once more.


“… You’re tough. I thought I could kill you with that just now…”


Farzas tapped his foot on the ground to confirm the feeling.


If I had received that kick without using [Hard Body], my neck would definitely have been broken.


As suspected, that man named Farzas had the highest level among the three, so his status seemed to be quite high.


“Do you have high tenacity, or was it some kind of defensive skill… you seem to have decent status values, but in the end, your interpersonal combat experience is nothing more than that of an amateur.”


Of course. I am an adventurer who specializes in exterminating monsters.


Although I had some training in interpersonal combat, I was not specialized in it like those guys.


It was only natural that I would be inferior in combat skills.


With my greatsword in a ready stance, Farzas and the others approached me again.


If I’m surrounded, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it with my experience, and I’ll suffer a blow just like before.


After I parried the sword of the slender man who was slashing at me, I immediately sidestepped so as not to be surrounded.


“You idiot! That’s the poisonous swamp, you know?”


The slender man’s mocking voice resounded in the labyrinth, but I had no problem with it at all because I could nullify it with my Unique Skill. I stepped into the poison swamp without hesitation.


“What’s wrong? Come get me.”


“Huh? Why would we bother to enter the poison swamp? If you want to off yourself with poison, do it yourself.”


“We don’t even have to do anything.”


No matter how high the resistance skill you have, if you can’t fully nullify it, it will gradually undermine your body.

In other words, Farzas and the others just needed to surround me so that I couldn’t get out of the poison swamp.


However, that was assuming I didn’t have my Unique Skill.

At first glance, it seemed like just a stalemate, but there was hope for me.

That’s because my opponents weren’t able to completely nullify the miasma.


If the miasma is not fully nullified, their status will continue to decrease and their physical condition will deteriorate.

In other words, even if their status values were higher in their current state, they would go down on their own as time passed.


As long as my opponents didn’t enter the poison swamp, I could afford to wait like that.


That alone weakened my opponents.


“… How long will he continue to stay in the poison swamp?”


After staring at each other for about three minutes while I remained in the poisonous swamp, the slender man seemed to have run out of patience and said with a tone of annoyance.

“Does he have a strong [Poison Resistance] skill? There is no change in his complexion at all.”


“No matter how much resistance he has, since it can’t completely nullify the poison, he’s the one tying a noose around his neck.”


After waiting another five minutes or so, perhaps due to the miasma, Farzas and the other two’s physical conditions began to change before me.


“Damn! I have a headache and I feel sick! I can’t get rid of the miasma!”


“Be patient.”


All three of them had visibly pale complexions, and cold sweat was pouring from their foreheads.


It was a moderate miasma symptom because they continued to absorb strong miasma into their bodies.


When I activated [Appraisal], I still couldn’t read the detailed numbers of their status, but the numbers were steadily changing. It seemed to be status down due to the miasma state progression.


“… It’s strange. Why are you so calm when you’re being invaded by miasma and poison?”


Five more minutes passed and Farzas seemed to feel a sense of incongruity when he saw my calm demeanor.


“I have a unique skill [Nullify status ailments]. Therefore, status ailments such as miasma and poison do not affect me.”


“-!? Enter the poisonous swamp and kill him right away!”


“Huh? Why?”


“Only he is able to fully nullify the miasma. The longer we delay, the lower our status and it becomes disadvantageous for us!”


“Damn! So that’s why! That’s so underhanded!”


After I revealed my trick, Farzas and the others stepped into the poisonous swamp.


The slender man swung his sword in a direct clash, but I blocked it with my greatsword.


Earlier, I was pushed by his strength, but this time I did not lose in the battle of strength.


“D-damn it!”


On the contrary, when I pushed harder, the slender man gradually lost his balance.


Then the brown-haired man attacked from the side to cover for his comrade.


I activated a skill without dodging the blow that seemed to be aimed at my torso.


“[Hard body]”


The next moment, my torso blocked the steel sword with a high-pitched sound.


I figured that now that his status was lower, I could block his attack.



The brown-haired man let out a startled cry, bewildered by how I was able to catch his sword with my body instead of my greatsword.


“[Lightning Clad]”


While my opponent was shaken, I activated another skill.


The lightning covered my body with a loud crackling sound, and lightning flowed through the weapon and the two men who were in close proximity with my body.






The slender man’s body shook violently before he collapsed with the whites of his eyes showing.


The brown-haired man quickly released his sword and escaped fainting, but his injuries left him unguarded.


I wanted to end it there, but Farzas was waiting for an opening, so I held up my right hand and activated a skill.


“[Air Slash]”


The blade of wind that converged in my right hand cleanly sliced through the body of the injured brown-haired man.


Now all that was left was Farzas.

“Poison Frog, Armor Bear, Thunder Wolf, and Morphus skills!? Why can a human use monster skills!?”


“Well, I have no obligation to tell you that.”


Dodging the question appropriately, I kicked the ground and slashed at Farzas.


As long as he didn’t have backup, I didn’t have to think about difficult things like not being surrounded.


I swung the greatsword following my instincts.


Farzas tried to dodge to the best of his abilities, but his body wasn’t moving as expected, and wounds were steadily carved into his body.


Farzas, who had lost his balance due to being injured, reflexively tried to parry my greatsword.


But for me now, it was enough for the blades to be close together.


The lightning wrapped around my body flowed from the greatsword to Farzas’s sword.




However, when the necklace on Farzas’ chest shone brightly, the lightning that I had cast was dispersed.


It was probably a magic tool that protects against lightning attacks.




While I was surprised, Farzas slashed at me ferociously.

Falzas’ overall movement sped up, as if he had used a self-enhancing skill.


But it was too late.


With his original status down that far, boosting his status at that stage would not yield much.


By now I could easily to discern Farzas’s behavior and sword trajectory, and even I, who couldn’t be said to be good at interpersonal combat, was able to easily dodge, repel, and parry.


He may have been impatient with the dire situation, but on top of the moderate miasma symptoms, his body was being eroded by poison.


There was no way Farzas could beat me.


After flicking my opponent’s sword away after a particularly wide swing, I decapitated the defenseless Farzas.


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