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Chapter 0016 Curse of the Abyssal Monster

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After defeating Farzas and the others and taking a breather, the elf approached me with her staff in hand.


“I have a lot of things I want to ask you, but first of all, I would like to thank you for helping me. Thank you.”


“No, don’t worry about it. I did it because I wanted to. Besides that, is your body okay?”


“Yeah, I can still somewhat walk.”


A little while ago, she couldn’t even walk, but while I was fighting, she seemed to have recovered a certain amount of physical strength and magic.


Even so, her miasma symptom from staying in the labyrinth had not been nullified and her magic was still low so she seemed to be having a hard time.


“Do you have a potion?”


“I have a magic bag, but they were chasing me all the time, so I couldn’t resupply.”


“Then I’ll give you mine.”


“Really!? That’s wonderful! But I don’t have gold so could I pay with magic stones?”


“That’s fine.”


I nodded and handed her the magic recovery potion, and she handed me a large magic stone.


“Hey, this is obviously more expensive than the potion, isn’t it?”


It held a lot of magical power and was quite large.


It was much more expensive than the price of the potion I had. It was not exactly an equivalent exchange.


“It’s also a form of repayment for helping me.”


“Aren’t you in need of gold too since you were being hunted?”


“It’s okay. Even while I was running away, I defeated monsters so I have a lot of magic stones.”


The elf pulled out a bunch of high-quality magic stones and showed them to me.


It seemed that she didn’t have gold but had a lot of things that could be traded for gold.


In that case, there was no reason to reject it. I accepted her gratitude.


“High heal”


The elf woman drank the bottle of blue potion and immediately cast a spell.


Jade-colored light enveloped her body, repairing many of the wounds on her body.


I heard that recovery magic was quite advanced magic, but to be able to use it so easily, as expected of an elf with high magical aptitude.


“I’d like to talk about the situation, but this place is a bit tough, so how about going outside for now?”


“Sure. Let’s do that.”


I could completely nullify the miasma, but the elf wouldn’t be able to do that.


We left the labyrinth for the time being because it wasn’t suitable for a calm conversation.


“Before that, I’ll take care of those. There’s also the possibility that they will be consumed by the labyrinth and turned into undead.”


Saying so, the elf approached the bodies of Farzas and the others.


In rare cases, dead humans can become undead under the influence of magic essence.


Especially in labyrinths filled with magic essence, the probability was high, and it was necessary to deal with it so as not to cause unnecessary secondary damage.


The elf muttered a chant and set fire to the corpses with magic.


……If I eat humans, will I be able to acquire skills in the same way as monsters?


That thought suddenly flashed across my mind, but naturally, eating a human being made me feel disgusted.


I could probably only acquire skills when I eat monsters.


Even if I could acquire skills by eating humans, I thought that was the only line that I shouldn’t step over as a human being.


“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing. Let’s go outside quickly.”


While giving the elf a vague answer, we started our ascend back to the surface.



“Fu, it feels good to be in a place where there is no miasma.”




When we got out of the miasma labyrinth, the elf took a deep breath as if to take in the fresh air.


Although I felt fine in the miasma thanks to my Unique Skill, it was still unpleasant, so I nodded in agreement.


“Well, before I explain the circumstances, let me introduce myself. I’m Elisha. I’m not active now, but I was formerly an adventurer.”


“… Could you be Green Tempest Elisha?”


“Ahaha, you know me.”


When I mentioned the name that came to mind, the elf in front of me scratched her cheek embarrassedly.


“She’s an adventurer who belongs to the famous S-rank party in the Ludias Kingdom, ‘Azure Trails’. Everybody knows your name.”

“Well, that was a long time ago…”


When I said that, Elisha’s expression became slightly darker.


Five years ago, Elisha’s party suddenly disbanded.


For a party that had been active in activities that every adventurer admired, such as traversing a number of high-difficulty labyrinths and bringing back treasure, subjugating S-rank monsters, and saving a city, the news of the disbanding became a huge topic.


“I’m sorry. It was a topic I shouldn’t have brought up.”


“No, it is related to this case anyway, so don’t worry about it.”


“It is related to being chased by adventurer hunters?”




After nodding, Elisha slowly began.


“Five years ago, the reason we disbanded the party was that we were partially-destroyed by the monster that awaited us in the deepest part of the Abyssal Labyrinth with difficulty level S.”


From the fact that they disbanded after trying to overcome that difficult labyrinth, I somehow assumed that was the case.


It appeared that the monster nesting in the deepest part of the Abyssal Labyrinth was so strong that even S-rank adventurers couldn’t defeat it after forming a party. That was too high up in the world of the strongest for me to imagine at all.


“Partially-destroyed doesn’t mean annihilated.”


“Yes. However, our leader died in battle, another was forced to retire due to their injuries, and another was taken by the labyrinth. We were not annihilated, but you could say we were crushed.


Elisha spoke with a self-deprecating smile.


Certainly, if only one person remained, the party would not function.


Her party seemed to have literally been destroyed in the Abyssal Labyrinth.


“There is something that worries me after hearing the story just now.”


“What is it?”


“Why was Elisha, an S-rank adventurer, cornered by those guys earlier?”


Farzas and the others were quite high-level, and their skills in interpersonal combat were also strong.


I was able to win because the place where we fought was inside the Miasma Labyrinth which attenuated my opponent’s status. Without that, even with my monster skills, I wouldn’t have been able to win against Farzas and the others. They were that strong, but that was at my level.


Even if she was alone, Elisha, an S-rank adventurer, would have no difficulties repelling Farzas and the others…


“That’s because I was cursed by the monster of the Abyssal Labyrinth.”




When I tilted my head questioningly, Elisha suddenly exposed her chest.


“Wait, what are you doing all of a sudden!? Are you an exhibitionist!”


“No! There’s a cursed mark here!”


When I panicked and tried to avert my gaze, Elisha cried out with her face turned bright red.


Returning my gaze cautiously, I saw something like a purple bruise spreading in the center of Elisha’s chest.


It looked poisonous, and there was an eerie feeling that it was eating away at Elisha’s body.


“… How long are you going to look?”




My eyes were indeed attracted to her beautiful bulges, so I honestly apologized.


“By the way, what kind of curse is that?”


“… It’s a curse that lowers my level.”


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