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Chapter 0017 Nullify Level Down

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“A curse that lowers your level? I’ve never heard of such a curse…”


A normal curse state means that if the curse is minor, it is usually limited to poorer physical condition, but if the curse becomes stronger, the act of attacking will cause damage to reflect to the cursed person, all resistances will decrease, and so on.


It was one of the troublesome status ailment attacks, but I had never heard of a vicious curse that lowers levels.


“This is the first time I have received such a curse too.”


“By the way, what happens when your level drops?”


“The benefits of leveling up will be reverted and my status values decrease.”


“Was that why you were struggling with Farzas and the others?”


Status represented a person’s fundamental strength.


Even if Elisha is an S-rank adventurer, if she lost in raw status numbers, she would likely lose to Farzas and the others.


“Yeah, it seemed like they knew I was getting weaker and tried to sell me off. Scums, all of them.”


Elisha said spitefully.


Because of them, she was forced to live on the run for a long time, so I couldn’t blame her if she cursed them.


“May I check your status with [Appraisal] for a while?”


“I don’t mind.”


Name: Elisha

Race: Elf

State: Cursed (Level down)


Stamina: 212

Strength: 126

Tenacity: 134

Magic: 358

Spirit: 322

Agility: 146

Unique Skill: [Spirit Magic]

Skills: [Staff Technique] [Martial Arts] [Archery] [Magic Manipulation] [Magic Consumption Reduction (Large)] [Farsight] [Stealth] [Miasma Resistance (Small)] [Performance] [Chant Omit] [Dialogue] [Gathering] [Crafting] [Synthesis]

Attribute magic: [Fire attribute] [Water attribute] [Ice attribute] [Wind attribute] [Earth attribute] [Light attribute] [Lightning]


When I received permission and applied [Appraisal], Elisha’s status was displayed in my field of vision.


“Eh? This is your level lowered?”


Her level was almost the same as mine, and I lost to her when it came to her specialized status…


“Yeah, it’s less than a third of what it was in my prime.”


In that case, she was over level 100 when she was active as an S-rank adventurer.


As a matter of course, she has a unique skill, and she could use all attribute magic except darkness.


Looking at her stats carefully, I thought elves were cheats.


Well, putting aside my jealousy, it seemed that Elisha was indeed suffering from a cursed status ailment.


“Couldn’t the clergy purify it or weren’t there skills capable of that?”


“I tried using all sorts of ways and pulled all connections, but to no avail. All I could do was slow down the speed of my level down.”


“Then the only way left is to defeat the Abyssal Monster.”


In order to remove a curse, it was common to have a priest who manipulates high-ranking light magic purify it, or to have it removed by skill, but in some cases, the curse can be removed by defeating the caster who cast the curse.


Since an S-rank adventurer did everything they could to get rid of the curse and failed, it was highly likely that the latter will be the clue to breaking the curse.


“That is impossible. Even in our prime, my party couldn’t raise a finger against it.”


Elisha muttered while looking down.


She must have thought about it many times. However, it was only natural that she would not be able to defeat a monster alone when she couldn’t do so in a party.


Elisha had no choice but to live with the curse and accept the level down.


“…What happens when your level reaches zero?”


I suddenly wondered. What would happen if her level continued to drop and reached zero?


“I believe I will die. I can somewhat understand because it is pulling away something fundamental in me. When my level reaches zero, I will die.”


Elisha smiled somewhat with resignation.


She couldn’t get the clergy or skills to remove the curse, and it was even more impossible to defeat the Abyssal Monster to remove the curse.


It was no wonder that she felt a bit like giving up.


“I’m sorry for talking about depressing things. Anyway, that was why I was chased by adventurer hunters. Thank you so much for helping me. I’ll pay you again when I return to the guild and withdraw the money, so let’s go back to town.


Elisha smiled bravely as if to shake off the solemn air.


Is it possible to save her somehow?


Elisha is an S-rank adventurer who I admire. It would be a loss for mankind for a wonderful hero who had many achievements fade away like this, and I couldn’t help but feel sad.


[Nullify status ailments] I have a unique skill.


If only I could shoulder that curse… Huh? Shoulder?


Come to think of it, one of the Soldier Lizards possessed such a skill, and I obtained it by eating it.

I displayed my status and checked the details of the [Shoulder] skill.


[Shoulder] …… Select a target and bear the attacks, status ailments, etc. received by that target.


“Ah! Maybe this can do it!”


“Huh? What wrong, all of a sudden?!”


Elisha looked back in surprise, perhaps because I was so excited.


“I might be able to nullify Elisha’s curse.”


“Nullify? Not dispel?”


“It’s difficult to explain with words. Anyway, will you accept the skill that I will activate now?”


“Eh, okay. Sure, but.”


The moment she nodded, I activated [Shoulder]. I took on the status ailment of the curse on Elisha.


At that moment, the curse that was eroding Elisha’s body was transferred to me.


A curse with tremendous power tried to eat away at my body.


However, I had the unique skill [Nullify Status Ailments].


Even though it was a dreadful curse, it was still a status ailment.


The curse dissipated without any effect on me.


“Oh, huh? Suddenly my thoughts are clearer and my body feels lighter?”


Name: Elisha

Race: Elf

State: Normal



When I tried checking her condition with [Appraisal], her curse status was gone.


“Check your guild card.”


Even if you don’t have [Appraisal], you could check your status by looking at your guild card.


After being prompted, Elisha cautiously took out a guild card from her pocket.


“… The curse is gone.”


Elisha said after her gaze flickered across the card many times because she couldn’t believe the display.


Tears streamed down her cheeks.


Elisha was prepared for her body to be tormented by the curse and die.


I wasn’t surprised that she would be overcome with emotions when the curse suddenly disappeared.


“But why?”


“I have a unique skill called [Nullify Status Ailments] that can nullify any abnormal conditions. I transferred Elisha’s curse to me with my [Shoulder] skill and nullified it with my unique skill.”


“That means you were inflicted with my curse for a time!?”




“What were you thinking!? If you couldn’t nullify the curse, your level would drop!?”


Elisha shouted as she approached me aggressively.


From her voice and expression, it seemed that Elisha was angry that I took such a huge risk.


“That may be true, but it’s okay since it turned out fine.”


I had no basis for it, but I was convinced that I could do it.


Even if my level decreased as Elisha claimed, I calculated that I could acquire status and skills by eating monsters, so I wouldn’t die like she would if her level continued to drop.


But since I hadn’t revealed that I ate monsters, I didn’t reveal as much.


“You’re an idiot. To take such a risk to save someone who you just met… but, thank you.”


Elisha conveyed her gratitude while resting her head on my chest.


If I was Elisha’s companion or lover, it might be okay to hug her, but we were still just strangers because we just met that day.


That said, it would also be too cold-hearted if I did nothing.


“You’re welcome.”


I patted Elisha’s back and accepted her gratitude.


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