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Chapter 0305 Ducal Capital Deale

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Editor: Tseirp


The QC Duchy is known as the easternmost state of the Western Countries. And its capital, Deale, was indeed different in scale from the cities of the previous corridor countries.


“Wow…though it may not be comparable to the royal capital’s, their population is definitely larger than Rune city’s.”

Priest Etho was surprised by the number of people.


“If we’re comparing the Western Countries to the Kingdom, this QC Duchy is a frontier county. Perhaps that is why it boasts a powerful military force among the Western Countries. One of them being their Golem Corps.”

Priest Zeke added as he read the ‘Travel Guide’.


“I see…wait, what? Zeke, did you just say Golem Corps?”

Ryo reacted to a certain something Zeke said.


“Er, yeah. It says that the strongest Golem Corps in the Western Countries are the ones in Van De Vie Theocracy, directly under the Pope, but that the Golem Corps of the QC Duchy is also quite impressive.”


Zeke said and showed the corresponding section in the Travel Guide.


“Oh, I’d very much like to see that!”


Ryo was beginning to get all fired up.


“This definitely calls for negotiating directly with Hugh to allow me to stay in the Duchy for about six months…or perhaps, I’ll get His Majesties Rupert and Roberto Pirlo to also lay the groundwork…”

“No, please don’t do that.”

Niels tried to stop the disturbing words coming out of Ryo’s mouth before he could put them into action.

Etho and Amon chuckled.

The three members of Room 11 were flabbergasted.



However, Niels’ concerns were dispelled, and the development Ryo pictured….


The group was greeted by an array of golems lined up at the castle.


Ryo’s expression when he saw that….


It was a total jubilation.

Pure joy.



Niels had to practically drag him back to the line with all his might countless times whenever he tried to break from the line and wander toward the golems….


Eventually, they made it through the line of golems and continued until the group entered the square in the castle.

When they entered the square, the doors were closed and the golems were no longer in sight…


The six members of ‘Room 10’ and ‘Room 11’ sighed at the words that escaped Ryo’s mouth as he stretched out his hand.



But in reality, it didn’t just end with a sigh.

Considering Ryo’s drive.


Those six just weren’t the ones that realized that.


((Ryo, no matter what, do not break through that door!))

((Abel, don’t stop me!))

((Like hell I wouldn’t!))


Ryo’s recklessness was staved off by Abel, located far away in the Central Nations.


Abel too had seen the display through ‘Soul Resonance’.

And he could imagine Ryo’s feelings.

As such, he could predict the actions he might take.



((You know the real deal is the Pope’s Golem Corps. If you cause problems here, you won’t be able to see that, will you?))



The Golem Corps of Van De Vie Theocracy ruled by the Pope was said to be the best in the Western Countries.

And since the mission was on its way to the Pope’s inauguration ceremony, they were sure to visit Van De Vie Theocracy.

It would indeed pain Ryo to miss that….


((Fine then. I’ll apply for observation through official channels later.))

((And by official channels…))

((I’ll ask Hugh.))

((W-Well…that’s fine, but…. just don’t inconvenience the Grand Master too much, okay?))

((Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing!))


For some reason, Ryo was teeming with confidence.

However, Abel couldn’t fathom the source of his confidence at all.


Perhaps, those differences are what drive the world as we know it….




The audience with Duke Yuri X of the QC Duchy ended without a hitch, and the leaders of the mission were shown the itinerary to Van De Vie Theocracy.

In the Western Countries,

‘All roads lead to Van De Vie.’

The road network was so well developed that there was such a saying.


Furthermore, at the Pope’s direction, the QC Duchy was given the role of guiding the mission from the Central Nation to the Van De Vie Theocracy.

Hence the itinerary.



“Rising tides?”

The words involuntarily leaked out of Hugh’s mouth when he saw the itinerary.


“Yeah. From this Deale capital, you can get to Van De Vie Theocracy by boat along the Aus River. We have prepared a total of six vessels that can accommodate more than two hundred passengers and thirty carriages. There are two boats for each country. However, the waters are high due to the heavy rain that has been falling until yesterday. We expect to be able to sail in about two days, so you will have to wait here in Deale until then.”


Apparently, it was possible to go to Van De Vie by land, but it would take more time and effort than by boat.

Moreover, there was still about three months to go before the Pope’s inauguration. So there was no need to be in a rush.

In that case, the best course of action would be to wait.


Rupert, Roberto Pirlo, and Hugh McGrath exchanged glances.

They could understand each other without having to say a word.


“Okay. We’ll wait until the current subsides.”

Rupert answered on behalf of the group.


Thus, they had two days to spare.


“Yes! The heavens are on my side!”

Those words came from a certain elated water-attribute magician in the inn’s main dining hall when he received the report that they would be waiting out the tides.


“What is it, Ryo? What’s on your side, now?”

Leader Hugh McGrath, turned a quizzical look toward Ryo’s quite pleased face.

The six men of Rooms 10 and 11 shook their heads slightly and chuckled.


“Hugh, I have a favor to ask you!”


Ryo said as he approached Hugh.

“I want permission to take a closer look at the Duchy’s golems!”

“Golems? Oh, the ones we passed by…”


Ryo’s words reminded Hugh of the assembled golems they passed by.

At the same time, he recalled Ryo’s unusual interest in the Union’s artificial golems three years ago, when they went to the Inbury Duchy.


“Right…come to think of it, you had an interest in golems…”


Ryo responded nicely to Hugh’s words.


Hugh would also like to grant Ryo’s wish, but the golems were probably state secrets, and it wouldn’t be so easy to get permission for people from other countries to see them.


“Well…I’ll ask them, just…don’t get your hopes up, okay?”

“That’s all right. At worst, I’ll just freeze the whole city temporarily, and once everyone is frozen solid, I’ll take a look at it.”

“Oh no, would you knock it off, you blockhead.”


Hugh hurriedly stopped Ryo’s preposterous idea.


He couldn’t be certain if he could indeed freeze the entire capital, but the very idea of doing so was very troubling.


“Just kidding, obviously. Oh look at you, Mr. Hugh, getting all serious.”

“…Seriously, in your case, I have no idea how much of what you say should be counted as a joke.”

Ryo patted Hugh’s arm with a warm smile, and Hugh replied with a very distressed look.



This time, Hugh was taking on the role usually played by Abel…it seemed very, very exhausting.



Fortunately for everyone, permission was granted to ‘just observe’.


Ryo was delighted, repeatedly making fist pump gestures, while Hugh was relieved to have resolved any uncertain dangers, thus, the innocent citizens who might have been frozen without knowing …went on with their lives none the wiser.


Of course, when Ryo said he was going to freeze them, he was joking, right?

As Ryo himself said, it was a joke, right?



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