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Chapter 0310 Disposal

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After a relaxing four-day cruise, the Kingdom delegation arrived at Valpegara, a city on the northern border of the Van De Vie Theocracy.

From Valpegara, the delegation would then travel by land to Marlomar, the holy capital of the Van De Vie Theocracy.


“Hey, Ryo.”

“What is it, Niels?”

“Uh, what are those things following behind you…?”

“You mean my water-attribute magic, <Wagon>?”


Three ice carts were following Ryo as he alighted.

They were slightly upgraded versions of the previous <Wagon>.

Of course, inside them were the disassembled QC Duchy golems.


“When the Duchy gave me this golem, it was under the condition that I would dispose of it without a trace when I get to Van De Vie Theocracy… I’ve learned a lot from it, so I feel like it’s a bit of a waste, but I must keep to my word.”


The Duchy most likely didn’t want intel on the golem to leak to other countries in the same Western Countries if they could help it.


In the first place, even though they were from the Central Nations and bagged the credit of having prevented an insurrection, or rather a coup d’etat, giving out a dismantled golem to the delegation, which Ryo is a part of, seemed rather unusual in itself.

Along with gratitude, it was probably meant as a hush fee.


And Ryo is a man who keeps his promises.


“But, neither magic nor swords could make a dent in the golem’s armor.”

“Yeah, that was a tough one for all the parties.”

Amon and Etho said as they recalled their battle with the golems.


“How do you plan to get rid of it?”

Niels must have realized the difficulty of disposing of such a golem.

He looked alternately at Ryo and the <Wagons> following behind him.



Ryo also turned around, looked at the <Wagons>, and said:

“The armor is sturdy all right. The best way to dispose of it is to burn it at high temperatures… well, melting it would be ideal I suppose. Kenneth once told me that they melted down the captured Union golems when they fled the royal capital, preventing them from falling into the hands of the Empire.”

“Sure, but you’re a water-attribute magician… or are you going to burn it with water?”


Niels made a very good point.


Sure, he couldn’t burn it with ordinary water.

Rather, water extinguishes a burning fire…



“There’s actually water that burns.”

Ryo replied.


And the answer is water plasma.


Take ordinary water, apply voltage to it and it generates plasma… and that plasma torch would burn at 10,000 or 20,000 degrees Celsius…

It would ‘evaporate’ most things, let alone ‘melt’.

Iron melts at 2,000 degrees Celsius… that is, it goes from solid to liquid, but if exposed to plasma, it quickly becomes a gas and diffuses into the air.


It literally vanishes.


In 21st-century Japan, it had already been commercialized and gone beyond the experimental stage.

There were vehicle-mounted water plasma generators that were going to be used to power the treatment of waste materials…


When waste is treated with water plasma, hydrogen is released.


That should be a great method for a society that is trying to move toward a hydrogen society.

If all the garbage incinerators in the city were replaced with incinerators with water plasma, all the waste that could only be disposed of by burying could be incinerated… without producing dioxins, of course… and it would produce a lot of hydrogen for use in society…



That’s the gist of a water plasma, however… unfortunately, Ryo had yet to succeed in producing it.

Even for a water-attribute magician as good as Ryo, it was a tall order…


(But I will master water plasma sooner or later!)


Although he swore firmly in his heart, he couldn’t employ it to deal with the golem parts at hand.


However, Ryo was familiar with another water-related plasma.

It’s the snapping shrimp.


The same one that once knocked him unconscious underwater after he was hit by the shockwave from the gigantic snapping shrimp.


It’s called ‘underwater plasma’ or ‘in-liquid plasma’.

Although it sounds similar to ‘water plasma’, they are completely different!


Called cavitation or bubble collapse, the phenomenon occurs in water.


A snapping shrimp can generate temperatures as high as 4,400 degrees Celsius just by closing its claws together…

Of course, because it is underwater, the high temperature subsides quickly.


In that case!

It was just a matter of putting the golem parts underwater and generating high temperatures on its surface!

Since it’s possible to generate high temperatures far exceeding the melting point of iron of 2,000 degrees Celsius with underwater plasma.



And Ryo had already mastered the cavitation application of the snapping shrimp.

He uses it to remove millet from the paddy fields back in Rondo Duchy… several times a day…



Ryo filled the load tray of one of the three <Wagons> with water.

The golem parts, all of which must have been made of metal, all sank with not a piece afloat.


He extended his right hand with his thumb and forefinger outstretched towards it.

Took aim…





A fairly loud sound echoed from the water in the load tray.



The <Wagon> was transparent, so the inside could be seen from the outside.

Amon approached the Wagon and observed what had happened.



“Ryo… it’s actually melting… but only very, very slightly.”


Ryo then hurriedly approached and checked it.


The hole was about the size of the tip of his index finger…


“Ugh… <Bang 256>, <Bang 256>, <Bang 256>, <Bang 256>, <Bang 256>.”


Every time Ryo chanted, a heavy bass sound overlapped continuously.


Amon, who was watching closely, got hooked by the sight, but the other five watching from a little distance were worried for Amon’s safety…


Of course, since it was being carried out inside the <Wagon>, which had been reinforced with magic power, there was no spillover whatsoever to the outside.


Dozens of the 256 consecutive shots came to an end.

At long last…


“Ryo, it’s completely gone! Wow, that’s amazing!”

“W-Well, with water-attribute magic, this much is a breeze!”

Amon looked at Ryo with a respectful gaze, and Ryo declared while adjusting his somewhat heavy breathing.


“Two more Wagons to go!”

“Y-Yeah… I got this…”

Amon said innocently, and Ryo, aware of the difficulty of reaching the goal, broke out in a cold sweat.

And the five watched over the two in silence….


Waste disposal has always been a demanding task…




The leader of the group, Hugh McGrath, was watching the seven of them from even farther away.

“Those guys… what are they up to over there?”

“He mentioned something about disposing of the golem parts earlier.”

DeLong of the B-rank party ‘Coffee Maker’ beside him answered Hugh’s question.


DeLong, the most experienced of the Kingdom’s adventurers at escort quests, was currently serving as Hugh’s right-hand man in this mission, assisting him in organizing the adventurers.

As such, he was usually at the forefront of the delegation line or beside Commander Hugh.


“Ah… come to think of it, the QC Duchy did ask something like that of him. I thought he was going to crush it with ice or something, but that just now sounded like some kind of heavy bass, and it seems to be something that I have absolutely no clue about…”

“Well, Ryo is special.”

DeLong replied to Hugh’s muttering with a wry smile.


Ryo seemed to be considered special by the other party leaders…


“I don’t think Ryo can be fully managed unless he’s around Abel.”

“I guess His Majesty Abel is special in a way too. Being a former A-rank adventurer and all…”


And they laughed out loud.


Abel was also considered special by many, apparently…


Could Ryo and Abel be two of a kind…?



When the Kingdom delegation arrived at Valpegara, of course, the Empire and Union delegations had arrived earlier.


“Commander McGrath, we heard what happened, tough luck.”

“As expected of the Kingdom adventurers who easily defeated our artificial golem. I’m delighted to see that you all made it here safely.”

Former emperor Rupert and former king Roberto Pirlo both ostensibly congratulated the Kingdom delegation on their safe arrival.


Since the three great powers were potentially enemies, well, in light of the current circumstances…


The itinerary for the rest of the trip was to spend the night in Valpegara and leave early the next morning.


Accommodation for the mission was also prepared by the Van De Vie Theocracy.

The finest, obviously.



But that evening, an unscheduled visit was made to the leader of the Kingdom delegation…



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