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ME c0019

Chapter 0019 Sober Up

Translator: Tseirp


The next morning, while I was eating breakfast at Manpuku-tei’s cafeteria first, Elisha came down with unsteady steps.


She took a seat and groaned with a pale face.


“… I feel terrible. My head hurts and I feel like I’m going to die.”


“I guessed so.”


Last night Elisha drank without restraining herself, perhaps because she was happy to be able to drink without worrying for the first time in a long time.


As a result, she probably now had an excruciating hangover.


“Do you think you’ll be able to eat breakfast?”


“… Nope. I’ll throw up.”


Elisha replied after collapsing on the table.


“Isn’t there anything you can do with recovery magic?”


“It doesn’t work for hangovers.”


“Is that so?”


I had gained knowledge that I didn’t really care about.


“Ah, if only some genius would come up with magic that will help with hangovers… urgh.”


Elisha muttered before she stopped herself from puking.


We were planning to go on an adventure today so I could reveal my secret, but it looked like Elisha wouldn’t be able to move at that rate.



Name: Elisha

Race: Elf

State: Hangover




When I tried [Appraisal], her state was displayed as ‘Hangover’. I wondered if that was also considered a status ailment.


If it was, there weren’t any status ailments I couldn’t nullify.


Reluctantly, I targeted Elisha and activated [Shoulder]. Her status ailment was transferred to me, but my Unique Skill nullified it.


Then, Elisha, who was lying down on the table, suddenly raised her head.


“Huh? My headache and stomach discomfort suddenly disappeared.”


“I shouldered your hangover and nullified it.”


“Lude! You are a god!”


Elisha gripped my right hand tightly and stared at me with deep emotion.


Her mannerism was like that, but Elisha is a beautiful elf. I’d prefer it if she would stop holding my hand because it made me nervous.


“Hurry up and eat your breakfast.”




After I urged her to hide my embarrassment, Elisha grabbed the waiter and ordered breakfast.


The dish that was delivered soon after was the same ham and eggs as mine, pot-au-feu, and black bread.


“Lude, I just realized something outrageous!”




“With Lude, I can drink for the rest of my life without getting drunk!”


When Elisha looked up with a serious expression while eating, I asked her about it, and it turned out to be a very ridiculous use of my skill.


“Next time I won’t Shoulder your hangover even if you get drunk.”


“Nooo, sorry! I was just kidding!”


She claimed it was a joke, but her eyes told me she was aiming for something.


This elf might have a bad drinking habit.


I’ll take note the next time she drinks alcohol.



After finishing breakfast, we came to the Miasma Labyrinth.


It would have been fine even if we did this outside the city, but we were there because of Elishia’s concern that it would be better to take all possible measures.


“So, what is Lude’s secret?”


After confirming that there were no signs of people around, Elisha asked the main question.


“My secret is that I eat monsters.”


“Eh? You eat monsters?”


“Yes, I eat monsters.”


“No, no, if you eat monsters, you’ll usually get an upset stomach, and in the worst case, you’ll turn into a monster – – ahh.”


Elisha, who must have noticed in the middle of her sentence, had a look of revelation.


“That’s right, I have the unique skill [Nullify Status Ailments]. That’s why I won’t turn into a monster.”


“Theoretically yes, but I’m surprised you actually tried it.”


When I revealed that, Elisha replied in a slightly exasperated tone.


“At first, I was too scared to try it. But I ended up in a situation where it was my only choice. I only recently found out that I could eat them.”


“Is this related to Lude’s many monster skills?”


“That’s right. By eating monsters, I can acquire their skills. That’s why I have no intention to stop eating monsters to become stronger.”


“So that’s Lude’s secret.”


“That’s right.”


“Ceh, that’s what it was.”


When I nodded, Elisha looked relieved.


Seeing Elisha’s attitude, which wasn’t as shocked as I imagined, I felt a little disappointed.


“That’s all? I eat monsters, you know?”


“I don’t mind if you have a hobby of eating things that are a little different from other people. If it is something you do to become stronger as an adventurer, it is nothing to be ashamed of. At the very least, I won’t be disgusted by that and or not want to form a party with you.”




“So, I guess you don’t have any issues with it if we formally form a party?”


“Y-yeah. I look forward to working with you.”


“Yeah, me too.”


Elisha smiled happily when I shook her outstretched hand.


“Hey, since we’re here, I’d like to see how Lude eats monsters.”


Now I felt like an exhibit, but I understood Elisha’s curiosity.


“Then let’s defeat and eat the Gernape over there.”


Outside the Miasma Labyrinth, there is a swamp that had monsters lurking within as well.


When I just looked into the swamp, I saw several fish-shaped monsters called Gernape swimming.




LV 23

Stamina: 46

Strength: 29

Tenacity: 28

Magic: 32

Spirit: 36

Agility: 48

Skills: [High-speed swimming] [Water bullet] [Sniper]



Using [Appraisal], I found that they had skills that seemed useful.


It wouldn’t hurt to eat them.


“You’d be fine eating swamp fishes?”

Elisha asked worriedly while looking at the Gernape.


It was a swamp after all, so you couldn’t pass off the water as clean even if you tried your hardest.


A person with normal senses would not want to touch it willingly.


“I originally have a strong stomach, and I have skills now. And it’s not like I’ll be eating them raw so it’ll be fine.”


It’s simply unsanitary and one would worry about parasites, but I shouldn’t face any problems because I had skills such as [Strong Stomach], [Parasite Resistance (Large)] and [Healthy Body]. (TLN: Previous status pages all didn’t have Parasite Resistance :x)


As we approached the swamp, the Gernape, who sensed our presence, poked its face out of the water and energetically shot a water bullet.


Since I had seen through its skill composition in advance with [Appraisal], I predicted its attack and moved my head to avoid the accurate blow.


The water bullet broke the branch of a withered tree behind us.


That strength meant that even an adult would be blown away if a normal person were to be struck by it.


Well, with my tenacity right now, it wouldn’t hurt even if I was struck directly, but there’s nothing better than not getting hit.


I approached while avoiding the water bullets of the Gernapes that appeared one after another from the surface of the water.


I caught up to them but when I tried to swing my greatsword downward, Gernapes immediately retreated into the water.


“Oi oi, that’s cowardly.”


“They’re fishes. If it gets dangerous, they will flee into the water. Or rather, Lude was like that when you were fighting Farzas and the others, you know?”


That was certainly true when she put it that way.


I was sure Farzas and the others must have felt like that too.


In the first place, my weapon was a greatsword, so I was not compatible with opponents who move around like that.


I felt like I could kill them if I swung my sword as hard as I can, but the impact would probably smash the Gernapes. Since the purpose was to eat and acquire skills, I wanted to avoid that.


“If we use my magic, we can kill them cleanly?”


“Nah, it’s okay. [Lightning Clad]”


I activated a skill and wrapped my body in lightning.


When I put my finger into the swamp and let lightning flow, the Gernapes that were swimming in the water shuddered and then floated to the surface of the water.


“It’s a large haul.”


I carefully fished up the electrocuted Gernapes.


“That’s a Thunder Wolf’s skill! Don’t you get electrocuted too when you use it?”


“Oh, no I don’t.”


“That’s convenient.”


That was totally true. [Lightning Clad] was way too convenient. It could be used not only for offense and defense but also for fishing.


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