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Chapter 0021 Spirit Magic

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After agreeing to form a party, we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild to accept some requests.


When we entered the guild, all eyes gathered at once. Most of the looks were looks of surprise, but the looks were directed not at me but at Elisha who was next to me.


Elves, a race that is so beautiful and rarely seen. It was no surprise that people’s eyes were drawn to her.


“Let’s go see the requests.”




Elisha must be used to being the center of attention.


She walked towards the bulletin board without paying any particular attention to the gathering gazes, and I followed behind her.


Various requests were posted on the bulletin board.


There were various tasks such as cleaning, transporting, delivering, and shopping for miscellaneous tasks, collecting materials such as medicinal herbs and nuts outside the city, and subjugating monsters that appear on the roads and in forests.


Adventurers fulfill a wide variety of requests from clients and earn monetary rewards as a living.


“Hey, elf sister? Are you going to team up with such a man?”


“It’s much better to team up with us than to team up with that Miasma Scavenger, right? Come over here.”


While we were looking at the bulletin board, the male adventurers called out to her.


The usual people who look down on me.


“…Miasma Scavenger?”


Elisha didn’t seem to pay attention to the men at all, but she seemed curious about my nickname.


“It’s something like my nickname. Because I mostly only do work around the upper floors of the Miasma Labyrinth.”


“But considering Lude’s Unique Skill, it’s only natural for you to work there, isn’t it?”


“Well, when I’m this old but still an eternal E-rank, it can’t be helped that there would be some who would ridicule me.”


“Eh!? E-rank when you are that capable!?”


When I said that, Elisha replied with a surprised look.


Come to think of it, I didn’t tell Elisha about my rank.


“Hey, are you listening to me?!”


“Don’t be arrogant just because you’re an elf!”


Before I could try to explain, the men who had been ignored for a long time got angry and forcibly grabbed Elisha’s shoulder.


“Don’t touch me.”


Elisha’s icy words while looking back made the men flinch and stopped them in their tracks.


That was because she was emitting such murderous intent and magical weight.


Even though her level dropped, she was an S-rank magician in her prime.


The number of times she survived through life and death situations was probably extraordinary, and even now her magic status was outstanding.


She wasn’t a target for the foolish men who could only meddle with the weak in the guild regularly.


“Get lost”


When Elisha eased the pressure from her bloodlust and magic power, the men let out pitiful cries and left the guild.


When they realized that Elisha wasn’t just a beautiful woman, the curiosity that had gathered faded away.


“So, is it true that you’re E-rank?”


“Yeah, it’s only recently that I’ve become stronger.”


“If that’s the case, raising Lude’s rank is a priority. You’ll have better options to become stronger when you’re a higher rank too.”


“Will you help me?”


“Of course. We are a party.”


“O-oh, yeah. You’re right. We are a party.”


Up until now, I had formed temporary parties several times, but they weren’t good ones.


For me, who was in such an environment, I felt Elisha’s words and deeds, thinking for the sake of her comrades, dazzlingly.


“What is the request that Lude needs to complete to increase your rank?”


“Subjugation request. Apart from those, I’ve done way more than is required for the others.”


Since I was only actively doing miscellaneous requests, gathering requests, and scouting requests, what I needed to prove to the guild was simply my strength as an adventurer.


“Then how about subjugating a group of gray wolves?”


Elisha pulled up a request from the bulletin board.


The request was to subjugate ten gray wolves.


Gray wolves aren’t that strong on their own, but most of them move in groups, making it difficult for an E-rank adventurer to subdue them.


However, my level had risen considerably, and I now had a reliable Magician companion.


Even if we encountered an unexpected herd, we would be able to exterminate it with Elisha’s magic.


“Okay. Let’s take it.”




After finishing the request procedure at the counter with Illumi, we decided to travel outside the city.



The road that extends south from Barona zigzags out but stretches far beyond sight.


There was a lush grassy plain near the highway, and there were six-legged wolf monsters with gray hair walking in packs.


“There they are.”


Due to the increase in the number of gray wolves that inhabited the nearby forest, they were appearing on roads that were not usually frequented, and merchants and travelers were troubled by them.



Gray Wolf

LV 11

Stamina: 35

Strength: 28

Tenacity: 22

Magic: 13

Spirit: 10

Agility: 42

Skill: [Smell]



When I used [Appraisal], their average level was something like that.


The skill that stood out was the [Smell] skill that made their nose a lot more sensitive.


“There are five we can see nearby, but if you look closely, there’s a group of Gray Wolves near the tree in the far back.”


“There’s seven there. Once we fight, they will immediately hear the sounds and join the fray.”


Come to think of it, Elisha also had [Far Sight].


If it was something several hundred meters away, she would probably be able to see it.


“I will defeat the gray wolves nearby. Can I leave the ones that join later to you?”



After I took my eyes off Elisha, who was smiling wryly, I pulled out the greatsword I carried on my back and jumped into the flock of Gray Wolves.


It must have seemed to the Gray Wolves that I suddenly appeared.


Surprised, they immediately retreated and tried to keep a distance, but their movements were quite slow.


I bisected three Gray Wolves that were trying to retreat with a horizontal sweep with my greatsword.


It seemed that the remaining two had time to position themselves while I struck down the other three Gray Wolves, and they leaped at me with a slight time lag between them.


If I was still level 7, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything, but with my current physical ability, I had plenty of leeway to deal with them.


I quickly pulled back my greatsword, slammed the back of the blade into the neck of the Gray Wolf aiming for my left hand, and pierced the other Gray Wolf’s skull downward with my greatsword, as if sewing it into the ground.




After subjugating five gray wolves, the Gray Wolves in the distance heard the sound and rushed over.


It happened as expected, so I didn’t panic.


Since the battle ended quickly, I could deal with it with plenty of time to prepare, but now I had a reliable companion too.


“I leave the reinforcements to you.”


“Yeah! It’s a good chance to show you my unique skill!”


After Elisha shouted enthusiastically, a girl clad in jade-colored light appeared out of nowhere beside her.


Wind swirled around the girl, and you could tell that she had a lot of power in contrast to her cute appearance.


That was probably a spirit.




When Elisha pointed at the Gray Wolves that were charging at us ferociously, the wind spirit fluttered in the air and released wind blades with the force of a raging wave.


Each wind blade was large and there were so many that they filled the field of view. The Gray Wolves couldn’t dodge them and had their bodies sliced open.


After the violent dance of the wind ended, the Gray Wolves with their bodies shredded were left in a sea of ​​blood.


None survived.


“I knew it, it doesn’t have as much power as it did in my heyday.”


From my point of view, it was already unbelievably powerful, but Elisha seemed to be very dissatisfied.


Considering that in the past her status was about three times as much as it was now, its strength probably wasn’t originally like that.


Now that I think about it, S-rank adventurers are scary.


“Is that what spirit magic is?”


“Yes, this is my unique skill. I can borrow the power of spirits that exist in the natural world to exercise magic.”


“Hooh, are there spirits everywhere?”


“It depends on the land, but basically they are everywhere. Though you won’t be able to see them without special skills or training.”


Seeing me looking around expectantly, Elisha smiled wryly.


After all, ordinary people can’t see spirits.


Although, there are rare cases of people who do not have unique skills, but are well-trained to see them or easily liked by spirits.


When I looked at Sylphid, it landed on my head.


Oh? Maybe I’m the type that spirits like? While I was thinking that, Sylphid started stroking and pulling my hair.


As expected, it was annoying, so when I tried to shoo her away with my hand, Sylphid laughed happily and tried to mess with me.


“What’s with her?”


“Sylphid likes to play tricks, so it’s all the more amusing to her when you show that kind of reaction.”


Just like what Elisha said, the more I reacted to her, the more Sylphid’s meddling got worse.


When I gave up with the sense that I couldn’t do anything with her, Sylphid sat on my head for a moment.


However, she didn’t seem to have any intention of staying still, so she grabbed my hair and tied it up wherever she liked. I couldn’t be bothered anymore.


“Can Elisha use magic of any attribute?”


“It depends on my compatibility with the spirit. The wind spirit has the best compatibility with me.”


When Elisha stroked it with her finger, the wind spirit giggled happily.


They seemed to get along really well.


“What other attributes can you use?”


“I’m good at water, ice, light, and earth.”


“What about darkness and fire?”


“Those two don’t seem to be very compatible with me, and even if I borrow their power, I won’t get good results.”


She explained that if she borrowed the strength of a spirit that is not compatible with her, she may be asked for a huge amount of magical power as compensation, or it may not lend her power in the first place. It seemed that not all attributes could be mastered.


“Does spirit magic consume magical power?”


“Of course it will. To borrow power from the spirits, it is necessary to pay with magical power.”


I guess it wasn’t a convenient skill that can be used without consuming magic power.


Although that was to be expected because it displayed that much power.


“I don’t know much about magic, but how is it different from using normal magic?”


“There are two big merits of spirit magic. One is that you can cast high-output magic with less magical power. The other is that you can cause more ambiguous phenomena than magic.”


“I understand the first one, but what do you mean by the second ambiguous phenomenon?”


“It might be easier to understand if you experience it rather than I explain it. Sylphid, please.”


When Elisha asked, the wind spirit nodded and flew over.


The wind spirit flew around me joyfully, causing the wind to gently lift my body.


In no time at all, my feet were lifted off the ground and I was lifted into the sky.


“Wh-whoa, what is this!?”


“The strength of Sylphid’s wind is keeping our bodies afloat.”


While I was surprised, Elisha, who also floated into the sky with the power of the spirit, explained.


“Floating in the air with wind!? That’s possible!?”


“With magic, it is quite difficult, and even if you could do it, it’s temporary and the magic power efficiency is low, so it’s not practical. But if you ask a spirit, you can do something like this.”


Elisha was able to fly freely through the sky with the help of her spirit.


It was the first time I’d seen a magician flying in the sky.


I see. Certainly, such events must be impossible with ordinary magic.


Since I got an understanding of spirit magic, I asked to be lowered to the ground. However, Sylphid dropped me at the very end.




When I glared at her while rubbing my butt, Sylphid chuckled and disappeared.


“Sylphid seems to like you.”


“Are you sure?”


“Otherwise, even if I asked, she won’t do it and she wouldn’t even approach you.”


It seemed so by Elisha’s standards, but I just felt like I was being treated as a toy.


“Looks like there are still Gray Wolves over there.”


“Then let’s subdue those as well.”


In the request, the goal was to subjugate ten, but there was no need to stop at ten.


If they were breeding to the point of appearing on roads, it was better to subjugate them.


Elisha and I subdued the Gray Wolves around the road one after another.


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