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ME c0023

Chapter 0023 Baphomet

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After reaching the 10th floor of Aberio New Labyrinth, the passages between floors became more complicated.


Along with that, the level and frequency of appearance of the monsters we encountered increased, but they weren’t threats to me and Elisha, who were at a much higher level, and we quickly defeated them and came to the 15th floor.


On the 15th floor, the width of the passage was wider and the height of the ceiling was also higher.


“It’s gotten a lot more spacious.”


“Maybe the overall floor size has increased.”


The Aberio New Labyrinth had been cleared up to the 20th floor. Recently, the update on the highest floor cleared had become slower, so I guess the floors were getting larger as Elisha suspected.


“I’ll prepare the lights.”


When Elisha said so, many bright lights began to light up around her.


The light began to move freely around Elisha.


“Are those also spirits?”


“Yes, light spirits.”


“Thay aren’t humanoid like the Sylphid.”


The wind spirit Sylphid had the appearance of a girl, but the light spirits floating in front of me looked like nothing more than balls of light.


“Not all spirits have the form of humans. There are various types of light, such as irregular light shapes or shapes that imitate the figure of an animal. Also, only powerful spirits can mimic humans.”


When I asked, Elisha answered smoothly.


I see, so so Sylphid was one of the stronger wind spirits.


“I’ll assign a light to Lude as well.”


“No, it’s okay, I have [Night Vision] so I’m fine.”


“… Does that mean that even in the dark you can see like it’s daytime?”




Even in that dim passage, I could see the surroundings as if it were daytime, so I didn’t need help with my vision.


“…Hey, Lude. May I ask what skills you have?”


Elisha asked.


Adventurers generally avoid asking others about their skills.


Because their unique skills and skills can be their trump card, many adventurers often don’t reveal them even among. However, of course, if you don’t know the abilities of your companions, you won’t be able to cooperate or trust them.

To some extent, they do reveal some aspects, but most of the time they don’t explain all the skill details or blur some out.


I have the [Appraisal] skill, so I was familiar with Elisha’s detailed status and skill composition, but she was not.


Possessing many monster skills that are different from humans, I am an unknown to Elisha, and she didn’t know what I could do. That would make it inconvenient to fight as a party.


Elisha became my companion after knowing about my unique skill and my ability to eat monsters. I had nothing to hide from her.




“Thank you”


When I nodded, Elisha returned a happy smile filled with relief.


“Just look at my guild card directly because there are a lot of them.”


I took out my guild card and set it so that I could view not only my level but also my status ​​and skills, and then handed the card to Elisha.


“… I knew it, but they are all skills that I’ve never seen before.”


“Most of them are skills acquired from monsters after all.”


Putting aside the skills that humans often possess, the details of the skills possessed by monsters are often unknown.


“Even S-rank adventurers and long-lived elves don’t have this many skills.”


Does that mean I am one of the best in the world if it’s just the number of skills?


Well, no matter how many skills I have, it doesn’t matter if I can’t master them, so I didn’t have any intention of boasting about it.


“Can I write down your skills?”


If it’s just a few skills, she would be able to memorize them, but it was difficult to memorize all of them immediately when it came to the number of skills I possessed.


“It’s fine, but don’t drop it, okay?”


“Yes, I will strictly hold on to it.”


When she finished writing in her memo pad, Elisha returned my guild card, so I put it in my pocket.


“Okay, let’s look for the Baphomet.”


“It looked like you have some perception skills, so can you find it?”


“Sure, I’ll try using [Sound Wave Perception] first.”


“… I don’t hear anything, but you’re emitting sound waves, right?”


When I activated the skill, Elisha asked with a puzzled look.


Even Elves who have excellent hearing can’t seem to catch the sound waves.


“Yeah, I can pick up information from the vibrations and echoes of the sound waves.”


“That’s convenient.”


“But accuracy drops in open places like the outdoors.”


“Since the sound waves would disperse, the amount of information that can be picked up would reduce.”


Elisha understood my explanation even though I only said a few words.


I wasn’t very good at giving detailed explanations, so that helped.


“… There’s a large monster a little way ahead.”


“Maybe that’s the Baphomet. Let’s go.”


There are no other clues, so for the time being we headed towards the large monster I sensed with the sound waves.


Then I saw a large creature with black wings.


Monster-like bones and magic stone fragments were scattered around, and it seemed that it was in the midst of devouring something.


The creature looked around, perhaps noticing the light around Elisha.


A giant goat monster with a thin white cloth on its head.


LV 27

Stamina: 122

Strength: 88

Tenacity: 95

Magic: 132

Spirit: 124

Agility: 76

Skills: [Fire Magic Law] [Earth Magic Law] [Strengthen Mental Strength (Small)] [Steel Claws] [Increase Magic Recovery Speed ​​(Small)]


“It’s the Baphomet!”


I used [Appraisal] to gather information and Elisha shouted at the same time.


Despite having roughly the same level as the Soldier Lizards, the reason why their status were so different was probably because their potential as monsters was different.


The Baphomet wiped the blood dripping from its mouth, turned its golden eyes toward me, and let out a strange scream.


“How is it?”


“As Elisha guessed, it has magic skills!”


[Fire Magic Law] and [Earth Magic Law]. I couldn’t see the details, but judging from their names, they must be skills related to magical abilities.


“Yes! Then we have to defeat it for Lude’s sake!”


A magic circle formed around the Baphomet, and four bright red flaming spears appeared. After the tip of the spears turned toward me, they were fired with great speed.


Elisha and I jumped to the left and right and started our counterattack.


When I pulled out my greatsword and starts sprinting, the Baphomet activated the magic circle once more.


I dodged two fire spears by sidestepping and when I slashed it, my sword was blocked by the Baphomet’s claws.


I had higher stats, but its [Steel Claw] skill seemed to give it some kind of boost.


When I tried to forcibly push it, two more fire spears appeared from the magic circle that it had prepared.


I quickly stopped pushing and retreated from the spot. The fire spears pierced the place where I was standing just moments ago and exploded.


Detonating magic at that close range would also damage the caster, but it seemed that the Baphomet, which was protected by its strong skin, was not damaged at all.


“Tch, it’s tough.”


The Baphomet was so well-prepared that it had magic on standby not only for attacking, but also for defense.


In addition, it was tough because it was also capable in close combat.


Monsters such as goblin mages and kobold mages take a long time to activate their magic, so it’s easy because they’re specialized in magic.


“I’ll handle the magic, so leave it to me!”


When I was wondering how to attack, Elisha, who was behind me, said.


Since she said she would deal with the magic, she must have some way to counteract them.


Having decided to entrust the magic to Elisha, I charged at the Baphomet once more.


The Baphomet shot fire spears from the magic circle just like before.


Then, water spears that came flying from behind me collided with the fire spear and exploded in the air.


When the Baphomet fired the two other fire spears that were in reserve, the water spears collided with them again and disabled them.


When I turned around, behind me was Elisha, holding up her staff and looking proud.


Apparently, she decided to match the Baphomet’s magic and counteract with opposing attribute magic.


The Baphomet looked irritated and formed another magic circle. A large amount of pebbles appeared from a different magic circle than before, and they were ejected to pierce me and Elisha.




Believing in Elisha, I plunged into the surging pebbles without taking any countermeasures.


Then, pebbles were fired from behind me.


She offset the hail of gravel caused by the Baphomet.


Easy to say, but definitely very hard to do.


It is truly a superhuman feat.


I was then able to easily approach it and swung my greatsword with firm footing on the ground.


The Baphomet hurriedly used its claws as a shield, but my properly executed swing sliced into the Baphomet’s body, cutting through its claws.


Baphomet retreated while staggering, but then two fire spears were already piercing into its chest.


The Baphomet fell on its back while looking at the fire spear poking out from its chest in disbelief.


“Don’t be mean.”


“I wanted to test how far I could manipulate magic with my current stats.”


It seemed that she intentionally offset the Baphomet’s magic with perfect accuracy by matching the power of its magic.


After all, it was unlikely that her magical power and spirit stats would just offset the Baphomet’s magic.


As expected of a former S-rank magician. Even if her level dropped, her magic manipulation was still top-notch.


That said, the fact that she used the same type of magic and the fact that she used the magic that the opponent was good at to deal the finishing blow may have something to say about her personality.


“Lude, are you thinking of something rude?”


“It’s just your imagination.”


For some reason, she managed to sense my thoughts on her.


I suspected she might have a [Mind Reading] skill, so I tried [Appraisal] once more, but she didn’t have such a skill. That’s strange.



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