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Chapter 0024 Fire Magic Law

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Now that we had defeated the Baphomet, it was time to cook.


“What we’ll need to submit for the request are the magic stone, wings, and claws.”


“I guess, other than those, I can use the other parts as I like.”


“Well, the meat is useless for people other than Lude.”


That was true. Because normal people can’t eat monster meat.


“So how are you going to eat it?”


“When you think of goats, it must be a soup dish, right?”


I had made and eaten goat dishes myself several times.


“I doubt if you can call this a normal goat.”


It was still a mountain goat at its core. There shouldn’t be any problem with handling it like a goat.


I’ve been able to cook like that until now, and the taste was generally on point.


So, I took out the cooking utensils from the magic bag and started dismantling the Baphomet that we had bled and drained off its blood.


After stripping its skin and inserting a knife into the neck, I cut open the back and removed the internal organs.


It had the same body structure as a goat and had four stomachs. Interesting.


The stomachs could be processed into water bags, so I made sure to keep them.


After removing the internal organs and rinsing the body with water, I selected the cut of meat that seemed edible and dismantled it.


This time, I tried cooking using the rib and thigh meat.


I prepared a large pot, added water, cooking alcohol, and diced Baphomet meat and simmered it.


“Wah, that’s a lot of soup scum.”


“Because goat soup usually has a lot of scum. It’s critical to remove them.”


As the scum comes out during boiling, I watched the pot and removed it.


That continued for about forty minutes, then I added salt and simmered it a little more.


“After this, put it in a bowl and add mugwort and ginger and we’re done.”


“Eh! Is that all?”


“Because goats have a strong flavor. Simple seasoning is enough.”


While Elisha was surprised at the simple process, I took a sip of the Baphomet soup.


“How is it? Is it delicious?”


“It tastes a little gamey, but it’s delicious!”


The Baphomet’s meat had a slight odor, though not as much as a normal goat.


“Specifically, what does it smell like? I’ve never eaten a goat before.”


“Kind of a slight wild animal taste and a milky flavor.”


“… Doesn’t that taste pretty bad?”


“I’m used to my meals having a bit of an odor, and it’s still delicious even when that’s the case. The fat has a solid sweetness, and it blends well into the soup.”




Compared to the lightly salted meat dishes served in rural areas, Baphomet’s beastly taste was quite gentle.


While Elisha was sighing in wonder, I stuffed the thigh meat into my mouth and it tasted like a light red meat.


It was easy to eat because the fat melted away in my mouth.


When I ate it together with mugwort, my mouth felt refreshed.


Furthermore, the meat went well with ginger too.


I could eat it all with just a spoon.


“Lude really looks like you’re enjoying it a lot when you’re eating.”


As I was eating my second bowl, Elisha, who was sitting next to me, said while staring at me.


Did I look so happy when I was eating?


“That’s how delicious monsters are.”


I wanted to share this deliciousness with Elisha, but normal people can’t eat monsters.


How sad is it that she can’t eat something so delicious!


“… I somewhat understand what you’re trying to say, but don’t look at me with pity.”


Elisha looked annoyed as if she had figured out that I pitied her.


If I annoyed her too much, she wouldn’t keep a lookout for me while I’m eating, so I quietly resumed my meal.


After eating the Baphomet soup, I checked my status.



Name: Lude

Race: Human

State: Normal

LV48 (↑1)

Stamina: 244 (↑5)

Strength: 204 (↑5)

Tenacity: 164 (↑3)

Magic: 156 (↑8)

Spirit: 130 (↑7)

Agility: 151 (↑3)

Unique Skill: [Nullify status ailments]

Skills: [Swordsmanship] [Martial Arts] [Roar] [Battleaxe Technique] [Muscle Strengthening (Medium)] [Blood Sucking] [Sound Wave Perception] [Heat Source Perception] [Paralyzing Breath] [Thread Manipulation] [Spearmanship] [Stealth] [Hard Body] [Thorn Skin] [Strong Stomach] [Healthy Body] [Intimidation] [Night Vision] [Agility Enhancement (Small)] [Strength Enhancement (Small)] [Blunt Force Resistance (Small)] [Perception Block] [Flame] [Fire Resistance (Large)] [Advanced Swordsmanship] [Club Technique] [Lightning Clad] [Far Sight] [Appraisal] [One-handed Swordsmanship] [Command] [Shield Technique] [Shoulder] [Miasma Resistance (Medium)] [Instant Step] [Poison] [Poikilotherm] [Poison resistance (Medium)] [Poison Scale] [Paralysis Scale] [Air Slash] [Fire Magic Law] [Earth Magic Law] [Mental Strength Enhancement (Small)] [Steel Claw ] [Magic Recovery Speed Increase (Small)]

Attribute magic: [Fire attribute]


By defeating the Baphomet, my level had risen by one, and I had succeeded in acquiring the skills it possessed by eating it.


“Oh! I got the magic skills!”


“Really!? Then try using it right away!”


Elisha must have been interested in the magic skills. Her emerald eyes were shining brightly.


I also had a strong interest in and yearning for magic-based skills, so I decided to try using them right away.


I was sure I could now create and shoot fire spears like the Baphomet, or shoot gravel like a hail of stones.


I tried activating the skill with such expectations, but nothing happened around me.


Fire magic and earth magic like what the Baphomet did would not activate.



Was I doing it wrong, or did I not have the proper mental image?


While tilting my head, I imagined the magic that the Baphomet activated and tried using the skill.


However, no matter how vivid my mental image was, it never became a reality.


“… Eeh?”


“What’s wrong, Lude?”


“My skill won’t activate.”




“I’m puzzled precisely because I don’t understand why either.”


“Have you ever been unable to use the skills you acquired?”


“Not until now.”


Until now, the moment I acquired a skill, I could instinctively understand how to use it.


I never experience not knowing how to use it like this.


That was why I was surprised too.


“How about trying [Appraisal] on the skill?”


“Th-that’s it!”


Elisha’s suggestion showed the way.


If I used [Appraisal] on a skill I didn’t understand, it would tell me what it was, so I read it out.


“[Fire Magic Law]… Those who possess this skill instinctively understand how to handle fire magic.”


“Apparently you should be able to understand it instinctively?”


“No, but I don’t?”


My skill was saying that I would understand, but I wasn’t understanding anything.


I didn’t know what was wrong anymore.


“I know! I know why Lude can’t use his skills!”




When I asked, Elisha quickly averted her gaze.


“I don’t really want to say it. Maybe Lude’s not bright enough to understand magic…”


“Hey, you said it anyway! That’s pretty cruel!”


She said it as though I was trying to not think about that possibility and trying to escape from reality.


“In any case, I’m not good at magic in the first place, so maybe Elisha has a better theory.”


“But Lude, you can use fire magic, right?”


“Even though I can, it doesn’t have enough power to be used in battle, and I’m not good at manipulating magic power…”


I thought that my level would rise and I would be able to use more flashy fire magic, but in the end it didn’t change, and maybe I didn’t have the talent for magic.


“… Perhaps it is necessary to manipulate magic essence to use magic with monster skills?”



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