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Chapter 0025 Magic Essence

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“…Perhaps you need to manipulate magic essence to use magic with monster skills?”


Elisha commented when I was feeling dejected.


Judging from her serious expression, it didn’t seem like she was making fun of me like before.


“Magic essence? Not magical power?”


“Since it’s magic formed by a monster’s skill, wouldn’t it be powered by magic essence?”


Monsters are born with magic essence that is different from magical power and use magic essence to strengthen their bodies and magic.


That may explain her conjecture that magic skills obtained from monsters utilize magic essence.


“How should I use magic essence?”


“I don’t know because I don’t have any magic essence. But I think it wouldn’t be strange for Lude to have magic essence in your body since you eat monsters.”


That was true.


The torrent of power that entered me when I first ate the Minotaur… I tried activating fire magic with the image of drawing that from my body.


That’s when I instinctively understood.


How to manipulate magic essence and how to manifest it as magic.


When I followed my instincts and executed it, a magic circle appeared in front of me and a fire spear was created.


When I shoot it at the wall in front of me, the fire spear pierced the wall and then exploded, gouging a wide hole.


“I did it!”


“That seems to be the case.”


“Thank you! It’s all thanks to Elisha!”


When I held Elisha’s hand and shook it up and down, she smiled wryly.


She might be a little exasperated because someone my age was in such high spirits from just that.


Ever since I was a child, I’d always listened to heroic tales and I’d always admired this power.


However, I thought I had no talent for it and would never be able to use it.


Of course I’d be overjoyed if I suddenly could use offensive magic.


Things that would make you happy as a kid should make you happy even when you’re an adult.


Excited that I could use magic, I also practiced casting the earth magic that the Baphomet used.


In addition to the fire spear that the Baphomet used, I tried shape-changing it into fireballs, fire arrows, firewalls, etc. that are used by ordinary mages and succeeded in doing so.


I had acquired a certain degree of magic ability thanks to [Fire Magic Law] and [Earth Magic Law].


However, I couldn’t use attribute magic other than fire and earth magic, and I didn’t have Elisha’s precision control or high-output magic.


These skills only gave me an instinctual understanding of the elements and it seemed that they could not lead to transcendental magic like those Elisha is capable of casting.


Well, even though they are skills, it’s not that convenient to achieve something on par with Elisha.


“What about the consumption of magic essence?”


“I feel like I lost some magic essence but it doesn’t feel like I will run out anytime soon. And it seems like it will take about the same time as magical power to recover.”


“That means that Lude’s body has become accustomed to magic essence.”


Elisha placed her hand on her chin and commented with interest.


Rather than a temporary power, the magic essence remained in my body and accumulated.


“In addition, in Lude’s case, you will likely be able to recover your magic essence faster by consuming monsters.”


“That’s true.”


Eating a monster meant that I was also ingesting the magic essence that the monster had.


By eating, I could probably expect greater magic essence recovery.


Then, for me, using magic essence may be a more efficient means of combat than using magical power.


“Hey, since I can cast magic with magic essence, isn’t it possible to use it to strengthen my body or use it for attacks?”


Humans can strengthen their bodies by enveloping their bodies with magical power within their bodies; and by adding it to their weapons, they can increase the power of their attacks and fire off flying slashes.


Maybe magic essence could do the same thing.


“Well, if it has the same principle as magical power, it’s possible.”


While we were having that conversation, a new Baphomet suddenly appeared from the end of the corridor.


“It’s another Baphomet.”


It may have reacted to the smell of blood from the Baphomet that I defeated earlier or the magic essence I shot.


“Let me do it. I want to test the power of magic essence.”


I wanted to hit the Baphomet with magic, but at that moment I was more interested in close combat using magic essence.


After confirming that Elisha took a step back, I kneaded the magic essence and wrapped it around my body and greatsword.


The moment the Baphomet glared at me and deployed a magic formation, I kicked off the ground.


When I did that, I felt an outrageous propulsive force and my field of vision blurred at an outrageous speed.


I was confused as to whether there was an explosion at my feet, but the Baphomet was already in front of me.


I panicked and swung my sword.


The blow I swung vertically bisected the Baphomet’s body.


The power didn’t stop there, the magic essence slash cut through the passage and finally caused an explosion.


“Th-that’s unbelievably powerful.”




While I was stunned, Elisha approached me.


“That was a great output, but do you feel anything wrong with your body?”


“Yeah, I’m fin–”


Just as I was about to answer that I was okay, I heard the sound of something breaking.


Looking at the hand where the sound came from, my favorite greatsword had shattered.


“It couldn’t withstand the enormous power of magic essence. It looks impossible to repair it if it’s shattered like that. The quality wasn’t that good originally, so you should take this opportunity to buy a new one.”


“I guess. It’s just a weapon I took from a monster in the abyss…”


The burden on the greatsword was quite heavy, probably because my level and stats increased.


The blade must have been worn down since the level of the monsters I was fighting had increased and perhaps because the battles had become more intense.


In such a state, it was not unreasonable for the blade to snap when I released a blow that was clad in magic essence.


Nonetheless, it was a shock in its own right when the weapon that I had been using shattered.


Even though it was a weapon obtained from defeating a monster, after using it for so long, I had grown attached to it.


Though not as sentimental as my battleaxe, it was one of the weapons that I shared joys and sorrows with in the abyss. Thinking about it made me even more attached to it…


“W-we’ve completed the request, so let’s call it for today! Weapons can be said to be the life of an adventurer, and it’s normal to be in shock when they break!”


Perhaps she sensed my dejected heart as Elisha said cheerfully as if to clear away the gloominess.


We could still explore more, but my greatsword breaking affected me beyond my expectations and I couldn’t seem to find motivation.


On that day, we decided to wrap up our work thanks to Elisha’s thoughtfulness.




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