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ME c0026

Chapter 0026 A Certain Cursed Sword

Translator: Tseirp


Magnus, Rondo, and Rigurdo, who are D-rank adventurers, had completed a subjugation request in the Miasma Labyrinth.


Unexpectedly, they had a hard time finding the target monster and the quest took a long time, so they were going to sleep in a safe plain before returning to Barona.


For an adventurer, it wasn’t pleasant to have one request drag too long.


As the time drags on, they won’t be able to accept other lucrative requests, and if they slept outdoors, their supplies such as firewood and portable food would decrease.


The supplies used would eat into the surplus earned from the request accordingly.


Normally, the three of them would be cursing when the exploration time gets too long, but today they were in a very good mood.


“Despite all that, we’ve finally done it!”


“Yeah, I can’t believe there was a hidden room on the 7th floor of the Miasma Labyrinth!”


“That sword will be worth a lot! From what I can tell, it has magical powers. It must be a magic tool or a magic sword!”


“Is it possible that it’s a cursed sword?”


“No, right? If it’s a cursed sword, you’d be cursed the moment you touched it.”


“That’s right!”


“If it’s a magic tool or a magic sword, if we put it up for auction, we can play around for the foreseeable future!”


“There would be no need to go out of our way to put our lives on the line to work. Lately, we’ve seen less and less of Lude and it’s getting harder to make money.”


“Damn, we’ve ended up losing a share because of that Miasma Scavenger. When we get home, should we wring him out?”


“Recently, I think he’s been hanging out with a transcendentally beautiful elf sister, right?”


“Heh, that’s why we have to join his party as well, right?”


Magnus and Rigurdo were having a nasty conversation, but only Rondo, the swordsman, didn’t join the conversation.


“Hey, Rondo? What’s wrong? You’re awfully quiet today?”


“A beautiful elf, you know? You should be all excited too.”


Magnus and Rigurdo broached the conversation while making fun of him.


Rondo loved that kind of silly talk involving women. The two of them were a little worried that he didn’t join despite such a topic.


“… Oh, sorry. My body feels a little sluggish.”


Rondo sat on the log and just responded lifelessly without looking at them.


Peeking through the gap between his arms, his face was pale, and it didn’t seem to Magnus and Rigurdo that he was in good physical condition.


“Did you catch a cold?”


“Maybe so.”


“No helping it then. You don’t have to keep watch today. Rigurdo and I will take turns, so go to sleep.”


“……Sorry and thanks.”


Normally, Rondo would joke about paying for them at a brothel when they get home, but today he didn’t seem to have the energy to do so.


Rondo staggered back to the tent.


Shortly after that, it was late night.


(Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill)


Thoughts flowed into Rondo’s brain through the sword.


Ever since he picked up the sword in the Miasma Labyrinth.


Even after he lets go of the sword, that voice of resentment would not end.


That feeling of being forcibly fed thoughts was nothing but unpleasant.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shut up. You’re annoying!”


As he lost control and tried to slice away the incoming resentment, he felt like he had cut through thick flesh and bones.




Rondo came to his senses and found himself outside the tent, not inside.


And at his feet, the head of his companion, the magician Magnus, was on the ground and his torso had fell as if pushed into the campfire, giving off a burning smell.


“H-hey? Magnus?”


He was dead without needing any confirmation.


And in his right hand, the sword he got in the hidden room of the Miasma Labyrinth was smeared with blood.


It was clear who had killed Magnus.

“R-Rondo…? What are you planning on doing?”


Rigurdo drew his sword warily and pointed it at Rondo.


“N-no! This! I didn’t do it!”


“What are you talking about! I was watching right next to you!? You cut off Magnus’ head!”


He didn’t mean to.


Rondo had a bloody sword in his right hand and Rigurdo saw him killing Magnus.


No matter how much he tries to make excuses, he wouldn’t believe him.


“N-no! I-I … I will kill you!”


Unable to accept reality, Rondo scratched his head and the color of madness dyed his eyes.


“You! No, it’s a cursed sword!?”


Seeing his abnormal behavior and sudden change in his eyes, Rigurdo arrived at the possibility that it was the cursed sword that killed Magnus.


However, Rigurdo found that his realization couldn’t do anything at the moment.


Rigurdo was unable to block Rondo’s sword, whose physical abilities were greatly strengthened by the Crazed state, and helplessly, another decapitated corpse fell to the ground.


“Kill, Kill, not enough. Not enough to eat.”


With the cursed sword in his hand, Rondo walked out into the night while muttering words of resentment.


In his direction of travel was the frontier city of Barona, the home of many people.



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