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Chapter 0315 Situation in the Eastern Part of the Kingdom

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At the same time, in the central countries, in the Kingdom of Knightley, His Majesty the King was greatly perplexed.


He knew that Ryo and his party had left the mission.

Not from Marquis Heinlein’s intelligence network, obviously, but through ‘Soul Resonance’.

Even Marquis Heinlein’s intelligence network had not yet extended to the western countries.


Abel’s ‘Soul Resonance’, which is with Ryo, has left the mission.

Meaning that information from the mission will no longer be accessible.


Of course, he wasn’t blaming Hugh McGrath’s decision.

He too thought it was an impeccable decision.


Hence why he’s holding his head.


Since there’s nothing he could do about it.


“Even gods can’t have it all…”


The most popular quote of King Richard, the founder of the Kingdom.

Abel muttered.



A young boy was ushered into the king’s office.


“Welcome, Sir Erwin. Please.”

Abel indicated that he should sit on the sofa.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The boy called Erwin sat down gracefully.


The boy’s name was Erwin Ortiz. He is the head of the Shrewsbury Dukedom, a great noble family in the eastern part of the kingdom.

However, the Shrewsbury Dukedom is currently under suspension of its ducal authority and is in the custody of the royal family.

As things stand, the suspension is scheduled to be lifted and the dukedom officially reopened when Erwin becomes an adult, that is, eighteen years old.


Erwin’s position was also complicated in many ways.


At the end of Stafford IV’s reign, the eastern region was in turmoil.

Many nobles died, were replaced, and lost their power….

The Shrewsbury Dukedom, the largest noble family in the East, was no exception.

All direct lineage, male and female, had died out, leaving only Erwin.

In addition, the eastern nobles who had supported the Shrewsbury Dukedom for generations were eventually overrun by the imperial army and nearly all of them had died out.


Since the Kingdom Liberation War, the eastern part of the Kingdom had been in an unusual situation, with most of the nobles who had been there for generations having ceased to exist.


Presently, much of the eastern part of the kingdom is controlled by the royal family.

As a reward for the liberation war, some land was given in the form of estates, but much of it is still under royal control.



However, this situation is far from desirable.



If the area is too large, the royal family will not be able to keep an eye on it, thereby having a greater chance of breeding injustice.

The ideal would be to have loyal and wise nobles rule… and pay their taxes properly.


Although most of the nobles in the East have ceased to exist, it doesn’t mean that they’re entirely without successors.

The only problem is that many of them are still minors.


Like Erwin of the Shrewsbury Dukedom.



“Hmmm. So, you’re saying, you want to go back to the East and learn to rule…”

Abel confirmed this upon hearing Erwin’s request.


He wouldn’t mind the ducal authority being returned in five years.

But until then, he would like to return to the East to learn to actually manage a fiefdom….

And he came to the castle this time to make that request.


“That’s right, Your Majesty. Since I didn’t get the chance to learn the process from my father, unfortunately. Also, there are few nobles in the East now, so I believe the people living there must be feeling insecure. Wondering who is going to lead them. Of course, His Majesty the King leads the country, but I think it is necessary to have nobles who are closer to the people than Your Majesty, and who are there for the people daily. I would like to be such a noble.”




Frankly, Abel was quite troubled as to how to go about handling Erwin Ortiz.

In a way, he’s a beacon of hope for the people of the East.

But with him in the royal capital, and the royal family controlling most of the eastern part….


Naturally, the impression of the eastern people towards the royal family can’t be a good one.

And keeping him in the royal capital doesn’t bring any benefit to the royal family.


“All right. I will think about it.”




“I see. You’re thinking of sending Sir Erwin back to Wingston.”

Wingston is the capital of Shrewsbury Dukedom.


When Marquis Heinlein heard the gist from Abel, he thought for a moment and then nodded.

“Okay then. I will make arrangements for Sir Erwin’s return to Wingston. We will also announce the fact to the whole country.”

“Yeah, thanks.”


That said, he still couldn’t shake off the touch of uneasiness in his mind.

As for what exactly, he did not know….




Wingston, the eastern part of the Kingdom.

The Silverdale Knights were staying at an inn adjacent to the lord’s mansion.


In the Kingdom, the knight orders held by lords are usually called ‘territorial knights’.

For example, the Marquis Heinlein Knight Order, Rune Frontier County Knight Order, and so on.

Of course, they may also be called the Rune Knights or Heinlein Knights….


But the knight order of the Silverdale Dukedom is referred to as the ‘Silverdale Knights’ even in official documents.

Rather than the Silverdale Dukedom Knight Order.


This is because the name of the knight order that Lines Stafford, the first Duke of Silverdale, trained and led since he was a royal prince, was the ‘Silverdale Knights’, and when he established the Silverdale Dukedom, he named the dukedom after it and led his knights into the territory, thus, the name is still used today.


Because of its origins, the Silverdale Dukedom is known as one of the most prominent military families in the Kingdom.


The current Duke of Silverdale is the seventh generation head of the family, Lawson.

The Silverdale fiefdom is located in the central part of the Kingdom same as the royal capital. Lawson is also there.

For the past month, however, Faith, the next head of the family, had been leading half of the Silverdale Knights on a training expedition in the eastern part of the Kingdom.

The place where they stayed was Wingston.


This is because the Silverdale Knights have traditionally used Wingston, the capital of the Shrewsbury Dukedom, as their base when they conduct exercises in the eastern part of the Kingdom.



“What? Sir Erwin is coming back to Wingston?”

After returning from a drill, Faith received the report in a room at the inn.


It was a rather surprising report.


Erwin was only thirteen years old.

Since the royal capital is the most advanced in terms of academics, local nobles are eager to send their children to the academy in the royal capital until they reach adulthood.

Yet returning to the fiefdom at the age of thirteen was something that Faith did not quite understand.



“Anyway. When will he arrive here?”

“In two weeks.”

“That’s pretty far off. Our expedition here will come to an end the day after tomorrow, right?”

“That’s right. We’ll be rounding off our training expedition the day after tomorrow and returning to Silverdale.”


“Even if we don’t see each other this time, we can always meet another time.”

Faith concluded, and then she put Erwin out of her mind.



When Erwin still had older siblings, he was to be Faith’s fiancé.

But then came the Eastern Uprising, and then the imperial invasion… and the plans went up in smoke.


Today, Erwin is the head of a dukedom.

And Faith is the next head of a dukedom.

Marriage between the two of them will never come to pass.



That’s the thing about dukedoms.




A room at the Papal Palace in the Holy City of Marlomar.

“A ‘Holy Seal’ was issued? To mere adventurers no less…. What in god’s name is going on?

“Uh yes. His Eminence Oskar…”

“Oh good gracious… that’s uncalled for. So, how is the search for the Demon Lord and the Hero progressing on our side?”

“Well, nothing yet…”

“Then pick up the pace. Get rid of anything that gets in the way. Especially those adventurers from the central countries, their timing couldn’t be any worse. Before they learn of something they aren’t supposed to…”

“Yes, sir.”


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