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CS c01

Part 1

Chapter 1: Condemned Saint

Translator: Tseirp


Sacred History 1700.

On this day, the ‘Saint’ was condemned.


“– Luna, the false saint, you are sentenced to burn at the stake.”


In the Final Trial Court, the center of the human world, she was handed down an unfair judgment.


(… Ah, what have I been doing until now…)


In the large hall, Saint Luna was crucified on a holy cross.

She looked around the audience below her with a sense of gray emptiness.


A young man who glared at her with hatred, sneering nobles, an old man wildly spewing profanities – all people that Luna had helped so far.


Human beings are really ugly creatures.

The kinder you are, the more you are taken advantage of and mistaken to have become arrogant.


Why would you keep the abundance you received for yourself?

Why don’t you share the alms you received with others?

Why do you mistake the kindness you received for servitude?


In the end, even now Luna could not understand how she reached this point.


“– Luna, the false saint, do you have any last words to say?”


The executioner announced in an emotionless voice with a cold gaze.

In his right hand, he held a lit torch with red flames licking the air.


“… Let me see…”


Luna turned her gaze to the sky and looked back on her life so far.


Uncaring parents who sold her for just three copper coins.

A noble who betrayed her in exchange for status and honor while whispering true love.

A royal family who treated her as a ‘weapon’ instead of ‘human’ and imprisoned her in a detached palace.

Countries of great powers that started a painful war in search of the ‘Absolute military might’ of the Saint.

The world, ravaged by war, falling to famine, disease, poverty, and other disasters.

Humankind, who tries to impose the responsible for all of that on Luna.


Looking back on her life full of hardships and the outcome —


“—I have nothing to say.”


She had nothing to say.


Nothing came out.

No cries of hatred, regrets, thoughts of resentment. Not a single emotion came out, to the point that even she was surprised.


Luna was already dumbfounded by this hopeless world.


“No-nothing… What’s with that attitude!?”


“Do you know how many people have died because of you?”


“Shouldn’t you say something!? Hahh!?”


“Apologize anyway! Apologize now!”


As ugly swearing resounded from all directions, the cross Luna was bound to caught fire.

While her whole body was engulfed in flames, she found only one ‘lingering regret’.


(…Oh, come to think of it… I’m a little curious about the continuation of the villainous heiress novel I was reading…)


She was burned by the scorching fire as she had that thought.



The next moment, a warm and gentle light reflected in Luna’s eyes.


(Uh, uhm…)


The sensation that enveloped her body was indescribably soft, and it felt like it was out of this world.




As her five senses slowly returned, what she caught in her flickering vision was――an unfamiliar ceiling.

As soon as she realized she was lying on her back on a bed, she heard something like sobbing right next to her ears.


She shifted her gaze to that side while remaining on her back–.


“Luna, hang in there! It’s okay, you will absolutely be okay! I’m sure you’ll be saved…!”


“Luna, Luna…”


An elderly couple stood by her bedside crying with their faces puffed up, and behind them stood a middle-aged man who seemed to be a doctor but with a complicated and sorrowful look on his face.




While Luna was perplexed by the sudden situation――the door to the room opened with a squeak and an extremely well-groomed man entered.


“This… she’s in a terrible state.”


Dressed in aristocratic clothes, he glanced at Luna wrapped in bandages and connected to many tubes and raised his eyebrows slightly.


“This child… In order to protect the children in the territory, she was run over by Master Howard’s out-of-control carriage…”


The old woman sharpens her gaze with a mixture of sadness and resentment as she said that.


“Yes, that was unfortunate.”


The man who ran over Luna――Duke Howard von Glaser said indifferently and addressed the doctor wearing a white coat.


“You, the town doctor there, what is Luna’s condition?”


“… Including her head, torso, and four limbs, she has more than 10 fractures. Important organs such as her liver, spleen, and kidneys are damaged or ruptured. I managed to preserve her life through cyclical treatment of potions and the continuous use of healing magic, but… to be honest, she’s in a strange state as to whether to be considered alive or dead.”


“What are her prospects for recovery?”


“Although not impossible… it’s not realistic.”


The doctor’s declaration reverberated in the room and an oppressive atmosphere filled the air.




“Luna, Luna…”


Amidst the sobbing voices of the elderly couple,


“–Luna. I’m sorry, but I’m going to break off my engagement with you.”


Howard suddenly broke off the engagement.


“M-Master Howard…!?”


“What are you doing at a time like this…!?”


Howard tilted his head curiously at the old couple who had startled expressions on their faces.


“Oh, did I say something strange?”


“Not just strange… What a cruel thing to say to my daughter when she’s fighting hard!”


“Don’t you have a heart!?”


“Fumu, even if you say it like that. With a body like this, she can’t do her duties at night, right? I do not have the fetish of loving ‘defective goods’.”


The words he said indifferently were terribly cold.

Let alone his debt for running over Luna, he didn’t even bat an eye at her condition.


“You, you bastard…”


Driven by rage, the old man grabbed Howard by the collar.


At the same time—the tips of spears touched his neck.


The guards behind Howard performed their duties.


“Now then… what do you plan to do with that raised fist? Count Carlo?”


Frigid eyes shot straight through the old man.


Howard is a Duke, while Carlo Spedio, the old man, is a Count.

The difference between the two was higher than the heavens and deeper than the seas.




“Carlo-sama, please calm down. If something were to happen to you now, many people would be rendered homeless…”


Pacified by the old woman and doctor, the old man lowered his fists and bowed his head while trembling.


“I-I forgot my position… I apologize… I’m very sorry…”


He bit down the unbearable humiliation and squeeze out words of apology.


“Yeah, that’s right. You should cherish your life. ――Then excuse me.”


Howard said and left the room.






The old man punched violently at the wall, the old woman sobbed with grief, and a gloomy atmosphere prevailed in Luna’s private room.




Laying on the bed, Luna slowly began to understand her current situation.


(For some reason, after I was burned, I was reincarnated in this world. My reincarnation is a Count’s daughter who was run over by a carriage and is in critical condition. Perhaps… she died then and my soul entered. After that, I was labeled as defective by the noble I was engaged to and was told to break off the engagement― I guess that’s the situation now.)


Her deduction was not far off the mark.


(Well, what should I do now…)


It was a precious second life that she obtained.

If possible, she wanted to live a free and comfortable life.


But… she knew it right away, or rather, she was forced to acknowledge it.


The power of the Saint flowed through her body, exactly the same as in her previous life.

Luna’s vessel was filled with ‘tremendous vitality’ and ‘enormous magical power’.

As if to corroborate that, her body that was just run over a little while ago had already completely healed.


(From what I’ve heard so far, it sounds like I was seriously injured, and if I woke up normally, it would definitely be suspicious…)


Putting her Saint brain into full operation, she began to formulate a plan for future activities when—‘Gyururururu~’, her stomach rang.




In that serious atmosphere, the gospel of hunger resounded in the silent room.




Luna desperately suppressed her face from turning bright red… but even her ears turned bright red.


(Uu, why this timing…)


Luna had always been like that.

Despite being a Saint ――an existence blessed by the world, her timing was hopelessly bad.


“Do-doctor, just now that was!?”


“Luna, are you hungry!?”


The town doctor who received the gaze of the old couple, however, shook his head slightly.


“I’m sorry, but… in that critical condition, it’s impossible for her stomach to growl. It was probably a case of mass hallucination–”




The hungry gospel was fiercely assertive.


(… There’s the second auditory hallucination. Yes, that was definitely a group hallucination. Eh, there is no doubt. Saints don’t lie.)


Luna began to escape from the mounting reality, but reality chased after her.


“Just now, I certainly heard a loud stomach rumble!?”


“I-it’s not an auditory hallucination! Just now that was definitely not an auditory hallucination!”


“But there’s no way… that can happen…”


Amidst the chaos, the old man asked Luna, who had both eyes closed, with staggering vigor.


“Luna, is there anything you want to eat!? Anything is fine! Tell me what you like, what you want to eat right now, what you can put in your mouth…!”


After letting out such a loud sound, it was hard to pretend unconscious. It would be too unnatural.


Having made that decision, she expressed her modest wish while maintaining her eyes closed.


“…I want to eat something sweet.”


“““She talked!?”””


At the same time, an immense shock ran through everyone present.

No one even dreamed that there would be an answer.


(No way, that was a trap!? It was a trap, wasn’t it!? But, if you’re asked like that, it’s normal to answer…!)


After a while――in front of Luna, so many fruits were lined up.

With her weight leaning on the bed’s backboard, she ate an apple cut into bite-sized pieces.


“How is it, Luna? Is it delicious? Does it taste good?”


“Y-yes… Thank you very much (I really want to say it’s very tasty… but I can’t taste it at all if you all stare at me like that…)”


When she finished eating the tasteless apple, the old man timidly asked.


“So, Luna, is your body really okay?”


“Um… Yes, thankfully, somehow.”


As she nodded, the old couple fell to their knees and cried tears of joy.


“It’s a miracle…”


“Ah, thank you ‘Saint-sama’…”


While shedding large tears, the two put their hands together and offered a prayer to the Saint.


(Even in this world, there is the concept of a ‘Saint’. Although… it looks like the Saint here is worshipped, unlike me.)


With mixed feelings, Luna watched the old couple’s prayers.



Luna was diagnosed as ‘mysteriously healthy’ by the town doctor.

Currently, she had confined herself to the Spedio family’s archives and was trying to gather information.




In addition to history books, geographies, and topographical records, she read the books that caught her eye one after another, including those on the house that she was indebted to – – the family tree of the Spedio family, the map of the Spedio territory, etc.


After three hours, she learned many things.


“…I see…”


After gaining a lot of knowledge, Luna let out a long sigh.


“It looks like I have reincarnated in the world after 300 years…”


She grasped the circumstances that surrounded her — her reality, by putting it into words.


(Did someone use the great magic of reincarnation, or was it because of my role as a Saint? I still don’t really understand why this happened…)

One thing was certain.

Saint Luna was reborn in this world.


“Even so, even after 300 years, there will be another war, huh?”


She turned her attention to the history after her death, which was written in the history book at hand.


‘After the Saint was executed, the conflicts between the great powers ended, and peaceful daily life returned. But soon the Dark Ages arrived. The Great Demon King invaded human society in search of food and resources.’


‘The human race is weak compared to demons and demi-humans. Since ancient times, we have had a history of being invaded by foreign enemies and a shrinking human sphere. It was the Saint who boasted of invincible strength that overturned that history of suffering. Because of her existence, mankind enjoyed peace.’


‘Now that we have lost the absolute deterrent power of the Saint, there is nothing to stop our foreign enemies. Now humanity is just being devoured, and the human sphere is shrinking. The people wish for the resurrection of the Saint, earnestly seeking redemption. But no matter how much they pray, it’s already too late. The Saint is no more. Foolish mankind plucked hope with their own hands.”


Words of regret and atonement were lined up in the history book.


(Yes, it’s all too late. I’ve already… quit being a Saint.)


With gray indifference hidden in her heart, Luna shifted her eyes to the family tree of the Spedio family.


(Father Carlo Spedio, mother Trebas Spedio… and their child me– Luna Spedio)


Carlo and Trebas are both 60 years old.

Luna, on the other hand, is 15 years old.


(…45 years gap?)


She felt uncomfortable with the difference in age with her parents, but there may be some complicated circumstances, so she decided that she shouldn’t delve too deeply into it.


In any case, Luna, who had acquired the knowledge of the history after she was executed and the situation around her, stretched and started to think about the future.


“What should I do from now on…”


In her first life, she lived as a Saint.

Not as an ‘individual’, but as the ‘banner of humankind’s salvation’.


It was a precious second life that she obtained.

This time, she wanted to live as a human being――as Luna.




After thinking about her dreams, what she wanted to do, and the profession she wanted to be, those words popped into her head.


“… Villainous Heiress.”


Luna was fascinated by the villainess in the novel.


The villainess was selfish and free-spirited, a self-indulgent existence.

She had a strong admiration for an existence that was the exact opposite of a Saint.


“–Okay, I’ve decided. Even if someone is in trouble, I will never help them. I will become… a Villainous Heiress!”


As she clenched her fists and announced her policy, she caught sight of the old mirror installed in front of her.

With three steps, she checked her appearance in the mirror.


“… I look a lot alike.”


Luna Spedio, 15 years old.

She is 158 centimeters tall and has a slender figure.

Long silver hair that extends to her back, large, crisp sky-blue eyes, and healthy, vibrant skin.


Her reincarnated body looked just like her in her previous life, almost like a copy.


(Since the name is the same and the composition of the body is similar, I wonder if my soul was drawn to this vessel…?)


While Luna was thinking about such things, a knock sounded, and the door slowly opened.


“-Luna-sama, dinner is ready.”


Her name is Rho Steinclaw, Luna’s handmaiden.


Rho Steinclaw, 15 years old.

She is 160 cm tall and has a slender figure.

A beautiful girl with beautiful black hair and bright crimson eyes, dressed in an orthodox maid attire.


The Steinclaw family is a family that has served the Spedio family for many years. Rho, the eldest daughter, was the same age as Luna, and was appointed as her maid.


“Carlo-sama and Trebas-sama are waiting for you in the dining room. Please come this way.”


“Thank you”


While thanking her, Luna picked up the crutch she left at her feet.


She could actually walk without that kind of aid, but… right after being run over by a carriage, walking briskly as usual would seem suspicious.

Because of that decision, she decided to live with crutches for a while.


After leaving the library with Rho, Luna hopped on crutches and hopped through the corridors until they reached the stairs leading to the dining room.


(… Huh!?)


An electric shock ran through Luna’s brain.


(This is what I read about it in novels… without a doubt, ‘Villainess Chance’! )


With a single cough, she made a cold expression and the tone of a villainess.


“…Hey Rho, a minute?”


“Yes, what is it?”


“Isn’t this place not cleaned properly?”


Luna imitated the villainess she saw in the novel and ran her finger across the handrail.




(… Eh, it’s clean.)


The mansion had been thoroughly cleaned, and not even a speck of dust stuck to her fingertips.


“Luna-sama, is something wrong?”


“I-it’s nothing!”


With her cheeks blushing in shame, Luna turned to face tomorrow.


(Kuh… capable of preventing me from doing my ‘Villainess Chance’, this maid is pretty good…)


Within her, the evaluation of Rho rose a little.


“How should I put it… you’ve changed a little.”




A voice far from that of a villainess rang out from Luna’s throat.


(Could it be… she found out that I’m not the real Luna Spedio, and that I was reincarnated!?)


She took a deep breath and calmed down.


(Fuu… It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not time to panic yet.)


After slowly adjusting her breathing, she asked calmly and naturally.


“I-I-Is… Is that so? For reference, how have I changed?”


She slipped up with her words and even her tone changed.

She was clearly not acting naturally.


“To be frank, you feel a little sillier now.”


“Huh!? (What a fastball, she has a pretty lethal throw, doesn’t she…)”


“But… personally, I find you more approachable and attractive now.”


“I-is that so? (This girl is a good girl!)”


Luna’s affection for Rho rose to the maximum.


“Please forgive me for saying too much. – Please, this way.”


After that, Luna was led to the dining room and had dinner with Carlo and Trebas.



A few days later, Luna was in the fitting room of the Spedio family getting dressed.


“Hey, Rho… this corset, this is definitely too tight…”


“Luna-sama, please suck your stomach in a little more.”


“No no no, I can’t do it, my internal organs will pop out if you pull any more…!”


“Please endure it.”




Luna was supposed to attend a certain evening party tonight.

That party, hosted by the Kingdom of Elgia, was a ‘super-high status party’ that only those with a rank of Count or higher were allowed to attend.

Being invited there was a great honor in itself, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to promote your house name.


Luna didn’t want to appear in such a place, but…


(If I don’t attend, it will cause trouble for everyone, right?)


If a frontier aristocrat like the Spedio family were to be absent from a party hosted by the Kingdom, they might end up at odds with the royal family.

If that happened, not only the Spedio family, but also the people of the territory would end up suffering.


In the first place, that evening party was an event that had been decided before Luna was reincarnated. She couldn’t allow herself, who had been reincarnated from 300 years ago, to cause trouble for the Spedio family and their people.


(Also, for a villainous heiress, ‘family status’ is important.)


A daughter born in the lowest baron household and a daughter born in the highest-ranked duke household, if she wanted to lead an ideal villainous heiress-like second life, the latter was of course preferable.

The higher the family status, the wider the range of possible ‘villainous heiress moves’.


(The peerage of the Spedio family is Count, right in the middle of the five ranks of nobility. However, the territory they govern is quite far from the royal capital… Probably the lowest category among Counts, maybe closer to Viscount. In order to do the ‘Supreme villainous heiress move’, I have to raise my family status a little more.)


In anticipation of the future, she must also take into account the improvement of the status of the Spedio family… Luna finished dressing while thinking about that.


The curtains of the fitting room flew open, revealing her gorgeous outfit to Carlo and Trebas.


“Um, what do you think…?”


Luna was wearing a pure white dress that looked like fresh snow.

The shining crimson necklace on her chest was a great focal point.


“Oh! Even though she’s my daughter, how beautiful she is…!”


“As I thought, I was right to choose white…! White has always been a good match for you!”


“It suits you very well.”


Luna was acclaimed by Carlo, Trebas and Rho.


“Re-really? Ehehe, thank you.”


Somewhat embarrassed, she scratched her cheek.


After a while, a carriage arrived in front of the mansion to pick her up.


“–Then, I’m off.”


“Ah, be careful.”


“Enjoy yourself.”


“Have a safe journey.”


Luna got into the luxurious carriage and headed to the party venue in the royal capital.



After rocking for a while in the carriage, she arrived at St. Louis Palace, located near the royal castle.

After handing the invitation to the receptionist, going through the gate guarded by the guards, going up the long stairs leading to the venue, and opening the tall door, the world of the beautiful and glittering upper class spread out.


(T-this is…)


Crimson carpet on the floor, abstract paintings by famous artists on the walls, and a golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The words luxurious and gorgeous fit the venue perfectly.


(It’s amazingly luxurious… I wonder how much money was spent.)


Luna stepped into the venue even though she was under pressure.


This time, the party was buffet style, and meat, fish, and alcohol – all kinds of extravagant dishes in this world were lined up.


However, jumping into the food would be the pinnacle of stupidity.


The target of the soiree is men, not food. To search for an ‘excellent candidate’ to raise their family’s status.

The gorgeous social scene was a battlefield for women.


(The gaudy group over there is… probably royalty? According to Rho, a princess named Alicia is participating.)


When Luna vaguely looked around, she heard the laughter of women in gorgeous costumes from the right side.


“Ohohohoho. Actually, this dress was custom-made by a famous designer in the royal capital—”


“The jewels here are rare metals mined from the Ordo Mountains—”


“Our family has a venerable lineage that has served His Majesty the King for generations—”


They talked loudly and fluently about things like clothes, jewelry, and family heirlooms that weren’t even asked about as if the people around them were curious.


(Wow… they’re putting in the effort right away)


That was the prelude――Press your strong points such as dresses, accessories, and pedigree to the front, and try to stand above your opponent even by just 1 mm. It was a fierce mounted battle.

If you fall on the back foot here, your night could be described with just one word ‘miserable’.

In the blink of an eye, you would be relegated to a corner of the venue, and end up spending a lonely night as an accompaniment to the evening party.


So they dressed up and advertised their clothes.


Beautiful skin and translucent hair are the strongest swords.

A gorgeous dress is an impregnable armor.

Extravagant jewels are projectiles.


Those are the armaments of a woman at an evening party.


(Haa… Even after 300 years, this kind of custom hasn’t changed at all.)


Luna in her previous life was especially hated by noble women.

Since Luna was originally born to a poor farmer, she didn’t have the habit of dressing up beautifully.

Nevertheless, her beauty was defined as ‘ruinous’, and actually fascinated a lot of men.


Even though she was unusually beautiful, she was not interested in being extraordinarily beautiful. As a result of such an attitude that annoyed the daughters of aristocrats, Luna had a past of insidious bullying and harassment behind the scenes.


(It’s troublesome if I get caught up in the mounted battle, so let’s not get close to that area.)


Luna moved to the edge of the venue of her own accord and took up the position of the loser ‘Wall Flower’.

By retreating from the front line, the idea was to survive that evening safely without getting caught up in the fierce battle.


After evacuating to a safe zone, she let out a small sigh while staring blankly out the window.


(Haa… I wonder if I can find that novel…)


Luna asks Rho, her maid, to tour the old bookstores.

The thing she was looking for was a novel about a villainess that gained popularity 300 years ago.

Just before Luna was executed, she was curious about the continuation of the story.


(Did Arche, the villainous heiress, live a happy life? What about the wicked heroine? The mean prince of the neighboring country? The childhood friend who suffers from unrequited love? The idiotic magician? Uuu… I’m so curious about the continuation that I can’t sleep at night…)


As Luna sighed, the group opposite became noisy.


“That melancholic girl there… which house is she the daughter of?”


“Hmm…? Oh, how beautiful… that expression is definitely the look of ‘love sickness’!”


“Hoh… which one, I’ll invite her.”


One of the ‘influentials’ of the evening party quietly moved without a sound.


“–Young lady over there, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to dance with me… Wait, this is a surprise. Why isn’t it Luna?”


“…Howard, Duke…”


In front of Luna’s gaze, she saw the person who had just broken their engagement with her the other day――Howard von Glaser.



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