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Chapter 0027 Old-fashioned Blacksmith

Translator: Tseirp


The morning after finishing the Baphomet subjugation request.


Elisha and I were having breakfast at the canteen of Manpuku-tei.


The day’s menu was minestrone, salad, bacon and eggs, and freshly baked bread. Furthermore, mashed potatoes were all-you-can-eat.


Thanks to that, manual laborers and adventurers like me ate heaps of mashed potatoes.


There was no doubt once again that Manpuku-tei is cheap, delicious, and leaves you with a full stomach.


“Hey, have you heard? I hear there are murders in town lately?”


“Yeah, I have. Four died last night?”


“I heard from the guards this morning that there were six?”


“Seriously? Isn’t it increasing?”


When I was eating breakfast in a carefree manner, the atmosphere of the canteen was somewhat stifling.


Listening to the conversations of the customers, it seemed that murders were happening in the city.


“It’s troubling to hear that there have been murders in the city.”


“Right. Let’s be careful too.”


“Well, I don’t know what kind of guy he is, but if I come across him, one shot with my magic would be enough.”


“That’s true.”


There wouldn’t be a thug in the city that could harm Elisha, who was a former S- rank.


That said, it was certain that there was a dangerous murderer in town, so we had to be vigilant.


“What are we doing today?”


“As planned, I think I’ll go look for a replacement greatsword.”


During the Baphomet subjugation request the other day, I broke my favorite greatsword.


I had the battleaxe I got from the Minotaur as a sub-weapon, but I still wanted to get a weapon that suit me well.


That’s why I decided to take a day off from work today and go shopping as a result of the discussion yesterday.


“What about Elisha?”


“I also need some things so I think I’ll do some leisurely shopping.”


“Then do you want to go together?”


“I’m not only visiting women’s clothes shops but also underwear shops, but if Lude doesn’t mind, I’m okay too.”


“… No thank you.”


Even if Elisha didn’t care, I did.


What could I do in such stores?


“Oh my, what a shame.”


Elisha chuckled while looking at me. She was totally teasing me.


That was why, after we finished eating, we parted ways in front of Manpuku-tei and went our separate ways.


It’d been a long time since I walked around town alone.


After Elisha joined the party, we basically acted together.


Until a while ago, it was normal to be alone, but I guess you never know what life will bring.


As I walked down the street while deep in thought, I found myself in the craftsman town where many craftsmen lived and traded.


Many craftsmen had their shops in the streets, selling their prized weapons, leatherwork, glasswork, tableware, and other items.


In search of these items, adventurers, mercenaries, travelers, and other professions gathered and examined them.


Compared to the other sections, this section of the city had a slightly unrefined impression, but I liked the atmosphere.


After passing through a busy street and turning into a small alley, I saw a stone building.


A sign that said ‘Miner’s Hammer’ hung over a respectable workshop.


When I opened the wooden door and entered, the dark stone room was lined with many splendid weapons.


However, the all-important shopkeeper wasn’t there.


As I looked around, I heard the sound of metal hitting metal from the back room.


When I glanced in, there was a small man with brown skin wielding a hammer.


Apparently he was working.


Once he concentrates on a task, nothing would stop him.


In that case, I waited until he was done.


“Oh, it was you, Lude? You could have called out if you were here.”


After waiting for a while looking at the weapons in the store, the man came out of the workroom.


He was only as tall as my waist and had a beard that covered his mouth.


His name, Doem.


The race of Dwarves specializes in crafts such as blacksmithing and craftsmanship.


I’ve been indebted to him for a long time and I always visited his place when I buy weapons or to repair them.


“Hey old man Doem, you know it’s pointless trying to talk to you when you’re concentrating, right?”




“That’s right.”


“Well, that doesn’t matter. You… you’ve changed.”


Doem said while observing my body.


Perhaps what he was talking about wasn’t a change in appearance. It was about my ability as an adventurer.


“… You can tell?”


“Of course. How many years have I been taking care of you? What happened in this short period of time? You’re clearly a different person from before, you know?”


Doem seemed to be able to sense my level change.


I had decided to only talk to people I trust about eating monsters, but I believed I could talk to Doem, who I’ve known for a long time.


With that in mind, I told him about the new labyrinth and how I started eating monsters.


“I see. I didn’t know that Lude’s plain Unique Skill could be used like that…”


“Even if you know that I eat monsters now, you won’t avoid me, right old man?”


“Hmph, it doesn’t matter if you can eat both animals and monsters deliciously. I don’t care what people eat.”


“As expected, you’re indifferent in a good way, old man.”


I don’t think many people would say something like that when they hear about my monster-eating preference.


I like his rough-and-tumble attitude.


“More importantly, tell me what you are here for today.”


“I need a sturdy sword.”


“Do you have money?”


“About one million Regins budget.”


I was able to afford that because I was getting stronger and had been accumulating money steadily.


With that amount of money, there was no problem using it for weapons.

“Ooh, you’re very rich now, aren’t you? If you’re paying that amount, the one hanging on the wall over there would be good.”


Doem told me and I looked at the greatsword hanging on the wall.


It didn’t look flashy, and if anything, it looked like it could be called rugged, but just by looking at the blade, I could tell that it was well-forged.


It was probably much sturdier and cuts better than the greatsword I used previously.


Until now, I couldn’t afford it, both financially and technically.


“Can I use it for some practice swings outside for a while?”


“Do whatever you want.”


I went out to the backyard of the workshop and tried swinging the greatsword.


“How is it?”


“… Hmm, old man. I feel like this will break.”


“Huh? Break? That greatsword is made from a damn hard ore called Eldirite ore, you know? It has a great affinity for magic and can easily slice through the monsters around there.”


“Hmm, but…”


Somehow, I felt like it couldn’t withstand a blow that contains my magic essence.


“I don’t know how strong you’ve become, but don’t you make a fool of the weapons I make! If you’re boasting that much, go ahead and break it!”


“Huh? Are you sure?”


“Yeah, Dwarves don’t go back on their words!”


If Doem said he wouldn’t mind if it broke, I didn’t have to hold back.


I coated the greatsword with magic essence.


I was still not used to handling magic essence, so it took a while to wrap it around an unfamiliar weapon, but I managed in the end.


Doem somewhat raised a panicked voice behind me, but I didn’t care and slammed the greatsword as hard as I could on a large boulder.


The power of the magic essence wrapped around the greatsword was released, and the large boulder split in half. The raging magic essence inside exploded and the bisected rock shattered spectacularly.


When I lifted the greatsword, I noticed that it was awfully light.


When I dropped my gaze, there was only the handle in my hand, and the blade seemed to have shattered.


“As expected, it broke.”


I was told by Doem that it was sturdy, but I had a feeling that if I put magic essence into it, it would end up like that.


“What was that power!? What power did you put into the greatsword!?”


As I stared at the shattered blade while thinking about it, Doem shouted in a voice mixed with surprise and excitement.


“It was magic essence.”


“You idiot! If you use that kind of power, even a sword made with Eldirite ore will break! Say it beforehand!”


Well, the old man told me to try and break it before I could say that… Even so, I did break it even though I didn’t even buy it.




“Haa, it can’t be helped if it broke. My eyes and skill just weren’t good enough.”


After I apologized, Doem exhaled to calm himself down and said so.


“When you say a sturdy sword, does that mean you want it to withstand a blow that contains magic essence?”


“Yeah, that’s right.”


“I don’t have such a weapon in my workshop. It’ll take some time to make it, if I include research.”


“Then, I’m sorry, but could you try making it?”


“You’re a smart one, aren’t you?”


When I handed over a million Regins as a starting fee, Doem received it with a grin.


“Do you need any necessary materials?”


“It’ll be helpful to have good quality magic stones.”


“I have some of those so I can give them to you.”


I took out the magic stones I got from the Miasma Labyrinth and Aberio New Labyrinth from my magic bag and gave them to Doem.


“Lizard General, Baphomet, and Minotaur’s magic stones, huh?


“Well, yeah.”


I was embarrassed to be praised for my achievements because he’s taken care of my weapons for many years.


But it felt nice.


“Do you need anything else?”


“I’ll ask when the time comes.”


“All right.”


“It would be a problem if you don’t have a weapon until it’s finished. Until then, use this sword.”


“Thanks, that’ll help a lot.”


Doem fetched a greatsword from the workshop and gave it to me.


Like before, it was a greatsword made from Eldirite ore.


“Don’t put magic essence in it. If you do, it will break.”


“Yeah, I know.”


“If you break it, you’ll have to pay for it next time, understood?”




I nodded firmly to Doem’s words of warning, and he withdrew to the workshop with the magic stones in his hand.



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