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ME c0029

Chapter 0029 Crazed

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Before we knew it, the curtain of night had completely fallen, and the streets were illuminated by street lamps made from magic tools.


The cool air caressed my skin and it felt good as it cooled my flushed body.


“Haa, that was delicious.”




As soon as she left the store, Elisha let out a satisfied sigh.


The stewed goat dish offered at the shop had no odor thanks to their thorough preparation, and the meat was very soft.


The lamb chops didn’t have the peculiar smell of sheep and had a soft and juicy texture with moderate amounts of fat and strong umami.


The customer service was not bad and I could agree that it was a satisfying store that lived up to its reputation.


“But Lude, you didn’t seem like you were enjoying it?”


I was a little nervous at Elisha’s question.


“No, you’re imagining things.”


“But compared to when you’re eating monsters, you didn’t look that satisfied.”


Is my expression that different when I’m eating monsters and when I’m eating normal food?


I didn’t intend to blatantly show it, but seeing that Elisha noticed it, I probably didn’t manage to conceal my true thoughts.


If that was the case, there was no point in lying to her.


“Well, compared to monster cuisine, it’s true that it’s a bit unsatisfactory.”


“Hee, so monsters are that much more delicious?”


“At least for me. Though, it’s not like normal food doesn’t taste good, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


“Really? Are you sure you aren’t forcing yourself? Perhaps you actually have an irresistible urge to eat monsters?”


“Hey, I don’t have such an impulse. I’m really not forcing myself so don’t worry about it.”


“Really? Okay then.”


When I told her once and for all, Elisha withdrew her worries and smiled.


As we continued down the street and made our way back to Manpuku-tei, we heard something like a woman’s scream coming from ahead.


An unusual sound rarely heard in the city.


When we approached out of curiosity, Ayra, the waitress of Manpuku-tei, had fallen on her backside.


“What’s wrong!?”


“Lude! Help me!”


Since I was an acquaintance, when I called out to her, Ayra immediately turned around and ran up to me.


“Did something happen?”


“An adventurer I don’t know is chasing me with a sword! Look over there!”


A frightened Ayra pointed at a man with indigo hair and leather armor.


“Hm? That’s…”


He looked familiar.


One of the three adventurers who followed me in the Miasma Labyrinth and stole my miasma grass.


I believe his name was Rondo?


“Lude, you know him?”


“I know his face and name, but he’s not my acquaintance.”


I didn’t want people to think I’m acquainted with those guys, so I denied it.


But it looked like he was alone? Where did the other two go?


When I was observing while wondering, I noticed there was a red light in both of Rondo’s eyes and in his right hand, he was holding a sword wrapped in a reddish-black aura.


“… Hey, doesn’t that look like a cursed sword in his right hand?”


“That’s probably a cursed sword.”


Looking at the ominous sword in Rondo’s hand, I could tell it was definitely a cursed sword.


The sword he wielded emitted such ominous power.



Name: Rondo

Race: Human

State: Crazed

LV 22

Stamina: 166 (78)

Strength: 146 (73)

Tenacity: 122 (66)

Magic: 115 (57)

Spirit: 95 (47)

Agility: 132 (66)

Skills: [Swordsmanship] [Shield Technique] [Deception] [Intimidation] [Stealth] [Picking]

Attribute magic: [Wind attribute] [Earth attribute]



“… He’s in a Crazed state. His stats have risen considerably.”


Just in case, I tried [Appraisal] and found his will was perfectly eroded by the cursed sword.


Because of that, his stats had risen across the board and it was approaching mine.


I had heard that entering the Crazed state would raise physical ability considerably but I didn’t think it would go up that much.


“I see. Then we’ll have to consider killing him rather than restraining him.”


“For the time being, I’ll try to see if I can Shoulder it.”


“If you can neutralize him, it’ll be the best, but don’t be careless.”


Judging from his appearance, there was no doubt that he was the rumored murderer in the dining room.


In the middle of the night, he was attacking people with a bloody sword. There was no way he could avoid suspicions.


If left unattended, the citizens would fall victim one after another, and Ayra may be targeted again.


Ayra always took care of me. I won’t let her be killed in a place like this.


I pulled out the greatsword I borrowed from Doem and took a stance.


“Ayra, please run away.”



“At times like this, it’s the adventurer’s role to place his or her body on the line.”


“Yes. Leave this to us.”


When Elisha and I said so, Ayra nodded and left this place.




When Ayra started running, Rondo rushed in as though aiming for that opening.


Of course, I had no reason to allow him to do so. I intercepted him and swung my greatsword.




Using his sword as a shield to block my blow, Rondo glared at me.


It appeared that he had completely shifted target to us following my attack just now. That’s fine.




Elisha summoned the wind spirit Sylphid.


When Elisha pointed at Rondo, Sylphid, who had read her intent, floated into the air and released blades of wind.


Even Rondo, with his raised stats, was unable to evade the area magic that contained a huge amount of magical power and was easily swallowed by the flurry of wind blades.


“That’s the end.”


“No, not yet!”


My [Heat Source Perception] firmly captured Rondo amid the dusty smoke.


Rondo charged out from the dust.


What surprised me was the speed. Compared to when I locked swords with him earlier, his movements were much faster.


Even though I was confused, I held up my greatsword in front of me and blocked his blow.


The impact was so strong that I almost let go of my sword handle, but I desperately endured with all my strength.


“…What is with this guy? He’s not only faster but also stronger?”


Even though his stats had been greatly raised due to his Crazed state, his stats should still be lower than mine. Why was I the one who seemed to be pushed back?


“He’s unhurt after a direct hit!?”


Elisha’s spirit magic holds considerable power and he shouldn’t come out scot-free if it hit him directly.


However, Rondo, who was in front of me, was in perfect physical condition and didn’t look like he was even scratched.


It was obviously strange.


Name: Rondo

Race: Human

State: Crazed

LV 22

Stamina: 226 (78)

Strength: 186 (73)

Tenacity: 146 (66)

Magic: 135 (57)

Spirit: 125 (47)

Agility: 162 (66)

Skills: [Swordsmanship] [Shield Technique] [Deception] [Intimidation] [Stealth] [Picking]

Attribute magic: [Wind attribute] [Earth attribute]



To make sure, I tried [Appraisal] once more and found that Rondo’s stats had increased drastically.


Rondo had no unique or special skills.


The only other factor was the cursed sword held in his right hand.


I wanted to use [Appraisal] on the cursed sword to find out its ability, but the skill was repelled and I couldn’t uncover it.


So I had to test it out directly.


“Elisha, please use magic again. But please keep it as weak as possible.”


“Understood! Wind Blade!”


When Elisha released a weakened wind magic, Rondo did not avoid it and raised the cursed sword.


Then, the wind arrow was sucked into the raised cursed sword.


“That sword nullifies magic!”


“Not only that, it seems that it can temporarily convert the magical power it takes into power.”


When I tried [Appraisal] again, Rondo’s status increased slightly after absorbing the magic.



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