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Chapter 0030 Curse Nullification

Translator: Tseirp


“Sorry, but please don’t use magic.”


When Elisha fires magic, the sword will absorb the magic and he’ll become even stronger, making him extremely difficult to deal with.


“That would be wise.”


When Sylphid was pulled back, Rondo closed in on Elisha.


He must have judged that she was easier prey because she’s a magician.


That’s bad. Even if it’s Elisha, she shouldn’t fare too well in close combat.


I started running in a hurry, but I couldn’t make it in time before Elisha was within Rondo’s range.


While I was praying that she would dodge it somehow, Elisha lowered her center of gravity and held her staff, avoiding Rondo’s downward swing from the front with a smooth movement. At the same time, she swung her staff up and whacked him across the cheek.




Elisha immediately pulled back her staff and released a strong thrust at Rondo’s face.


Two brutal blows. A normal human would faint in agony and incapacitated, but being in a Crazed state, perhaps his sense of pain had dulled as Rondo forcefully swung his sword without fainting.


However, Elisha’s stab with her staff arrived faster than that.




A staff has a longer reach than a sword.


When Elisha approached Rondo, who was doubled over after a blow to his solar plexus, she held up her right hand and shot a wind bullet at him.


Struck by magic at point-blank range, rondo was blown away with a spin.


“It seems that magic works if it is not absorbed by the sword.”


“More importantly, you can do close combat too?”


“A magician that can’t do anything if enemies get close to them is nothing more than a burden.”


As expected of a former S-rank adventurer. She didn’t even have the weakness of common magicians.


I felt like she was stronger than me in close combat from her movements.


Maybe next time I’ll ask Elisha to practice with me.


Putting all the irrelevant things in the corner of my head, the blown away Rondo slowly got up.


“He’s still standing up?”


His nose was broken, probably because of the hit from Elisha’s staff, and his leather armor was greatly damaged and stained red, probably from the direct magic hit. It would be difficult for an ordinary person to continue fighting, but Rondo didn’t seem bothered and stood up.


Then, when the cursed sword in his right hand glowed reddish-black, it flowed up as if to wrap Rondo’s body.


By the time the light faded, Rondo’s broken nose had returned to its original position and revealed clean skin on his previously lacerated abdomen.


“His wounds have recovered!”


“It looks like it can also use the absorbed magical power to heal. That’s definitely a mage killer.”


Even if a decent magician encountered it, it will absorb magic and kill them with its strengthened stats.


It was the first time I’d seen someone wielding a cursed sword, but I didn’t expect it to be this brutal.


We might be at a disadvantage in a long-term battle.


In order to settle things quickly, I activated [Lightning Clad] and slashed at Rondo.


In contrast, Rondo didn’t seem to take a stance, and swung the cursed sword wrapped in a jade-colored light in the air.


Then, a storm of wind blades came flying toward us.


I intuitively knew that it was the magic that Sylphid shot previously.


“Shield Earth”


Judging that evasion was impossible, I activated the magic skill I got from the Baphomet.


I deployed five earth walls facing forward with Earth Magic.


However, if it was the spirit magic released by Sylphid, I wouldn’t be able to completely block it with my magic.


But that was okay.


It was enough to get his attention and buy time for me to activate my skill.


While the earth wall was blocking the magic, I activated [Shunpo].


It is a skill I obtained from a monster in the abyss and can instantly grant me explosive acceleration.


Accelerating by activating [Shunpo], I weaved behind Rondo and activated [Shoulder] by touching his body.


With that skill, which can take over any status ailment, it may be possible to save him by taking on Rondo’s Crazed state.


However, my skill was repelled.


I don’t know why, but I realized that I can’t nullify it like I did with Elisha.


Rondo, who finally caught my position, swung his sword at me fiercely.


I immediately dodged Rondo’s sword and sent his head flying.


Blood sprayed from Rondo’s neck, and his torso fell weakly to the ground.


“Good work”



Rondo’s severed head on the ground still had a vicious look full of murderous intent even after he died.


“You couldn’t shoulder it?”


“For some reason it was repelled. I don’t know if it was rejected by Rondo or by the sword…”


He was a nasty guy who blackmailed and abused those weaker than himself, but I wanted to save him if possible.


“You shouldn’t think about it too much.”




In order to restore those who have fallen into a Crazed state, it is necessary to have a high-ranking priest or someone with a rare dispel curse skill.


Neither of which lived in this city, and even if there were someone, it would take time to summon them, which was unrealistic. Therefore, killing those who have become Crazed or neutralizing them was the only way.


Because it is self-defense, it is recognized by law and is not condemned.


But even if I knew that, it didn’t make me feel better.


When I look away from Rondo’s neck, I saw the cursed sword still emitting an ominous aura.


“… I probably have no problem holding it.”


“I guess so, but.”


Elisha replied with a slightly appalled face.


“It’s okay. I have a unique skill.”


“I’m worried even if I know that…”


That’s true. The guy cursed by the sword was rampaging until just a moment ago.


“But, did you see its ability earlier? I feel like I can become even stronger if I can master the cursed weapon.”


With [Nullify Status Ailments], I won’t fall into a Crazed state.


That means I could wield cursed weapons without risk.


I figured it was a good use of my unique skill to become stronger.


“I’m really begging you. You won’t know if you’re cursed, right?”


While Elisha was warily hugging her staff, I tried holding the cursed sword.


Then, through the sword, a voice of resentment roared in my head.


It was just ‘Kill’, ‘Hate’, and ‘Curse’, annoying but nothing to worry about.


A reddish-black aura flowed into my body through the sword, but my Unique Skill nullified it.


“Shut up.”


The voice of resentment was too annoying so I told it to stop, and it actually stopped.


“Lude, are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m fine. It looks like I’ve nullified it with my unique skill.”


Elisha timidly spoke to me, so I put the sword away in my magic bag.


When I smiled to show that I was fine, Elisha let out a sigh of relief.


“Lude! Miss Elisha, are you safe!?”


While we were exchanging words, Ayra rushed over from afar.


It seemed that Ayra called for reinforcements after running away, and there were employees and adventurers, including Lancarse, behind her.


“I take it we can’t leave this situation and go home, can we?”




What was supposed to be a short off day ended with us getting caught up in an unexpected commotion.



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  1. byakuya kuchiki

    I knew he was going to take the sword.
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  3. Icefury

    Was Shunpo on his hability list last time we saw it? Because it definitely feels like the author is asspulling a skill whenever it’s convenient and just handwaving it as “got it from a monster in the abyss”.

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