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Chapter 0031 Possession of the Cursed Sword

Translator: Tseirp


The next morning. When I finished getting dressed in the bedroom of the inn, there was a knock on the door.


When I answered, the door opened and Elisha quietly peered at me.


“… What are you doing?”


“Are you still sane? You aren’t cursed?”


“Sheesh, I’m not cursed.”


Elisha had been like that since the previous night when I got the cursed sword.


Every now and then she would ask me questions like that to check on my physical condition.


“Really, truly? Don’t suddenly go crazy and attack me from behind, okay?”


“I told you not to worry. Believe in the unique skill that nullified even the curse of your Abyssal Monster.”


“Well if you put it that way, I guess it’ll be okay… yeah.”


When I said that, Elisha’s anxious expression faded away.


I couldn’t tell if it was her trust in the curse of the Abyssal Monster or trust in my Unique Skill.


Well, I’ll just take it as a good thing since I didn’t need to respond to her worries now and then.


When we descended the stairs to eat breakfast, the cafeteria of Manpuku-tei was crowded again today.


After I moved between the seats and sat down at an empty seat at the end, Ayra came over with her hair swaying.


“Thank you so much for helping me when I was in danger last night!”


“Don’t worry about it. As an adventurer, I did what I should have done.”


“I’m glad Ayra-chan is okay.”


She had already thanked me last night, but she was a polite one as she still thanked me the next morning.


“I knew Miss Elisha is strong, defeating a cursed adventurer.”


“Well, of course!”


“Hey? I fought as well, okay?”


We went with the story that Elisha handled most of it, but I put in my all to fight and I was the one who killed him.


It was dissatisfying to be treated as if I didn’t play a part.


When I protested, Ayra laughed out loud.


“Just kidding. Lude was unexpectedly strong. I was surprised.”


“Because I’m still in my growing stage.”


“What are you talking about when you’re already past that age?”


Please, not that. That was too effective on me, who was at a complicated age.


“If you’re okay with this, please take these. It’s a free meal ticket for the cafeteria here.”


While I was reeling from Elisha’s stab, Ayra gave us free meal tickets that we could use at Manpuku-tei’s cafeteria.


If we used it, we would apparently get one meal for free.


And there were twenty. In other words, we had twenty free meals.


“Oh, this is great! Then, we’ll immediately use two and please get us your recommendations for the morning.”




After handing over two free meal tickets, Ayra headed to the kitchen to convey the order with a cheerful smile.


Along the way, she was very busy receiving concerns from regular customers and receiving additional orders.


Seeing Ayra working energetically like that, I was glad I was able to save her life, even if it was by chance.



After finishing breakfast, Elisha and I came to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Mr. Lude, Miss Elicia, could we have some of your time?”


When we showed up at the guild, Illumi, who was the receptionist, asked us with the same expressionless face.


I knew without being told. It must be about Rondo, who was in a Crazed state last night.


When Elisha and I nodded dutifully, she led us to the reception room in the back.


In the reception room, Guild Master Lancarse was sitting on the sofa.


Lancarse spoke after we sat on the sofa.


“As you both might have guessed, I asked you to come here to talk about last night’s incident.


“Please go ahead.”


I didn’t have a strong interest in it, but since I was attacked, I wanted to know the details.


Rondo, Magnus, and Rigurdo apparently received a request to subjugate monsters in the Miasma Labyrinth about three days ago.


During that, they seemed to have obtained a cursed sword somewhere in the Miasma Labyrinth.


Rondo, who did not realize that it was a cursed possession, went mad at the campsite and killed his companions Magnus and Rigurdo.


As soon as he returned to Barona, he killed many people and went into hiding.


According to the guild’s investigators, that’s how Rondo became a murderer.

“I see. They were victims too.”


I wasn’t particularly close to Rondo, and if anything, he was the type of person I didn’t like, but even so, it was an ending that made me sympathize with him.


“If an adventurer becomes Crazed, it is the guild’s duty to dispose of them. I thank you as Guild Master for resolving the situation in the guild’s stead.”


“Well, it was just a coincidence, so don’t worry about it.”


“There was a bounty on Rondo, who had become a murderer, from the guild. We will pay the bounty, 1,000,000 Regins, to the two of you who killed Rondo.”


When Lancarse sent a glance, Illumi, who had been waiting, came with a large number of gold coins on a tray.


“If there was a bounty on him, I guess it’s a natural right for us to accept it.”


“Yes, I guess so.”


I didn’t know how much the sword I asked Doem to craft would cost, so it was better to have some money.


The spirit was to take what I could get.


Before Lancarse changed his mind, Elisha and I put the million Regins into our magic bags.


“Lastly, I would like to confirm that you have the cursed sword that Rondo possessed, right?”


“Yes, just in case.”


I told them during the investigation last night that I recovered the cursed sword.


“Can you show it to me?”




I took the cursed sword out of my magic bag.


“… It’s obviously cursed.”




“And Lude, you’re okay holding that?”


“Yes. Thanks to my unique skill, I won’t go mad.”


“It seems so.”


“There are no rules about returning this to the guild, right?”


“The guild’s rule is that the property of a criminal with a bounty on them is owned by the person who defeats them. However, in the case of cursed weapons, the guild collects them and manages them in an appropriate location. But in Lude’s case, that isn’t an issue.”


That’s great. The cursed sword seemed to be quite useful, so it was a relief that I didn’t need to hand it over.


If I could use the sword, it would complement my weak magic defense.


“I don’t think it will happen, but if Lude ends up in the same situation as Rondo, please remember that the guild will show no mercy.”


I didn’t think I’d go mad because I have a unique skill, but if that happened, Lancarse would kill me without hesitation.


There was that much determination in the murderous intent that was on display by Lancarse.


In other words, it was his advice that if I was going to hold onto it, I should be prepared for that.


I nodded firmly without breaking eye contact.


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