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ME c0032

Chapter 0032 Voracious Magic Sword Gram

Translator: Tseirp


“What’s our plan for today?”


Normally, like with the Baphomet, we would go out to subjugate monsters that are barely within our rank to accept or monsters that could strengthen my abilities, but it was an awkward timing now.


If we set off for the new labyrinth or the Miasma Labyrinth now, we’ll probably need to be prepared to sleep outdoors.


“Hmm, should we pick up a request in the nearby area today? I want to test the performance of the cursed sword.”


“Sure. I’m a little curious too so I’ll tag along.”




Thus we decided not to go far today and accepted a request to subjugate monsters called Eggplants that live in a nearby grassland.


After we left the city gate and headed towards the plain, we found ourselves surrounded by refreshing greenery.


The weather was fine and it was a perfect day for a walk.


I took out the cursed sword from my magic bag.


A reddish-black aura still swirled around the pitch-black sword decorated with sharp protrusions.


Voracious Sword Gram… A cursed sword discovered in the Miasma Labyrinth. It can absorb the opponent’s magical power and use it as its power.


When Rondo possessed it, my [Appraisal] was repelled, but now that I was the official owner, I could see its details.


“Voracious Sword Gram huh…”


“Is that the name of the cursed sword?”


“Looks like it.”


It was a suitable name for a sword that consumes the opponent’s magical power and uses it as its power.


“Did you get a rough idea of ​​how it works?”


“Yeah, could you fire magic at me to confirm?”


“Yeah, okay. Sylphid!”


Elisha suddenly summoned the wind spirit Sylphide.


“Wait a minute. There’s no need to try spirit magic from the get-go, right?”


“It can absorb magic, so it’s all the same, right?”


“That may be so, but you never know what might happen, right? Please use ordinary magic.”


“……Okay fine.”


When I asked seriously, Elisha ordered Sylphid to stand by, seemingly dissatisfied.


Was I the crazy one? I ended up doubting my sensibilities.


After taking some distance from Elisha, I held up the Voracious Sword Gram.


Elisha, who was standing about ten meters away, chanted a short chant, and a ball of wind floated at the tip of her staff.


It was the rudimentary wind magic Wind Bullet.


Naturally, it would be scary if she threw wind blades at me from the start, so I felt relieved.


“Are you ready?”




When I nodded, Elisha fired a wind bullet.


When I held the Voracious Sword Gram horizontally, it absorbed the Wind Bullet perfectly.


Then, magic power flowed into my body through Gram.


Name: Lude

Race: Human

State: Normal


Stamina: 264 (244)

Strength: 224 (204)

Tenacity: 184 (164)

Magic: 176 (156)

Spirit: 150 (130)

Agility: 171 (151)

Unique Skill: [Nullify status ailments]

Skills: [Swordsmanship] [Martial Arts] [Roar] [Battleaxe Technique] [Muscle Strengthening (Medium)] [Blood Sucking] [Sound Wave Perception] [Heat Source Perception] [Paralyzing Breath] [Thread Manipulation] [Spearmanship] [Stealth] [Hard Body] [Thorn Skin] [Strong Stomach] [Healthy Body] [Intimidation] [Night Vision] [Agility Enhancement (Small)] [Strength Enhancement (Small)] [Blunt Force Resistance (Small)] [Perception Block] [Flame] [Fire Resistance (Large)] [Advanced Swordsmanship] [Club Technique] [Lightning Clad] [Far Sight] [Appraisal] [One-handed Swordsmanship] [Command] [Shield Technique] [Shoulder] [Miasma Resistance (Medium)] [Instant Step] [Poison] [Poikilotherm] [Poison resistance (Medium)] [Poison Scale] [Paralysis Scale] [Air Slash] [Fire Magic Law] [Earth Magic Law] [Mental Strength Enhancement (Small)] [Steel Claw ] [Magic Recovery Speed Increase (Small)]

Attribute magic: [Fire attribute]


When I checked my stats, the numerical values had ​​increased across the board.


Absorbing magic with the sword seemed to increase the stats by the amount of magical power contained in the magic.


“How is it? How does your body feel?”


“I feel a surge of power coming from within my body. And my stats increased.”


“So it’s true. That’s amazing.”


When I showed her my guild card and my stats, Elisha leaked a voice of admiration.


“Can you release the absorbed magic?”


“I probably can.”


When I swung my sword with the image of unleashing the absorbed magical power all at once, the Wind Bullet I had just absorbed flew out. At the same time, I felt the magical power filling my body suddenly disappear.


“As expected, my stats will return to its original state when the magic is released.”


I felt my body become a little heavier, but that was probably just my stats returning to normal.


It was not particularly related to compensation for casting magic.


“With this sword, you’ll have an advantage against opponents who use magic.”


I can catch magicians off guard and get close to them without worrying about being hit by magic. I’m thankful for such a weapon since my defensive skills are lacking.


“It’s not just an advantage. It’s practically a mage killer–Kyaah!?”


When Elisha brought her face closer with a vexed look, Gram let out a menacing reddish-black aura.


While Elisha had fallen on her rear, I stroked Gram soothingly and the aura stopped gushing out.


“I guess it doesn’t take to people other than me.”


“Looks like it. I’ll stop approaching it carelessly.”


I pulled Elisha’s hand and helped her up.


Elisha commented with a clear expression, but cold sweat was flowing from her forehead.


She must have been a little scared.


“…Hey, aren’t you curious how much your stats would go up if it absorbs more powerful magic?”


The whispers of a devil.


If it absorbs the magic fired at full power by someone as strong as Elisha, how much would my stats go up?


After absorbing Elisha’s spirit magic, Rondo’s stats increased considerably.


If I can expect the same or an even greater increase, I could temporarily raise my stats considerably.


“… No, let’s not do that.”


“Eh!? Let’s try it! Isn’t that what this experiment is for?”


“Your eyes are scary. You’re definitely going to fire magic with all your might, aren’t you?”


Elisha’s eyes were wider than usual as she approached with rough breathing.


If she had a cursed weapon instead, it wouldn’t be strange for anyone to report that she’s in a Crazed state if they saw her.


“Since it’s an experiment, of course I should give my best!”


“It’s enough that I can confirm its ability. Look, if you want to let out some magic, aim at the monsters over there.”


While we were having that conversation, I suddenly felt a sign that monsters were approaching us.


I was certain that something was there, but I couldn’t see it at a glance.


When I activated [Heat Source Perception], I was able to confirm the monsters that were approaching.



LV 13

Stamina: 36

Strength: 27

Tenacity: 22

Magic: 16

Spirit: 15

Agility: 18

Skills: [Vine Manipulation] [Seed Shot] [Mimicry]


An eerie plant with vines growing from its egg-like head.


So these were the monsters called Eggplant.

A grassland nuisance that mimics grass while moving, and when it finds a target, it attacks with its vines and shoots seeds. Many adventurers get seriously injured every year when they get unexpectedly attacked from their feet while they were distracted by other monsters.


As their number increases, it becomes difficult for other subjugation and gathering requests in the grasslands, so Eggplant subjugation requests are posted regularly from time to time.


This time, they’re the target of the subjugation request we accepted while we were in the grasslands.


Perhaps Elisha sensed the approaching Eggplants, as she clicked her tongue slightly as if they got in her way.




After she chanted and pointed her staff, a cyclone formed at the feet of the Eggplants.


The Eggplants, caught in the cyclone, soared helplessly into the sky and fell to their deaths after getting carved up by the wind.


Clearly overkill.


Elisha seemed to be satiated a little after casting a high-output magic and had a cherry expression.


Even her magic just then was not at full power. I can’t imagine what kind of cataclysmic magic would come out if she cast seriously.


I was glad I turned down her proposal from the bottom of my heart.


As I pondered the sensibility of my choice, I sensed more Eggplants approaching from behind with my skill.


“Even if you’re in disguise, I can see you clear as day.”


No matter how much they blended into the background, as long as their temperature remained, I would not be deceived.


I rushed forward just to gain the initiative and slashed away the Eggplants.


“It doesn’t feel bad, but it feels lighter because I’ve been using a greatsword predominantly.”


The sharpness was very good and the center of gravity balance was not bad, but it still felt unsatisfactory.


(Magic stone… give)


As I was thinking about that, I suddenly heard a voice out of nowhere.


I looked around, but there was no one but us.


“What’s wrong?”


“I thought I heard a voice just now.”


“But we’re the only ones here?”


“That’s right”


(Give me the magic stone)


However, I could still hear the same voice in my brain.


The voice sounded similar to the cry of resentment when I held Gram for the first time.


If so, is this Gram’s thought?


Following the voice, I offered the magic stone of the Eggplant.


Gram then absorbed the magic stone as if absorbing magic.


“The sword absorbed the magic stone!?”


Seeing such a phenomenon, Elisha let out a voice of surprise.


(Better…… give me something better……)


However, it seemed to have found the quality lacking. It was quite a gourmand to ask for a good magic stone for just a sword.


I thought it would be meaningless to give low-quality magic stones, so I tried offering the high-quality magic stone I received from Elisha.




When it absorbed the high-quality magic stone, a voice of joy resounded in my brain, and Gram was wrapped in a particularly strong aura.


“The sword became a greatsword!”


Surprised at the weight change, I dropped my gaze and to my surprise, Gram in my right hand had become a greatsword.


When I tried swinging it, it really fit in your hand.


Without a doubt, it was the same length and weight as the greatsword I used previously.


“Could it be that Gram read my intentions and changed its shape?”


“I’ve heard that cursed weapons have hidden powers, but to think it can do something like this.”


Elisha muttered with a mixed expression of admiration and astonishment.


I was surprised that it could do that too.


“Hey, since it can absorb magic stones, Gram could probably withstand a blow that contains magic essence, right?”


“You’re right!”


As long as it can absorb magic stones, it should be able to use magic essence as a driving force as well.


If that’s the case, wouldn’t Gram be able to withstand a single blow of mine with magic essence in it?


I tried pouring the magic essence from your body as a test.


With a normal weapon, the blade would creak because it can’t withstand the magic essence, but Gram had no sign of that at all.


Rather, it was greedily consuming the magic essence that I poured in.


At that rate, I felt like it would rob me of all my magic essence and I would faint.




Before that happened, I slammed Gram on the ground and released the accumulated magic essence at once.


The blow that was strengthened by magic essence cut deep into the ground and the released magic essence exploded all at once.


When I checked Gram, there was not a single scratch on the blade.


“Oh, amazing! Gram can withstand a blow with magic essence!”


“That’s amazing news. With this, Lude can use the power of magic essence to your heart’s content.”


“Yeah, but…”




“This makes me really hungry…”


Whether it was because I used energy to activate it, or because I consumed a lot of magic essence, I couldn’t help but feel hungry.


When I said it like I was tired, Elisha laughed.


“A user who eats monsters and a sword that eats magic stones. Isn’t that a good combination?”


With a wry smile, I started cooking the Eggplants that we subjugated.


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