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Chapter 0033 Subjugation Request for Poison Raptor

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After confirming that Gram could withstand a strike filled with magic essence, I went to Doem’s workshop to tell him about it.


“A cursed sword huh… well, as you might expect, that doesn’t serve much as a reference.”


When I explained what happened yesterday, Doem made a difficult expression.


That’s true. Cursed weapons are often unknown, and depending on the reason for the curse, their abilities will differ and their properties can change depending on the compatibility with the user.


I didn’t know the details of how it worked, so I couldn’t say for certain that all cursed weapons had the same characteristics.


“I could try to analyze it by investigating various aspects, but maybe because the curse is strong, I can’t even touch it.”


As it was with Elishia, when Doem tried to reach out, Gram emitted a reddish-black aura to repel him.


Anyone could tell that Doem would be cursed if he touched it.


“Anyway, now that I’ve got my hands on a sword, I’ll return the greatsword I borrowed.”


Since it was a greatsword that I borrowed until I could have a suitable sword, I return it to Doem.


“Okay. You wouldn’t mind if I continue to craft a greatsword that is suitable for magic essence, right?”


“Yes, please do.”


I didn’t need it right now, but I’d like to have a weapon that can withstand magic essence other than Gram because I didn’t want to be helpless if Gram is lost or broken.


I may also face clients who detest cursed weapons for escort requests so I wanted weapons that I could wield openly.


That’s why I decided to ask Doem to continue making a greatsword that can withstand magic essence.


After finishing reporting to Doem, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild.


Elisha had headed over there first and should be looking for a request to do today.


When I entered the guild, Elisha wasn’t there in front of the bulletin board.


“Over here!”


Turning toward that voice, I saw Elisha sitting at the bar.


Fruit juice and a request form were placed on the table. It seemed that she found an eye-catching request and was waiting for me.


“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”


“It wasn’t that long so don’t worry about it.”


“Did you find a good request?”


“Yeah, subjugating the Poison Raptors in the Miasma Labyrinth and their boss.”


Poison Raptors are small avian dragon monsters.


They are good at coordinating attacks in a group and can swiftly spit poison.


Individually they aren’t that threatening, but when their numbers swell up, they exhibit terrifying strength.


This time, the increase in numbers in the labyrinth was probably due to the appearance of the Poison Raptor boss.


Subjugating a group of Poison Raptors is equivalent to a D rank, but when a boss joins it, the difficulty level rises to C.


“As always, you’re good at getting requests with the highest possible difficulty.”


“Illumi did look at me coldly but didn’t say anything.”


She probably figured that we were not heeding her warnings.


Well, we completed the previous Baphomet subjugation request properly, and she should recognize that we have a greater ability than our current rank. There shouldn’t be a problem.


“Okay, then let’s head to the Miasma Labyrinth.”




It appeared that she had already completed the request procedure, so we left Barona and headed for the Miasma Labyrinth.



The interior of the Miasma Labyrinth was enveloped in miasma as usual.


A faint purple mist filled the floor and ate into our bodies.


However, since I have the unique skill [Nullify Status Ailments], I was not bothered at all.


It was as easy as taking a stroll on a familiar road.


Walking next to me, Elisha had miasma grass shining at her chest, reducing the effect miasma had on her.


“Are you okay with the miasma?”


“Yes, the miasma is weak on the lower floors, and with the miasma grass, it won’t matter even if I stay for a long time. But it’s still unpleasant.”


The miasma grass reduced the effect of miasma, but she seemed to still feel the heavy and stagnant air, and the walk was uncomfortable for her.


I didn’t know what a status ailment felt like, so it was refreshing to hear from a normal person like that.


“If you’re wondering, I feel as though I’m taking a casual walk here.”


“Well, I can’t enjoy that, can I?”


I laughed heartily when I received an envious gaze from Elisha.


In the meantime, I suddenly thought of something.


If I shouldered Elisha’s miasma state, wouldn’t she be able to move normally?


“Hey, can I try [Shoulder] for a while?”

“Try it!”


I guess my intention was conveyed. She nodded with an expectant look.


I put my hand on Elisha’s shoulder and used my skill to [Shoulder] her status ailment.


Then, the miasma that was eroding her body flowed into my body, nullified by my Unique Skill.


“Ah, that’s amazing! My body feels better now… but somehow I feel heavy again…”


Elisha exclaimed in joy, but her high tension suddenly dropped again.


“Apparently, even if I shoulder and nullify it, you’ll immediately fall into a miasma state once more.”


Even if I nullified Elisha’s miasma state, the miasma that continues to float inside the labyrinth would immediately reenter her body.


It seemed that no matter how much I shoulder, we won’t get out of the infinite loop.


“Unfortunately, I think Shoulder isn’t going to work.”


When I gave up on nullifying Elisha’s abnormal condition and started walking, she silently grabbed my hand.


I was thrilled by the soft sensation of a woman’s hand.


“… What are you doing?”


“It’s impossible to nullify it completely, but if I touch Lude like this, you can nullify it, right?”


“That’s right, but are you planning to hold my hand the entire time?”


“With our level, we won’t have any issue dealing with low-level monsters, it’s not a problem.”


A Silver Wolf attacked while we were having that conversation.


However, Elisha called out Sylphid while still holding hands and cut the attacking Silver Wolf into shreds with spirit magic.




Well, she’s right that against that level of opponent, Elisha’s magic would kill them in one-shot.


I didn’t even need to swing my sword.


That said, in what world would a man and a woman hold hands while walking in a labyrinth?


Any onlooker would only think of us as fools flirting in a labyrinth or daredevils.


“… Sure, I don’t mind but if it becomes dangerous, please let go immediately.”


“I know.”


After thinking about it, I decided to allow Elisha to hold hands only on the upper floors.


It was not like she was doing it for any deeper reason.


If she could avoid feeling discomfort by holding hands with me, it’s a trivial matter to hold her hand so she could move comfortably.


If I think of it as a necessary action for efficient labyrinth exploration, it was not that worrisome.


As we moved on, we arrived at the twenty-fifth floor where the Poison Raptors appear.


In contrast to the stone passages, muddy ground and rotting trees grew there.


The entire floor had turned into a swamp.


As expected, when we reached that point, the level of the monsters increased and the numbers also increased.


Even though it was for nullifying Elisha’s miasma state, holding hands and moving around would have been a big risk.


“Hey now, time to let go of my hand.”


“Yes~. Uwah it feels terrible.”


When she let go of my hand, Elisha immediately frowned in displeasure.


“Could you search for enemies with spirit magic?”


“Sure, leave it to me.”


With that much open space, the range of my [Sound Wave Perception] becomes a lot narrower.


In that case, it was better to leave it to Elisha, who could search a wider area.


When I nodded, Elisha summoned a wind spirit.


Unlike Sylphid, who was about the height of a child, they were palm-sized girls.


They were probably wind spirits weaker than Sylphid.


After Elisha asked them to find the Poison Raptors, the wind spirits flew away.


“Are the wind spirits going to fly around looking for it on this floor?”


“No, they pick up information by sensing the flow of wind. In terms of mechanism, it’s similar to Lude’s [Sound Wave Perception]?”


The moment Elisha explained that, a gentle breeze blew through the floor, where the air should have been still.


That probably spread throughout the floor.


After a while, the wind spirits returned and whispered something into her ear.


“It looks like they’re over there.”


“All right.”


She seemed to have figured out where the Poison Raptors were with that, so I followed behind Elisha.


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