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WM V2C0324

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Chapter 0324 Intermission – Kukuku

Translator: Tseirp


“Kukuku, finally, finally, I’m back!”


Wingston, the residence of the Duke of Shrewsbury. Lord’s office.

Seated in that office chair, a man … no, a boy, although his voice was subdued, seemed unable to hide his joy.


Perhaps you could describe his expression as an ominous smile?

At the very least, it could hardly be called the smile of a thirteen-year-old healthy boy.


“Richard’s restraints are stronger than I imagined, but just a little bit more… I’m glad that I was able to obtain this body and cast a spiritual curse on that boy… Both are close to Richard’s bloodline… Kukuku.”


The boy couldn’t hide his happiness.


His appearance was that of Erwin Ortiz, the current Duke of Shrewsbury, whose duke authority had been suspended…


“However, I don’t understand why Finn of the South was released first… No matter how I think about it, I thought I would be able to escape 100 years earlier, but… did she consume some sort of unique magical power?” (TN: Likely the Fiend released in the Kona Village arc Ch159)


He withdrew his ominous laughter, tilted his head and thought.

He still appeared as the thirteen-year-old Erwin.



“Well, it’s fine. Like this, I’ve returned to the immediate vicinity of my main body…  The Crystal Palace was definitely too far. Just a little more… I’m almost out of these restraints… Kukuku, I’m looking forward to the future. What should I do… Do I destroy the Central Countries? Well, that’s a given… but then how do I want to do it… what would be the most enjoyable… Kukuku, so much to look forward to. Hope for the future? Aren’t those wonderful words, Richard? You’re gone, but my future is full of hope? Kukuku.”



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  1. byakuya kuchiki

    That’s was short . But still nice intro .
    A chunni demon king?

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