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Chapter 0325 Intermission – Report from Dr. Frank

Translator: Tseirp


“Your Excellency, here is a report from Dr. Frank.”

“Doctor’s report? How unusual…”


The Union Capital Jayclaire, the administration office.

Union Governor Lord Aubrey received a report from his aide Lamber.


Doctor Frank is Frank de Velde, one of the most talented alchemists in the Central Countries.

Currently in charge of all alchemy in the Union.



“It seems that it was delivered directly from the research institute.”

Lamber explained how the report came about while Lord Aubrey looked through it.


“… Magic stones are behaving strangely?”

“Yes. It seems that it is occurring in the western part of the Union. Further research results are written in the back.”


Lord Aubrey accelerated his speed of turning over the documents at Lamber’s words.

“The memoirs of Baron Luke Rochecaux? If I remember correctly, he was the greatest folklore expert in the north… he was caught up in the war and lost his life.”

“Yes. He governed over the city of Matthew. In the memoirs compiled by the Baron, there was once an abnormality in the behavior of magic stones…”

“Nine hundred years ago? Associated to the Djinns?”


Having read that far, Lord Aubrey also frowned.


Of course, Sir Aubrey also knew that someone in the Kingdom had been affected by the ‘Rupture Spirit Curse’.

He also knew that adventurer was included in the mission and went west.

At that time, he received an explanation that the ‘Rupture Spirit Curse’ was related to Djinns.




“I don’t want to believe that it is related… to the resurrection of the Djinns…”


He didn’t want to believe it.

No one wanted to believe such a thing.

However, he also knew that the world doesn’t work that way just because you don’t want to believe it.



“In the first place, there isn’t any way to deal with Djinns, right?”


Lamber frowned as nodded at Lord Aubrey’s question.


Here, too, the same conversation that was exchanged at the royal castle was held.


Yes, dealing with Fiends is not something within the realm of humans.



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  1. Lazy_guy

    Are they stronger than Akuma leonor?

    • Dismiazs

      Kinda doubt it. Theyre probably stronger than demon lord though.

      • Sky

        I would think they are stronger. Ryo could fend off the Akuma lady although he couldn’t kill her. He instantly gave up when that Djinn of the South awoke. Maybe to protect his friends but he definitely felt like it was a losing battle.

        • Albarn

          remember the Encyclopedia given by Michael? there is no mention about Djinn/Majin/Fiend.
          but it’s mentioned about Dragon and Akuma (who nobody know it’s existence when Ryo tried to ask about Akuma to Abel and the others) so i think Akuma is stronger than Djinn.

  2. Dismiazs

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    Things are being interesting. The curse, demon lord, fiend. If the curse is a way for fiends to resurrect, why does it need demonlord’s blood to cure it. What exactly is the relation between demon lord and fiends

  3. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapters.

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    Thanks for the chapter

  5. Ma Muan

    The demonlord are the fiend descendant

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