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Chapter 0326 Adventurers

Translator: Tseirp


“We, who left the Holy City, have returned to the Holy City once more.”

Ryo declared solemnly.


But Niels knew better.

He only said it because he thought it sounded cool.

So he let out a small sigh and shook his head slightly.


In response to Niels’ reaction, Ryo said with a lonely face.

“I will tell Abel that Niels is terrible!”

“Hey, come on, stop it.”



Inside the carriage heading to the Holy Capital Marlomar.


The party agreed to report to their leader, Hugh McGrath, for now.

There were opinions that it would be dangerous to return to the Holy Capital, which is the home of the Western Church, but at the very least, they were not openly fighting with the Church.

As for the Knights Templar, they had decided that they were just unable to stand due to some paranormal phenomenon…

It was also true that they had the official ‘Sacred Seal’ issued by the church.


At the very least, it was decided that even if they returned to report, they would not cause any trouble to the mission.



“A dungeon dive? So nostalgic.”

Ryo said to no one in particular.


“But, Ryo, you haven’t really dived into dungeons, have you?”

Niels looked at Ryo suspiciously and commented.


As far as Niels knew, Ryo should have only gone up to the 5th floor to mine the magic copper ore used in his alchemy…



“What are you talking about, Niels? I hold the 40th-floor record for the deepest depth reached in Rune’s dungeon.”

Ryo puffed out his chest, cleared his throat, and replied.


The three from Room 11 looked at Ryo with wide eyes.

Respectful gazes… or perhaps two steps short of it?


“Ah… I heard that from His Majesty Abel before. He said that you drilled a hole in the bottom of all floors with water and went straight down to the 40th floor. That’s not exploration…”


Ryo stiffened at Niels’ calm retort.


It seemed that to Ryo it was enough to be deemed a ‘dungeon dive’…



“E-Even if it wasn’t an exploration, I did ‘reach’ the floor!”

“Well… you did reach it. Although reaching it was all you achieved.”

Niels somewhat agreed with Ryo’s assertiveness.


Ryo decided that his defeat was getting worse and asked Etho for help.

“Etho, please say something!”

“Eh~ah~tto… ah, look, Ryo, the dungeon in the West of the Holy Capital has a teleportation function, right?”

Etho said while looking at the ‘Travel Guide’.


“Well, I recall that on the ‘Travel Guide’ it’s listed that the record is the 150th floor?”


“That’s pretty deep, but… there’s still more below…”

After saying that, Ryo frowned a little and continued.


“Just how far should we dive…”



The search party entered the Holy City again.

Of course, since they had the Holy Seal, there were no issues.



“What’s wrong, you guys?”

Commander Hugh McGrath was in the lodge lobby.

He was always stationed on the first floor, where it is easy to contact him.


The search party explained the circumstances.


“West dungeon…”

Having said that, Hugh fell silent.

He was lost in thought.


The search party also waited quietly.

No one else approached them.


Only the scent of coffee drifted in the air.



“Any other way… did you find any other method to find the Demon Lord?”

When Hugh finally opened his mouth, he asked.


Niels was a little surprised but answered calmly.

“The Centaurs said this is the most surefire way and they can’t think of any other way.”

“Is that so… is it unavoidable?”


When Hugh muttered so, he glanced at Ryo.

And said.


“Ryo, you may have heard from Magic Adviser Arthur and Ilarion, but the western dungeon has transfer traps.”


At Hugh’s words, Ryo’s mouth involuntarily leaked a sound of concern.

Come to think of it, he heard about it… probably.


“If you get caught in the teleportation trap, there’s a possibility that your party will be split apart… that’s what’s brutal.”

“I see…”

Etho and Zeke were the first to understand Hugh’s concerns.


A party is, so to speak, a living thing.

Only by working together can they overcome many challenges.

But if it is forcibly split apart…


You can’t live with just your arms and legs…

Of course, you can’t live with just your head either…

Without a healer, even the slightest wound can prove fatal.

Without a tank, even goblins can become great enemies.

If the attacker is gone… there will be no choice but to flee… in an unfamiliar dungeon.




“We have no choice but to go.”

The one who said it so clearly was Niels, the leader of Room 10.

And then Etho and Amon nodded.


Yes, there was no other choice.

If there was a possibility, they’d bet on it.


That was what made an adventurer.



Emphasize potential outcomes over risks.

Where an ordinary person would hesitate, they would take the step forward.

That courage.

Or recklessness.


But some are drawn to it.



“Thank you”

Harold stood up straight and bowed his head deeply.

Immediately, Zeke and Gowan also stood up and bowed their heads.



Hugh looked at the seven without saying anything.


At that point, he understood that even though he was the Grand Master and the leader of the mission, he had no choice but to send them off.

The people in front of him were important subordinates and companions but at the same time adventurers.


If they decided to do it after considering everything, he had no right to stop them.


Hugh nodded and said.

“Okay, good luck.”



((Hey, Ryo…))

((What is it, Abel, it looks like we’re getting Hugh’s approval.))

((Yeah, I can see through ‘Soul Resonance’, so I know that…))

((Why are you talking to me then if you know.))

((To be honest, I regret sending Ryo and the others a little.))



That was beyond Ryo’s expectations.


((Is something wrong?))

((Well… I understand that they are adventurers, but… risking their lives for Harold’s sake…))

((Harold is your precious nephew, right?))

((That’s why. If it exposes Niels and the others to danger… I wonder if it’s okay to let them proceed…))

((Really, this king…. you became a king and forgot something important.))


((Niels and the others risk their lives not because he is the king’s nephew. They will always risk themselves for the sake of their fellow adventurers without hesitation.))


((Why? Because the senior they respect has always shown them such a figure, such a back))


((It is natural for them to do so))


((Abel… they are your juniors after all.))



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