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Chapter 0327 Luxury Inn

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After reporting to Hugh, the search party immediately left the Holy City and headed to the western dungeon.


“It’s good that we were able to resupply!”


Ryo and Etho were pleased to see the supplies they had received from the mission… mainly money and Kona coffee…


“But we haven’t even expended our initial supplies, though?”

“Good heavens… what are you talking about, Niels. It is an old and unchanging truth that a thorough and steady stream of supplies is the most important factor when executing an operation! A leader with that kind of insight may end up failing where he could otherwise have succeeded, you know.”

“Eh… uh… my bad…”

Ryo lectured him snobbishly in a pompous manner, and Niels apologized for some reason.


Though he wasn’t wrong in saying that.

Even though he wasn’t wrong… how he said it could have been better…



The dungeon to the west of the Holy Capital Marlomar, literally called the ‘Western Dungeon’, was surrounded by a huge city.


Before the mission arrived at the Holy Capital Marlomar, they approached the dungeon to the north when they passed by, alongside the town that had formed around the Northern Dungeon.


But the scale was too different from the town around the Western Dungeon!


To put it bluntly…


“A city the same size as Rune…?”

“It’s expanding outward since there are no walls…”

“There are only three dungeons in the Western Countries that have teleport capabilities, and the other two seem to be in remote regions…”

“The Holy Capital Marlomar acts as the center of the Western Countries, so a dungeon with a teleport function right next to it is very attractive…”

Etho was amazed at the size of the city, Amon pointed out the expansion of the city, Zeke presented information from the ‘Travel Guide’, Harold expressed the unadulterated feelings of adventurers, and Gowan nodded next to him.


“With all these people here, then surely…”

“Yeah. There are sure to be tons of delicious treats.”

Only two people… Niels and Ryo, however, were a little off in their impressions…

No, considering the importance of food, perhaps it was a more honest impression than anyone else’s.


At least, no one there who listened to their impressions disputed it.



The inn where the party decided to stay was the best in the city.

The name of the inn was ‘Holy City Ginyu’.


Incidentally, the group did not pay for the lodging.

The Western Church, through Hugh’s negotiation, was to pay for their lodging.


It is a very serious matter that they could not provide what they promised… that is, the blood of the Demon Lord, to the delegation of the country.


In addition, the party also presented the ‘Holy Seal’ at the reception.


C’est fini.


They carry the ‘Holy Seal’, the church paid for their accommodations, and they are part of the foreign delegation.


Even the best inn in town would provide top-class treatment to such guests.

The inn would put its honor and pride on the line to ensure flawless service.



“Now our safety at the inn is pretty much guaranteed.”

Ryo muttered to no one in particular, and Etho and Zeke nodded.


Niels, Amon, and Gowan were nervous because they had never stayed at such a luxurious inn before.

Harold, being royalty by nature, was not nervous at all.



Although it’s a dungeon dive, the dungeon in question is one with a teleport function.

It meant that, technically speaking, after conquering several floors each day, they could return to the inn to refresh themselves and then go back in… such a strategy was also on the table.


With that in mind, the inn, a place to recover from fatigue, should not be compromised.



There were ten rooms on the top floor.

And all were rooms with open-air baths.

Seven of those rooms were occupied by the party.


“Now I can sleep without worrying about Niels’ snoring.”

“I.. don’t snore, do I…?”

Ryo said, and Niels asked a little nervously.


But of course, Niels doesn’t snore.

Though he seemed like someone who would snore terribly when sleeping… but that’s just an impression.



But, when it was time for discussions, they would gather in Niels’ room, just as they were doing now…


“Now then, I guess we’re all set as far as lodging is concerned?”

Etho asked no one in particular.

“The innkeepers might keep quite the tight ship when we are around, but the problem is while we are in the dungeon. A prowler might break into our rooms.”

“That’s true, but then… we just have to make sure we don’t leave anything of value inside, right?”

Ryo’s point was answered by Etho while tilting his head.


The valuables were basically accessories… as well as money and the ‘Holy Seal’.

Then, the other thing of value would be….


“That, obviously.”

Ryo said so and pointed at it.


The thing he pointed to was placed separately in both Niels’ room and Ryo’s room…


“Kona coffee…”


Niels muttered.


No one else said anything.


Then Niels continued muttering.

“Why is it even in my room in the first place?”

“Of course, it’s for us to drink when we’re all together like this.”

“I-I see…”


Ryo’s answer was very logical and perfect, which was unusual for him.


That even Niels couldn’t refute him.

On the contrary, one of them even muttered, “Good thinking…”.


It might have been Etho or Amon….


At any rate, it was clear that all seven members of the group were coffee lovers.


And then, Ryo quickly took out coffee beans and began to grind them in an ice mill that was instantly generated.

Just like that, the aroma of coffee wafted through the air.

He puts the ground coffee beans into the newly generated ice coffee press and produced hot water.

He put the lid on and then turned over the ice hourglass he had also generated.


The process was smooth and fluid up to this point.

Meanwhile, all six of them watched him while he was doing that.


It certainly wasn’t a common experience to see someone preparing coffee….



“Uh, that’s it.”

Niels, who came to his senses, interrupted.


“I think the only way to protect the beans we’ll be leaving behind is for Ryo to freeze them, what do you think?”

“Well, I guess. That would be the most practical way to go about it.”

Niels suggested, and Ryo nodded in agreement.


Freezing coffee beans… may not seem very ‘practical’ in the literal sense, but in their case, it was the most practical….


There really are all kinds of people in the world…



“Oh, by the way, the receptionist gave me this.”

Etho chimed in and took out what looked like a small notepad.

It was labeled ‘Dungeon Map’.


“It seems to contain a map of the upper floors of the dungeon, from the first to the tenth, and the types and characteristics of monsters that appear on each floor.”

“Holy shit.”

Etho explained, and Niels was astonished.


“This is what I like about luxury lodgings. The service is very attentive. It’s not just about offering their rig. But to make their guests happy that they would think of coming back to stay again… making them genuinely feel that way. After all, the basis of management is to secure repeat customers.”


“By the way, what do you mean by rig?”

Ryo said, Zeke nodded in agreement, and Harold tilted his head at a term he didn’t quite understand.



Whether in management or the hospitality industry, the fundamentals are the same on Earth or on ‘Phi’.


It is not unusual for royalty, nobles, and famous adventurers to stay at such a high-end inn… in fact, only such people would stay there.

So, it’s only natural that they would provide attentive service.


“If we ask the receptionist… won’t they provide us with all the equipment we need to explore the dungeon?”

“Eh… you jest…”

Ryo’s suggestion surprised Etho.



The receptionist’s reply was, “I’ll have it ready for you at the reception by morning”…

Luxury inns are not to be underestimated.



In the end, the group ended the day drinking coffee brewed by Ryo, without making any preparations whatsoever.



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