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Update 16 Aug 23: Majin/Fiend/Genie changed to Djinn. Thanks for the comments!

TLN: Majin/Fiend changed to Genie. Fiend actually has a more negative connotation than Majin, where the literal translation can be either ‘Magical Being’(more likely) or… ‘Demonic/Monsterous Being’… so maybe Genie might be a better translation. What do you all think? Let me know in the comments.

Chapter 0330 Golden Eyes

Translator: Tseirp


“Djinn… you say…”

Niels’ mutter was barely loud enough to reach Ryo’s ears.

The others were stunned.



A full minute passed, where no one spoke nor moved.



“… I see, interesting.”

The red old man slowly articulated.


“Why do you claim that I am a Djinn?”

“Those golden eyes.”

Ryo answered the red old man’s question.



Ryo recalled.

Where he saw ‘Golden Eyes’.


They were the same golden eyes as the ‘Djinn of the South’ released near Kona Village.


“I see, golden eyes…”

Not only Ryo but also Etho seemed to have noticed and muttered so.


He must have heard those words.

The red old man continued.

“Apart from the Fairy King’s favorite, the others also know about these eyes…? Hmm… I have not heard that it is knowledge circulating in the human world…”

“Favorite of the Fairy King…”

Niels murmured, seemingly taken aback by those words.


However, Ryo ignored him and answered.


“Three years ago, a Djinn was released from its constraints. We happened to be present when it happened, so…”

He honestly revealed.


“I see. That explains it.”

The red old man nodded sagely.


Then, he looked at Harold once again and said.

“The ‘Rupture’ of one different from the one that was set free…? You’d better dispel it as soon as possible. The ‘deadline’ is still a long way off, but there’s no benefit in having it looming over your shoulders.”

“We are looking for the Demon Lord to dispel it.”

Harold answered himself.


Of course he wanted to remove the curse.


“Hmm? Isn’t there Demon Lord blood in the church? As long as you donate, they’d at least put a drop of blood on your forehead.”

“The other day, someone raided the church’s vault, and at that time, the jar that contained the Demon Lord’s blood shattered and the blood is gone.”

The red old man asked, and Etho answered.



The red old man was at a loss for words, and after a while continued.

“That’s bad…”


He paused for maybe five seconds after that.



“I’m sorry, but I no longer have the time to talk with you. You can come back later.”

“Ah, what’s your name…”

“My name is Merlin.”


After Merlin answered Zeke’s question, he disappeared.



At the same time, the endpoint of the 11th floor appeared in front of the group.


Out of nowhere.




“Merlin is a Djinn…”

“Yeah …”

Etho nodded to Niels’ words.


They were in the lounge on the first floor of the inn ‘Holy City Ginyu’ where the search party stayed.


The group returned immediately from the 11th floor transfer [Stone Monument].

As expected, after that, they didn’t feel like capturing the 12th floor and beyond.



“What do we do…”

When Niels muttered that, he looked at Harold and continued.

“Harold, what do you want to do?”



Harold probably didn’t think that he would be asked that.

The leader of the party is Niels, and the sub-leader is Etho.

Niels makes the decisions regarding the group’s course of action, and Etho speaks up when advice is needed.

When ‘Room 11’ has a request, it is usually Zeke that brings it up…


However, the leader of Room 11 is Harold.

And to undo his spiritual curse, the party is placing themselves in danger.


Harold’s opinion is important.



“To be honest, I’m really sorry for putting everyone in danger.”

“Hey, that’s…”

He interrupted Niels who was about to say something and continued.

“No, I can tell. However, at the same time, since we have come this far, I would like to meet Merlin again and ask him about it. If he can remove this spirit curse. If he can’t, I hope he can tell me where the Demon Lord is.”


He took a breath there and continued.


“True, I’m afraid of angering him, but I don’t wish to meet my end without asking.”

He said it.


Hearing that, Zeke and Gowan nodded.

They agreed with Harold.

If the alternative was Harold losing his life, they would rather attempt it too.



“Well, that’s the only path forward.”

Etho said with a wry smile.

Amon nodded silently.


“Understood. Then, starting tomorrow, let’s dive into the dungeon. Merlin told us to come back later. If we continue to dive, we’ll be contacted again, and at present, there’s no other way.”

Niels nodded and announced.


A course of action has been decided.



There was only one person… all this time, there was a water-attribute mage who had been eating delicious cakes.

Of course, he listened to the story and sometimes nodded…


And then, at the same time that Niels gave his decision, he finished eating the cake and looked satisfied… for a short while.

Right away, he was looking at the cakes lined up in front of the others.


Furthermore, he glanced at the employee standing at the entrance of the lounge.

As if he wanted to order additional…



Seeing Ryo like that, Niels solemnly expressed himself.



“Aren’t you only allowed one cake per day?”

“How do you know!?”

((Because I told Niels earlier))

((Abel! You traitor!))


Information sharing is very important.


“I-if there are special circumstances, of course that rule won’t hold.”

“Special circumstances? What special circumstances?”

Ryo made a pitiful excuse and Niels asked.


“Th-that’s… um… that’s right! The course of action from tomorrow onwards has been decided, and I’m going to refocus and do my best! When it’s a special situation like now, it’s a special circumstance.”


Abel’s exasperated sigh could be heard from the other side of the ‘Soul Resonance’.

Abel didn’t seem to recognize it as a special circumstance.


“… I don’t think this can be considered a special circumstance… well, it doesn’t matter.”

After saying that, Niels called the employee.

Ryo happily ordered another millefeuille.


“Niels is a nice guy.”


“I will make sure to convey to Abel, until it sticks in his mind, how much Niels has grown. Please leave it to me.”

“Ohh, please do!”


You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours…

Give and take…

That’s right, the world works by the principle of give-and-take…



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  1. Lazy_guy

    As usual, cake is the highlight…

  2. Chris

    Genie has the connotation of being a wish granting slave bound to a particular object. Other members of the Genie family include the generic Jinn, Djinn (which has a connotation of being “noble”), Efreeti (which has the connotation of being malicious, also associated with fire).

    If you want to be all encompassing, Jinn would be good. If you want to give a hostile connotation use Efreeti.

  3. Aini

    they met him right away…
    thx for the chapter!

  4. Notice_me_Sin_Pi

    I think jinn or djinn would be better than genie.

    Genie has an expressly positive connotation.
    The term genie comes from the French translation of jinn in the Thousand and One Nights because it had a roughly similar sound and meaning, the French word itself coming from the Latin word genius which was a guardian spirit in Roman religion.

  5. blox

    I think you dont need to translste actual names like monster/species type. Like djinn isnt even an english word as well.

    • Kind of a grey area actually. Like Maou for Demon Lord. Majin is pretty accurate to Djinn as magical person/being

  6. Anonymous

    Think leaving as Majin might be better. Genie doesn’t quite fit either.

  7. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapter.

  8. byakuya kuchiki

    Like other comments I also think Djinn or jinn would better than genie.
    Thanks for the chapter

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