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Chapter 0331 Dungeon Dive … in full swing

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


The next day, the exploration of the West Dungeon began in full force.


The West Dungeon basically has no such thing as floor bosses.


However, it is known that unusually powerful monsters appear on the 50th, 100th, and 150th floors, and unless they are defeated, the passage to the next floor will not appear.


“The lowest floor reached was the 150th floor, right? Could it be that…?”

“Yeah. It seems that no party has ever defeated the monster on the 150th floor.”

“What about monsters that’s already been defeated, do they respawn over time?”

“Looks like it.”


Ryo and Etho were talking about it while looking at the ‘Dungeon Map’.

The party was advancing through the dungeon as they talked.


Currently, they were on the 49th floor.


From the 41st floor onward, it became a cave-like, rocky dungeon.

Predominantly filled with bat and wolf-type monsters.


Bats from above and wolves from below made for quite a nasty combination.

They were by no means easy to deal with.


Except when it came to this particular party….


“<Ice Wall Package>”

Ryo would create roofs with ice, making it impossible for the bats to attack the party.

The four vanguard members then proceed to slaughter the wolves without fail.


Once they’re done defeating the wolves, the <Ice Wall> is deactivated and then they go after the bats.


Flawless coordination.


“Okay, I guess this is it for the 49th floor.”

The party arrived at the end of the 49th floor.



“Guess we’ll be hitting the 50th floor tomorrow.”

Ryo said happily.

He’s glad to be able to explore the dungeon ‘properly’.


“It seems that the only monster on the 50th floor is the boss.”


Ryo was even more excited by Etho’s explanation.


“The tricky part is, the monster that appears varies from time to time, and so does the floor conditions…”

“Floor conditions?”

Ryo tilted his head.

“Yup. For instance, a flaming bird and a floor with magma spewing out…”



That’s an awfully treacherous combo.

It would be very challenging for an average party to clear.


“It’d bone-breaking to defeat such a monster, wouldn’t it?”

“You said it. In fact, the success rate of breaking past the 50th floor is less than one percent, apparently.”

“I’ll be damned…”

“Moreover, the word is that only when you’re extremely lucky enough to draw a weak boss can you break through, and that most, the so-called ‘looting’ parties, stop at the 49th floor.”

“I see…”


Unlike in a game.

The lives of the entire party are at stake.

It’s not a place one can just say, “Let’s check it out real quick”.



“What about retreating midway…?”

“Yeah, that’s not possible with the boss of the 50th floor. Although retreat is possible on the 100th floor, the entrance door to the 50th-floor boss closes shut. In other words, either you defeat the boss and leave a record on the ‘stone monument’ or…”

“Fail to defeat it and face annihilation, huh.”

Ryo asked, Etho affirmed, and Niels nodded.


The role of the 50th floor is to sift out… those who are serious about conquering the dungeon.


“When put like that… there’s really no need to go out of our way to conquer it then…”

Harold said.

That’s right, their goal was to meet Merlin.

That being the case, there’s no real need to attempt conquering the dungeon.



“Merlin is said to be the caretaker of this dungeon. I doubt he will appear before those who cannot even defeat the boss of the 50th floor…”

The party agreed with Niels.


Just like with anything.


Show strength.


Else, you’re not moving anyone.


If you show strength that cannot be ignored, you won’t be ignored.

Who will listen to someone without any strength to speak of?


Like they don’t have better things to do!



So, to demonstrate their strength, the party would have to clear the 50th floor.



The next day.

The party stepped into the 50th floor.

There, they found a huge stone side-by-side doors.

On the door was a huge relief carved into the stone.


“Such a magnificent door.”

Ryo crossed his arms in front of the door and commented in a pompous manner.


“Just as we discussed yesterday, two rows, one front one back. The four of us will act as the vanguard. While Ryo, Etho, and Zeke will bring up the rear. Guys, don’t die!”


Niels said, and everyone responded.



The stone door opened smoothly.

Once everyone was inside, it closed by itself.


The room was as wide as a playground, with a high ceiling of at least… forty meters high.

The room must have been designed to accommodate flying monsters.

Though the ground was still rocky.


The lighting was from a bonfire.



And as the party advanced….


It emerged.



“A Skeleton… King? Never heard of it…”

Etho muttered.


At first, Ryo was also surprised at the sight, but his attention was soon drawn to something else.


It was a feeling of discomfort.


One he had experienced before.


Actually, he’s experienced it on several occasions.

Speaking of which, he remembered hearing about some kind of trap in the West Dungeon that triggers such… discomfort.


“No way… a magic nullification field.”



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