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Chapter 0333 Miracles never happen twice

Translator: Tseirp


The moment Amon decapitated the Skeleton King, all the Skeleton Knights disappeared.

At the same time, the discomfort Ryo felt was lifted.


“The magic nullification has been dispelled…?”

Ryou muttered, then turned around and confirmed.

“Etho, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

Etho nodded and replied.


With that, the two of them started walking forward to join Niels and the others.



“Is it over…”

Seeing all the Skeleton Knights disappear, Niels muttered.


Zeke answered while breathing heavily.

Harold and Gowan were so exhausted that they couldn’t answer.

In the second half, they had no choice but to concentrate on protecting themselves… both of them sported looks of frustration.


They were keenly aware of their lack of endurance.


Three years ago, the three from ‘Room 10’ had been hammered into them by Ryo about the importance of endurance.

And they continued to train.

So they managed to persevere through the fight.


Endurance is the ability to continue fighting.


And in battle, the last one standing wins.


No matter how great your skills are, no matter how great your magic is, if you falter in the middle, you lose.

And an adventurer’s loss means death.

If so, building endurance means increasing the possibility of living.



“Harold and Gowan, build up your stamina.”


Niels commented and they both agreed.


Since Zeke was trained from a young age, he was able to endure, defeating Skeleton Knights until the very end.

Even so, when it was over, he couldn’t stand without breathing heavily and used his staff for support…



At that point, Ryo and Etho joined.


“You’re all not hurt? Thank the heavens.”

Etho took a look and felt relieved.

“It’s tough being a swordsman when you have a lot of enemies.”

Ryo, who fought as a swordsman this time, said while looking at the exhaustion of ‘Room 11’.


“As usual, Ryo isn’t tired…”

Niels said in amazement.


“Fufufu, our training method is different.”

Ryo claimed proudly.

In fact, he didn’t even break a sweat.



Amon finally joined them.


“Sorry for taking so long.”

After saying that, he bowed his head slightly.


Did he mean taking so long to join up or to defeat the boss…


“No, you did a good job. As expected.”

Niels didn’t hold back and praised him.

Beside him, Ryo also folded his arms and nodded.

Etho praised Amon by patting him on the shoulder.

The three from Room 11, who had finally caught their breaths, bowed their heads together.


At those praises, Amon laughed happily.



There was nothing left where Amon defeated the Skeleton King.

Even the bones had disappeared.

It seemed to have vanished.


And then, the door ahead opened, and they could see the ‘Stone Monument’ on the other side.



The party waited for a while after recording their clearance, but Merlin did not appear.


“Is he saying this isn’t enough?”

Niels frowned and muttered.


“Maybe he simply went somewhere and hasn’t returned to this dungeon yet?”

Ryo answered.


“Went somewhere?”

Amon tilted his head.


“Judging from the way he panicked, he probably went to the Demon Lord’s place, right? Since the blood of the previous generation that had been kept was lost, he decided that the church was going after the current Demon Lord’s blood.”

Etho gave a guess that had a high degree of certainty.


The three from ‘Room 11’ nodded.



“Well, if that’s the case, let’s try to dive even deeper. But for now, let’s go home today. That fight was tiring.”

Niels smiled wryly and said while shaking his head.


Even though they still had physical strength, they accumulated a lot of mental fatigue.

Niels is a man who grasps that concept rather firmly.

His appearance is completely a muscle-brain, but he’s actually quite intelligent.


“I didn’t find any dungeon map below the 50th floor, so our exploration will be slower.”

Etho reported.


“Well, I was surprised by the magic nullifying space, but I’m glad I was able to prove that it doesn’t work on modern magicians.”

“Hey, it’s a bit unreasonable for you to claim to be a typical modern magician, Ryo…”

Ryo commented and Niels immediately retorted.



Thus, the party’s exploration of the 50th floor ended.



On the way back to the inn ‘Holy City Ginyu’.


“I can feel the gaze of quite a large number of people.”

“Yes, there are more than twenty people.”

“Usually there would only be about five.”

Niels muttered, Amon answered, and Harold made a comparison with the usual numbers.


Disquieting gazes were directed at the party.

Actually, they have been experiencing it for some time.


After entering the city of this West Dungeon, they were monitored from the next day.

However, they were not attacked, not interrogated, and never saw the figures of the people watching them.

However, he also felt that they were not as covert as the ‘Assassins Order’ that he experienced in the past.


This group was more blatant.


Probably the Western Church…




They finally made an appearance today.


As expected, they had seen them before…

“Knights Templar!”

Ryo exclaimed happily.

Niels frowned and looked sideways at that.

He didn’t understand why he was so happy.


Ryo looked happy because they resembled the ‘Knights Templar’ that appeared in the history of Earth.


Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental…


“We are the Knights Templar. I am Andre de Bachelet, Commander of the Third Detachment.”

The knight in front called out his name.


“It’s the person from before.”

Ryo muttered.


Niels nodded slightly.



Etho stepped forward and answered.

“We met you the other day. I’m glad that the curse seems to have been lifted. So, what do you want from us, Knights Templar?”

Same as last time, he spoke courteously but his eyes and words were still full of power.


Some of them stiffened, perhaps they remembered the Icebahn Hell.

The other knights were also somewhat taken aback by Etho’s air, which was unimaginable from his usual kind, dignified, clergy-like aura about him.



However, Commander Andre de Bachelet continued bluntly.


“Give us the information about the Demon Lord that you guys have obtained so far.”

“We refuse.”

Etho refused without hesitation.



Andre was inflamed by the swift refusal.


“You bastard… you know what happens when you piss us off, don’t you?”

Saying that, Commander Andre tried to take a step forward, but he stopped.

It was obvious that he remembered what happened last time.



Of course, Ryo wasn’t thinking about making them slip with <Icebahn> like last time either.

Miracles never happen twice… If the same thing happens again, they won’t know how, but they’ll find out that they were causing it.


In that case, use another method!


Ryo looked up at the sky and cried.

“Something is coming from the sky! <Ice Wall Package>”

He surrounded only their party with <Ice Wall>.



At that moment… something fell from the slightly clouded sky.



Gakkin kakkin, kokkin, kakkin…






Something fell from the sky in large quantities.

They hit the armor of the knights, causing metallic sounds.


“This is… hail?”

Zeke muttered.


Some were even about half a fist size, and if struck badly… it won’t kill you, but it will knock you out with one hit.



The Knights Templar were in turmoil.



In a panic, they tried to hide under the surrounding eaves, but perhaps in a panic, quite a few knights slipped and fell.

Of course, unlike last time, they didn’t slip in quick successions or were unable to stand up.

They only slip and fell once.

However, there was hail…


About three-quarters of the knights fell unconscious.



“Such abnormal weather. I’m glad I noticed it early.”

Ryo said in a slightly louder voice than usual.


The other six had already realized something.

But wisely said nothing.



While the hail continued to fall, the group slowly moved to the inn while being protected by <Ice Wall>.



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