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Chapter 0334 Dark Age and Dark Continent

Translator: Tseirp


It was safe inside the inn ‘Holy City Ginyu’.


Of course, the Knights Templar even asked to visit the inn, but the inn politely declined.


They heard later that the owner of the inn was on good terms with some cardinal of the church, and even the Knights Templar couldn’t do anything.


An expensive inn has an advantage after all due to its clientele.



The next morning, the group traveled to the entrance of the West Dungeon in a carriage prepared by the ‘Holy City Ginyu’ inn.

Although it was just a little over five minutes’ walk away, the inn took care of them.


The hospitality of a luxury inn, truly incredible.



Thus, the dungeon conquest by the group began again.



In the end, it was when they cleared the 80th floor after persistent attempts that the group met Merlin, the old man in red.




“It’s outrageous to capture ten layers a day without a map.”

A slightly stooped-over old man with white hair, a wide red hat, a red robe, and a staff, suddenly appeared in front of the group and said so in front of the ‘Stone Monument’ on the 80th floor.


“That’s because we wanted to meet Sir Merlin as soon as possible.”

Niels replied.


“Hmm? That’s right. Sorry. I only returned yesterday. I was surprised when I saw the record… Well, that’s good anyway. And the reason you wanted to see me was…”

“Yes, we would like you to tell us where the Demon Lord is.”

“Is that… to undo that person’s ‘Rupture’?”

In response to Niels’ answer, Merlin looked at Harold and asked.


“Yes. Of course, it would be best if Sir Merlin can resolve it…”

“Umu, as you know, I can’t solve it. Only the person who cast it or the blood of the Demon Lord can do it.”

Merlin shook his head slightly and replied.



“Well, we shouldn’t be talking while standing, please come to my room.”

The moment Merlin said that, everyone was hit by a momentary floating sensation.



And before they knew it, they were in a room that looked like an office.


In the center was a fairly large round table that could be used for meetings.

With eight chairs.


“Well, take a seat.”

Merlin said as he sat down as well.


The group looked at each other.

But they had no choice but to sit.


They gradually all sat…


And coffee appeared in front of them.



Merlin explained about the coffee.

“This is quite a gem ordered from the Dark Continent.”

“Dark Continent!”

Ryo screamed quietly.

It was another exciting word.


Although it is a fantasy word, it is in fact a historical term.


There was a period in Earth’s history when the terms ‘Dark Age’ and ‘Dark Continent’ were used.

Not just in slang, but even in papers.


The Dark Age referred to medieval Europe.

The Dark Continent was the continent of Africa.


As for how those words fell out of use… that’s for another time.



Well, anyway, to Ryo, who has a background in Western history, the Dark Continent = Africa Continent was selfishly connected in his head.



The most famous brand of coffee from Africa is… Kilimanjaro.

Of course, there are many other brands, but…


Ryo happily took a sip.


A perfect balance of acidity and bitterness.

Furthermore, it spread in the mouth… delicious.


Combined with the perfect aroma, it was great coffee.




Involuntarily, a sigh of satisfaction escaped from Ryo’s mouth.


Seeing that, the other six people also tasted it.


Merlin nodded slightly and started drinking himself.



No one spoke for a while.


The space was filled with the aroma of coffee.


If ‘satisfaction’ were to take shape, it would probably look like that space…



“It’s delicious”

Ryo said honestly.


Of course, he loves the coffee from Kona Village.

He also loves Hawaii Kona, which he drank on Earth.


But that coffee was good too.


Delicious food is delicious.

Delicious food is justice.



“Splendid, it seems that you are satisfied.”

Merlin said with a tiny smile.

“Yes, it was very delicious.”

Ryo replied with a satisfied expression.



“Well then, let’s get down to business.”

Merlin’s words brought everyone back to reality.


“First, let’s start with the conclusion. I’m not against letting you meet the Demon Lord.”

Merlin’s words surprised the party.

They thought it was 50/50 whether he would allow them to meet him or not.


From the perspective of the Demon Lord and Merlin, they didn’t think there was any merit in letting them meet the Demon Lord… that was the honest truth.



“I’m grateful to be able to meet the Demon Lord. But what advantage does that hold for you?”

Zeke asked.


It only merited the party, but they couldn’t think of any particular merits for the Demon Lord’s side.


“Umu. That’s the crux of it. On the Demon Lord’s side, we’ll undo the ‘Rupture Spirit Curse’. In exchange, the Demon Lord will provide blood and we want you to give it to the church’s upper echelons.”


Ryo was at a loss for words, along with the other six members.



The Demon Lord will provide his blood?


“Since you only need blood, isn’t it unnecessary to kill the Demon Lord?”

Merlin asked.

“You’re not wrong.”

Etho nodded after saying that.


What the church wants is the blood of the Demon Lord.

It is also out of necessity, to undo the spirit curse of those affected by the ‘Rupture Spirit Curse’.

If that’s the case, the Demon Lord’s side has no problem with providing it.


Niels looked at the other six.

Etho and Zeke nodded first.

Amon nodded as well.

Harold and Gowan also nodded many times.



Only Ryo was tilting his head.


“Ah, no, I agree with that proposal. I think it’s the most wonderful solution. But… why us?”


Merlin also replied with a question to Ryo’s question.


“The most sure-fire method is to deliver it yourself… No, well, it’s the church, so I understand that it can be difficult. But we might betray you.”


Niels jumped in after Ryo’s words.


“Fuhahahaha. Interesting, yup, interesting.”

Merlin laughed.

It was probably the first time he had laughed out loud since they met.


“If you ask me why I trust your group, you are the reason.”


Merlin looked clearly at Ryo and said.

His reason for believing in their party was because of Ryo.


Ryo didn’t understand.


“There’s no way I wouldn’t believe someone who’s been favored by the Fairy Lord.”



It didn’t make sense to him at all.



“That sound amazing, Ryo…”

Niels commented.



Somehow, he was being praised for something he couldn’t understand.

That didn’t make him happy at all…



“Eh, what do you mean by favor…?”

Ryo asked because he didn’t understand.

Like Sera and the others, could this Genie also see the ‘Fairy Factor’ that overflows from Ryo?


“Hmm? It’s the robe and sword you’re wearing. They were given to you by the Fairy Lord, wasn’t it?”


Ryo admitted it.



He still couldn’t understand why someone who is favored by the Fairy Lord can be trusted, but… well, okay then…

Ryo stopped thinking.

He didn’t know anything about their system.

What’s more, they said that neither Ryo nor humans would benefit from it at all…



“So… specifically, how can we meet the Demon Lord?”

Etho spoke up.

“Oh, that’s right… in the unlikely event that the people of the church follow you to the Demon Lord, it will be troublesome. Or rather, if someone from the church is killed and it is revealed, it won’t be pretty…”

“That’s for sure.”

Niels nodded.


The Demon Lord cannot be defeated by anyone other than a Hero.

At least, there is no record of someone other than the Hero defeating one.


And the Hero of this generation is Roman. And he was missing.



In other words, at present, no one can defeat the Demon Lord…



“It will take some time to prepare the Demon Lord’s blood. We just started accumulating it little by little every day. Umu, a week later would be better. I will transfer it from this dungeon.”


It was Ryo who raised a surprised voice at Merlin’s words.

However, the other six also had their mouths wide open.


People open their mouths when they are surprised.

At the very least, not many can keep their mouths shut when surprised.



“So, come back here in a week.”


Finally, the prospect of curing the ‘Rupture Spirit Curse’’ on Harold was in sight.


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