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WM V2C0337

Short chapter. Release 1 of 2 today.

Chapter 0337 Intermission – Curses

Translator: Jay_Forestieri

Editor: Tseirp


“Damn you, damn you, damn you to hell~~~”

An outcry of curses echoed through the air.


The Duke of Shrewsbury’s mansion in Wingston, in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Knightley. The basement.


“How, how did ‘Rupture’ come undone? That shouldn’t be possible. Undoing ‘Rupture’ without my consent… could it have been the blood of the Demon Lord? But there should be none in the Central Countries as far as I know… damn it all!”


It was, appearance-wise, Erwin, the thirteen-year-old current head of the Shrewsbury Dukedom.


As for whether or not the person inside is Erwin remained to be seen…



“Damn it… I was so close… Even lucky enough to get my hands on someone closely related to Richard too… Oh well, at least I have this body.”

Saying that, Erwin placed his hand on his chest and checked his heartbeat.


Then, he laughed ominously.


“This guy’s blood is close to Richard’s too…. Soon, very soon. My ‘Generals’ will rise… and when they do, the Central Countries may not be enough to contain them, kukuku… Either way, there is no longer anyone who can stop my resurrection. Nor is there anyone who can seal me up. Richard, your country’s fate is just about sealed.”


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