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CS c04

Chapter 4: Adventurer

Translator: Tseirp


The day after the entrance exam for Saint Academy was over.


“Ah~ Uuu~…”


Luna was rolling around on the bed in her room――no, she was fidgeting.


“…I can’t calm down.”


It wasn’t as though she wanted to go to Saint Academy no matter what.

However, she couldn’t help but feel frustrated in this situation where she didn’t know if she passed or failed.


“At times like this— a change of pace!”


Luna jumped to her feet and headed to her father Carlo’s office.


“Um, is this a good time?”


“What’s wrong Luna, do you need something?”


“Actually, I wanted to borrow the key to the underground storage…”


“Oh, sure. Here, take it with you.”


Carlo took the key out of his desk drawer and handed it to Luna.


“Thank you!”


“There are dangerous things kept there, so be careful not to get hurt, okay?”




Luna trotted to the Spedio family’s underground warehouse.


“Erm, I’m pretty sure it was around… here!”


Her gaze fell on a full body large iron armor about 2 meters tall called a ‘Plate Armor’.

The other day, when she helped clean the warehouse, it was something she had her eye on.


Since she had received permission in advance, ‘You can use whatever you want there’, she brought it into her room without hesitation and gently laid it down in the center of the room.


“Yeap… after careful examination, this will work!”


Luna wanted to live her second life freely and happily.

Deciding on acting like a villainous heiress, becoming an adventurer and traveling the outside world at will, casting great magic to relieve stress―― she wanted to do the things she couldn’t do, refrained from, and given up on during her first life.


However, the obstacle she faced was the enormous risk of getting found out to be the ‘Saint’.


(If my identity as the Saint gets revealed, I will no longer be able to live in peace. Either I will live quietly in a secluded mountain, or I will accept the life of a Saint――either way, my ideal villainous heiress life would become far-flung and disappear into the horizon…)


At present, with only Luna Spedio as her identity, her actions are greatly restricted.


This plate armor would solve that.


Once she put it on, there would be no exposed skin from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

If she acted as an adventurer while wearing that plate armor, she could move around the outside world freely without worrying about her Saint identity being exposed.


That was Luna’s grand idea to break into both the villainous heiress route as Luna Spedio and the free world route as an adventurer.


“First I’ll have to remove the dust, <Wash>. After that, repair the scratches <Repair>. Then… let’s change the design a bit, <Alchemy>”


After fixing the outer surface of the armor, Luna tapped its chest portion lightly— and there was an unreliable tin can sound.


“In this state, I’m a little worried about its durability…”


It was easy to imagine that the sheet metal used to craft the armor was thin and cheap.


“For the time being, let’s reinforce it to the bare minimum. <Fire Resistance> <Water Resistance> <Lightning Resistance> <Bludgeoning Resistance> <Slashing Resistance> <Spatial Distortion Resistance> <Time Stop Resistance> <Rust Resistance> <Instant Death Resistance> <Magic Detection resistance> <Auto Repair>–”


She strengthened it with as much magic as she could think of.


“Is it a little better now?”


Luna, who had finished reinforcing the armor, was finally going to put it on but … as a 158cm girl, 2 meter was a little too big.

Therefore, she added a trick there.


“–<Float> <Link>”


Luna’s main body would float inside the armor with <Float>, and her movements would be synchronized with the armor with <Link>.


“Yo, ho, ha!”


When she took various poses in front of the full-length mirror, the armor moved in the same way according to her movements.

The synchronization was perfect, so with that she should be able to move around freely while wearing the armor.


“The remaining problem would be… my ‘voice’.”


It would be strange to hear a high-pitched female voice from inside a plate armor that is over 2 meters tall.


“I’m going to be an adventurer, so it’s natural to go with a male setting.”


Having concluded that, Luna put a lot of effort into her throat and practiced her deep voice.


“I am… cough, I am…”


After some tuning,


“I’m an adventurer… Yeah, I think I’ll be fine with this!”


Deep voice + Luna’s image of ‘masculine calm tone’ was complete.


As such, Luna, who obtained an identity that can move freely outside,


“To the Adventurer’s Guild… let’s go!”


Strike while the iron is hot! She left for the adventurer’s guild as soon as possible.



Luna, who went out to the town of the royal capital, paraded through the lively main street with the map she brought from the library in one hand.


“He-hey, look at that…”


“Hmm…? Uoh, what is that!?”


“Huge… that’s probably 2 meters. Is it a famous adventurer?”


The appearance of a plate armor over 2 meters walking with the sound of grinding metal was truly abnormal so it attracted the gaze of a ton of passers-by…


(Wow, such a high viewpoint! So a tall man would see the world like this…!)


Luna, whose heart was throbbing from the unknown experience, was completely in her own world.


She continued to walk around the city for a while– when she arrived at the adventurer’s guild, she opened the door and entered.


“It’s kind of nostalgic…”


That was not the first time Luna had entered the adventurer’s guild.

300 years ago, when she part of the Saint’s party dedicated to defeating the Great Demon King, she had visited the guild several times.


(This is the first time I’ve been to the Elgia Kingdom guild, but… yeah, it’s pretty much the same everywhere.)


It was noon so the open tavern, the busy reception counter, and the quest board with requests; the basic interior was the same as any guild in any country.


(Let’s see, I have to register as an adventurer first… um, found it.)


When she looked around the guild, she found a sign that said ‘adventurer registration window’.


But for some reason there…


“Fu, fu, fu…”


A large skinhead man wearing black sunglasses was sharpening a dagger with sweat on his forehead.


(Hmm, probably a killer?)


Even though she was a Saint and stepped on the fine line between life and death many times, her fundamental sense was the same as that of a teenage girl.

To be frank, she was a little scared to talk to him.


(The other receptionists… ah, that woman looks kind.)


In desperation, Luna decided to visit the general reception desk.


“Excuse me, I’d like to register as an adventurer…”


“Yes, if you wish to register as an adventurer, please go over there.”


She pointed out the counter where the killer was waiting.


“I-I see…”


Receiving the merciless guidance, Luna dropped her shoulders in dejection.


(…I have no choice but to go, right?)


After taking a deep breath and resolving herself, she made up her mind and headed for the skinhead.


“U-um, I’d like to register as an adventurer…”


“… Ah?”


The large skinheaded man stood up and glared at Luna with bloodshot eyes.


“… (Sc-scary…)”


She almost let out a miserable voice, but she stopped herself at the last minute.


“… Hou, you weren’t afraid of my pressure? It seems that you have some courage.”


He put away the dagger in his hand and cleared his throat.


“I’m Berg, the guild leader. You want to register as an adventurer, right?”




When Luna nodded, Berg pulled a sheet of parchment from the drawer of a small shelf.


“Then, first of all, fill in the necessary information here.”


“Got it”


Luna took the quill pen provided and wrote down her information.

She had decided on her name, age, gender, etc. in advance as the ‘setting as an adventurer’ but while filling in the form, one problem came up.


“Excuse me, but for the address…”


It’s okay to fake your name and gender, but your address is an exception.

It would become a problem if something needed to be sent by mail.


“Ah, it’s okay to leave it blank. It’s just an address field on the form. In fact, it also doesn’t matter if your name isn’t your real name. Some adventurers want to hide their identities.”


“I see……”


Shortly after that, Luna, who had finished writing the necessary fields, submitted the parchment to Berg.


“—I’m done.”


“Oh, let me see. Your name is… Silver Glorious L Bloodfallen Heart?”




Luna confidently puffed out her chest and answered.

That was the ‘best masterpiece’ after intense brainstorming on what she should call herself.


“It’s too long, Silver it is then.”


When Berg said so, he erased ‘Glorious L Bloodfallen Heart’ with two diagonal lines.




Berg proceeded to the next step, leaving Luna trembling.


“Okay, then it’s time for the ‘test’.”




“Being an adventurer is a tough job with death always around the corner. We’ve made it part of registration to test whether or not you can survive. Hearing newbies die like flies is bad for my sleep.”


“I see.”


Luna agreed with Berg’s explanation.


“The contents of the test differ according to each adventurer’s ‘profession’… Silver, what do you do? I doubt you are a magician with that gear and I can’t see any other distinctive features. How are you going to fight?”


“Eh, ah, ah…”


Luna didn’t know how to answer.

She hadn’t solidified the ‘settings’ of Adventurer Silver, like what kind of weapon he would use to fight.


“Um… yes, right… For now, I’ll go with my fist.”


“Fist? Oh? You’re a pugilist with that getup?”


“We-well, yeah.”


“Hmm, you’re a strange dude… Well then, I’ll prepare a small test for pugilist――”


Just as Berg was about to begin his preparations, the door to the adventurer’s guild burst open.


“–Everyone, I’m home!”


A young white-haired swordsman with a large leather bag draped over his shoulders entered energetically.


“Damn, the noisy one is back again…”


“Who is that?”


“What, you don’t know him? Heavenly-gifted Sword Saint――Oulu Rustia, the strongest swordsman in our guild.」

Oulu Rustia, 15 years old.

At 165 cm tall, he is relatively small for a swordsman.

He had medium-length gray hair, big amber eyes, and a friendly face, and he was dressed like a stereotypical adventurer.


“Heavenly-gifted Sword Saint, the strongest swordsman…”


Those titles struck Luna’s heartstrings.


(An alias… Yeah, that’s kind of cool. I want something nice too.)


While she was thinking about such things, Oulu came to Berg with light steps.


“Berg, I have successfully completed the S-class quest you asked me to. This is the subjugation proof, the gem of the Bordokus.”


Saying so, Oulu took out a gem that emitted faint light from the leather bag over his shoulder.


“Oh, as expected.”


“And then… Yes, this is Laius’ local alcohol! I heard you like it?”


“Ooo! What’s up, you’re so thoughtful today!”


“I’m always indebted to you, so once in a while–”


Moving on from Berg, who was rubbing his cheek on the bottle of alcohol, Oulu looked at Luna.


“You’re huge, brother! What do you eat to grow that big!?”


“Eh, well… I just eat normally.”


Her main body was only 158 centimeters――There’s no way she could say that, so Luna replied awkwardly.






Oulu tilted his head curiously while staring at Luna’s face.


“Um… is something on my face?”


“That’s strange… Brother, my gift ‘Magic Perception’ isn’t working on you.”


“Ma-maybe you aren’t in top form…?”


Luna commented and looked away into the distance.


It was actually because of the <Magic Detection Resistance> she applied to the plate armor… If she revealed that, it would be troublesome so she decided to deceive him with an appropriate lie.


“Hmm, not in top form, huh…”


Oulu pondered to himself and turned to Berg.


“If he’s at Berg-san’s counter, I’m guessing this person came to register as an adventurer?”


“Yeah. This is Silver, he’s about to take the test right now.”


“I see. Well, it’s a coincidence that we met here so I’ll test Silver!”


With a friendly smile, Oulu made an outrageous proposal.


“Hey, what are you talking about? A rookie who doesn’t know the basics of adventuring can’t possibly pass your test, right?”


“It’s okay, don’t be so rigid! Besides, the creed of this guild is ‘Don’t let adventurers die’, right? If my eyes judge that he can make it, then he’ll definitely be fine… am I right?”


“Well, you’re right, but…”


“And… we don’t need any more weak adventurers. Trash is trash no matter how far they go. Not only are they useless, they are a hindrance.”


The eyes of Oulu, who declared so coldly, were dark and murky.


“So, I will be in charge of this test!”




“The content of the test is very simple! If you can hit me just once, you’ll pass immediately!”


“Eh, are you sure it can be that easy?”


Easy, huh… Fufu, I like it! I like that kind of naivety!”


In response to Luna’s remarks, which could sound like a provocation, Oulu’s inner fighting spirit was ignited.


“The time limit is three minutes. The place is… let’s see, I think we’ll use the training ground in the basement of the guild. ――It’s fine right, Berg-san?”


“Sigh, do what you like.”


Oulu, who had obtained permission from the guild master,


“Then let’s go!”


He walked off cheerfully and jovially, and Berg and Luna followed after him.


While moving to the training ground, Oulu glanced at Luna.


(This feeling… I guess I misjudged.)


He sighed inwardly.


(Since my ‘Magic Power Perception’ gift didn’t react, I thought he might be a powerful person who hid his skills, but… he’s no good. The way he walks is that of an amateur, full of gaps, and it’s like he has no vigor… If I wanted to, you’ve already died more than ten times you know, Silver? )


They went down the stairs to the basement, passed through the dark corridor――and came out into a gaping space.


“Oh, there’s a space like this in the basement of the guild…”


As Luna was astounded with her eyes wide, Berg added an explanation from the side.


“This training ground was dug by the previous guild leader. It’s open to all to improve the skills of adventurers… more importantly, you guys, why did you come with us?”


When he turned around, he saw a row of adventurers with alcohol bottles.


“Heheh, isn’t it fine? Think of us like we are air.”


“The Heavenly-gifted Sword Saint testing a rookie… isn’t it quite an interesting event!”


“Yeah, it’s just right as an appetizer for alcohol!”


They had been drinking in the tavern on the first floor and were lured in by the unusual event.


“Haa, really hopeless guys…”


Berg scratched his head and glanced at Luna.


“Hey Silver, what do you think? Just say the word, I can throw them out.”


“No, I don’t really mind.”


“Really? Well, if you’re okay with it, I don’t mind either…”


While the two were talking, Oulu clapped his hand.


“Now then, let’s start the test! Before the excited audience cools down!”


While facing each other, Luna and Oulu took a sufficient distance of about five meters.


“Ah, needless to say, of course I’ll be avoiding Silver’s attacks, okay? It won’t be a test if I just stay stationary blankly.”


“Yes, of course.”


“And one last piece of advice. ……I don’t think you’d succeed if you don’t come at me with the intent of killing me. (Well, even if you do, it will be a waste of effort).”


“Yes, I understand.”


At the same time as she nodded, Luna thought for a while.


(This person is called a Sword Saint, sounds like an amazing person… he’s probably pretty strong, right?)


She was extremely bad at grasping the opponent’s magic power and strength.

You could just say that she’s dull or that her perception is low… in any case, she’s terrifyingly bad at evaluating the strength of her opponents.


Well, once they hit each other, she’ll know.

That super muscle-brain style was the Saint’s true style.


(Since Berg-san, the guild leader, introduced him as the ‘strongest swordsman’, I’m sure he’s strong, but… I also had that strange experience previously with that self-proclaimed strongest Magician (Howard)…)


Luna, who had just been reincarnated, found grasping the ‘standard of strength’ in this world beyond her.


(I’d be revealed if something unfortunate happens… Yeah, the time limit is three minutes, so I’ll start lightly and gradually speed it up.)


Luna wrapped up her thoughts and Oulu smiled innocently.


“Have you come up with a plan?”


“Yeah, it’s perfect.”


“That’s good”


Oulu made a mocking smile at his opponent and spread his hands horizontally.


“Then, come at me anytime.”


He’ll deal with him suitably and make him fail.

Such thoughts crumbled in an instant.


“Then— here I come.”


The moment Luna took a step forward, Oulu’s gift <Omen of Death> was activated.




What was reflected in his mind was the future after a few seconds.

He was struck by Luna’s right straight punch in his face and died with a tragic appearance――he saw his own appearance.


(Did my gift malfunction? No, it has never happened before. What kind of future prediction was that just now…?)


As he wrapped up his thoughts, the armor in front of him started moving slowly.

From an amateurish stance, he took a step forward while lightly pulling his right arm back.




In an instant, what filled Oulu’s vision was– an iron fist.

A devastating blow that would cause instant death if received.


(Wait, when did he close the gap!? Right fist, fast, wind pressure is amazing, this is bad… I’ll… die.)


(I’m sure you’ll be fine with just this, right?)


With Luna’s light punches approaching, Oulu made his best and fastest decision.


([Agility Enhancement]・[Improved Physical Strength]・[Godspeed Reflexes]・[First Hit Avoidance]・[Goddess of Fortune]……! )


Each person has only one gift. The man who overturned this common sense was the man named Oulu Rustia, the Heavenly-gifted Sword Saint.

Born with more than 100 gifts, Oulu boasts power that surpasses that of humans and is the youngest person ever to rise to the rank of Sword Saint.


The result of such an extraordinary genius mobilizing all the gifts of the world.




Luna’s right straight exploded into Oulu’s face.

A popping sound resounded as if a water balloon had burst, and he was blown away horizontally to the ground, and sunk deeply into the guild wall.




All the adventurers who were watching couldn’t believe their eyes.


“No, way, right…?”


“That Heavenly-gifted Sword Saint, with just one blow…”


“Mo-more importantly, isn’t he dead…?”


The Oulu remained stuck in the wall and didn’t even move.


(E-eh… don’t tell me… I killed him…?)


In her armor, Luna’s eyes were swimming and her face was deathly pale.



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