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TLN: I’m back! 8 years since I started this series as my first translated work haha… I saw an uptick in people searching for Invincible Saint and realized they just released it as an anime. Moreover, the author finally concluded the series at Chapter 406 so I guess it’s a good time to pick it back up and hopefully translate to the end. A caveat that this will probably be a slow release… or a Patreon exclusive, I went back to Chapter 0 and edited it and will probably go through all the chapters to refresh my memory and edit the errors in my translations (probably quite a few).

Chapter 267: Albert’s public and private faces

Translator: Tseirp


I left it to Lionel to deal with the Emperor.

More importantly, the problem was the cowardly Prince Albert.

Since he calls Lionel his teacher, he must have been taught martial arts by him, but to be honest, I couldn’t see any traces of that at all.

He was just trembling as he looked at the Emperor whom I had punched away.


I felt bad for adding another blow, but I decided to tell the dazed Prince Albert what I had to say.

“Your Highness Albert, Lionel is… all my companions present are family, friends, and followers. So he will not serve the Empire.”

“Th-that’s a problem. I don’t mind if it’s only until the time I become the Emperor. Please please…”

His Highness bowed his head many times while looking at me with clinging eyes, but could he really become the Emperor? I had my doubts.


This time, our interests aligned and so we fought together… or not… on the contrary, he didn’t lead us and ended up holding us back instead.

Furthermore, Ryzak, whom Prince Albert was about to appoint as prime minister, defected to Cloud, and the Resistance who accompanied him were probably turned into demons or captured.

No matter how strong the Resistance’s headquarters was in Ebiza, until now it was clear that the goal was to become the Emperor, which was why they supported His Highness Albert.

But when that becomes a reality, there will always be people who try to take away those rights.


When that happens, will Prince Albert be able to stop it? Let’s assume that Melfina, the former saint, Ryzak, the traitorous Prime Minister, and Gladis, Lionel’s son, take up key positions in the Empire.

If that happens, it will be obvious what the people would think of those who stayed and supported the Empire compared to his Emperor status.


The prime minister, the heads of each department, and those next in line who are currently running the Empire will likely demand their current positions.


If he makes even the slightest mistake in dealing with them, a strike or a rebellion will occur.

Even if he were to get rid of the unscrupulous elements as an example, it would accelerate their desire for the former Emperor, who had been enforcing a good government, to return, and the Empire would descend into chaos.

Only the other countries would be happy about that, and that was assuming a good outcome.


If Prince Albert ascends the throne, will he maintain the front lines with the surrounding countries? Or will he gather the main generals who are in command? If that happens, the competing front lines may collapse.


For example, if he tried to sign a ceasefire agreement with the Rubruk Kingdom before that, the Rubruk Kingdom, despite being exhausted, would take it as a great opportunity to attack and negotiate aggressively.


If that happens, the generals and soldiers fighting on the front lines will have to be brought back to the Empire, and considering that they have absorbed a lot of territory since Lionel was around, it is clear that there will be a demand for the return of the captured territories.

It was won with the blood, sweat, tears, and soul of the Imperial soldiers.

If the newly enthroned Emperor agrees to that, Prince Albert will definitely lose his position, or depending on the situation, he would be assassinated immediately.


It would have been fine if Prince Albert, who had such a clinging look in his eyes, acted after thinking that far, but when he was carried by Ryzak and the others, did he imprint the course of action of the resistance as his own thoughts, or was it imprinted onto him…

If he was a supreme ruler with a hegemonic idea aiming to unify the continent, the Empire would still be united but…


“Your Highness Albert, I am not your retainer so I cannot say much, but please treasure life. Why did you want to take power from the current Emperor? Now that you have achieved that, I can only hope for the future of the Empire that you envision despite the risks involved.”

The Empire’s problems must be solved by the Empire.

Even though he’s inept at reading the atmosphere and has quite a carefree, shallow way of thinking, he should treasure lives if he loves peace.


As I shifted my gaze from His Highness Albert, who had a hardened expression embodying the word despair, towards the Emperor and Lionel, I noticed Estia beside him.


And after waiting for a fog-like substance to cover the Emperor, Lionel restrained the Emperor.

It’s probably fine to leave that to them.


I’d love to think that we’ve finally finished what we had to do in the Empire… but I had to find out how many more demonized soldiers there were…


If we let our guards down before everything is over, there is a possibility that we’ll get the rug pulled from below our feet… just like in my previous life.

Although I feel like that was a really irregular event…


Well, in any case, I couldn’t ask Cloud, who probably had the most information about demons and demonization, but if everyone sleeping in the Hermit’s Coffin, including Mr. Bazak, regains consciousness, we’ll be able to resolve that.


His Highness Albert seemed to be mentally shaken, so I decided to switch His Highness’s consciousness from the Empire to something familiar.

“By the way, Your Highness, about Melfina-san and the others…”


Apparently it was extremely effective.


“Yes. Her consciousness was taken over by the demons for a while, but I think she’s on the road to recovery now, but what are you going to do?”

“Is Melfina really Melfina? Will she turn back into a demon like just now?”

“I don’t know. But I think it’s unlikely.”

“I-I see.”

It seemed like it was difficult for him to accept Melfina-san with that personality.

He did receive a shock when told that he was frustrating.


I’ll use Melfina to inspire him a little.


“I think you should think about what Melfina-san will think of Your Highness’ current appearance.”


“Your Highness didn’t have a single ally in this place. However, you reached this point by making various moves. How you show that will make a big difference to people’s impressions.”

“How I act…”

“Let me say it again. We are neither Your Highness’ vassals nor your allies. Therefore, we will not intervene any further…”

His expression, which had become cheerful, began to sink lower and lower. I think he should learn some tricks to mask his expressions.

“…However, if Melfina-san, Ryzak, who was a fake Mr. Bazak, and Gladis-dono answer what I want to ask now, I will return them to the Empire… to Your Highness. Your Highness, please build up the Empire together with your retainers.”


His Highness began to mutter while looking down.

Then, whether the timing was good or not, Gladis-dono and Melfina-san came out of the Hermit’s Coffin together.


“This place… Yo-Your Highness Albert!? And the Sage.”

“…Your Highness Albert…”

Gladis-dono was knocked unconscious by Lionel, so I thought he regained consciousness pretty quickly, but I didn’t expect Melfina-san to recover so quickly.


“Melfina, and Gladis, are you okay?”

His Highness Albert stood up immediately and regained a slightly calmer impression like when we first met.

…It was scary how quickly he could change.


At that time, Melfina suddenly collapsed as if her knee had given out.

His Highness Albert firmly embraced her.

“Sage-dono, wasn’t Melfina healed?”

“I have never treated someone after their consciousness was taken by a demon. However, there should be a reason why she came out of the Hermit’s Coffin even though her consciousness was not yet clear?”

I was really surprised too.

Perhaps it was Prince Albert who caused Melfina-san to come out…


Gladis-dono opened his mouth after watching the situation and calming down.

“Your Highness, where is this place?”

“This is my bedroom. These people fought together with me just now to defeat the Emperor, and I will be building a new Empire from now on. Gladis, lend me your strength.”

He really felt like he was overflowing with confidence, as if he was a different person from before.


“…I tried to assassinate my father, a general of the Empire. If applied to military regulations, I will be decapitated. Therefore, please sentence me to beheading.”


“I pardon you for that. I am certain teacher who fought with me would also want that. You should talk to him later.”


“…Your Highness Albert…”

Melfina-san was calling Prince Albert even while her consciousness was still hazy.

“Melfina, I’m here. I’m going to build a new empire, so I’ll have Melfina stay by my side forever.”

“…Your Highness Albert…”


I decided to leave His Highness alone for the time being and called out to Gladis-dono.

“Gladis-dono, please tell me all the information that you know about what was happening in the Empire. Before the Empire gets any more chaotic due to the power of the demons.”


“Understood. It won’t make amends, but I’ll tell you everything I know.”

After that, Lionel, who had restrained His Majesty the Emperor, came out of the bedchamber and moved over to listen too.

At that moment, Gladis-dono looked as though he was a kid waiting to be scolded for doing something wrong, and I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.


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