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Chapter 268: And to the battlefield

Translator: Tseirp


After the battle with the Emperor was over and His Highness Albert met Melfina-san and recovered, so we decided to move somewhere else to ask about the demons and demonization.

“I have some business there, so let’s discuss it in the audience room.”

No one rejected his suggestion, so we moved to the audience room as instructed by Lionel.


When we exited the Emperor’s sleeping quarters, the four soldiers who had turned into demons were tied up with ropes by another six soldiers.

“We’re returning those who have become demons to their original forms. Follow us and bring them along.”

Following Lionel’s instructions, we moved as a large group to the throne room.

People working in the castle looked at me, but since I was traveling in a large group, there was no uproar even when I was carrying the unconscious Emperor on my shoulders.


We reached the throne room, but without pausing, Lionel opened the door behind the throne.

“Let’s take what we should first.”

I didn’t understand what he was saying, but when I followed Lionel past the door, I found that it was a treasure vault.


Not just me, everyone froze when they realized Lionel’s actions.

As expected of a general, he knew the location of the treasure vault, but… how did he unlock it?


“This treasure vault stores magic tools and medicine that can restore magical power. It would be best used to cure those who have turned into demons first.”

What Lionel said was correct, but I decided to get permission from Prince Albert, the person in charge of the place.


“If that’s the case… Your Highness Albert, is that okay?”

There was a possibility that we would later be accused of taking it without permission, so I wanted to get permission first.


“Sure. I’ve caused all of you a lot of trouble this time. As promised, I’ll gift some of the things in the treasure room to all of you.”

His Highness Albert was close to Melfina-san even after we changed location, but he no longer looked timid and was completely behaving like a member of the imperial family.

…Well, that was only natural since he is a member of the imperial family…


“Luciel-sama, here.”

Saying that, what Lionel took out from the treasure vault and handed to me was a magic potion… or not, but a shining jewel and a necklace.

“These are?”

“That sphere is a magic crystal ball. It can be used to store and take out magic power and will align with your magic attribute. And this is the Spirit King’s Necklace. It is said that wearing it makes it easier to use magic power and at the same time reduces the amount of magic power used.”

As expected from the Empire… there were valuable treasures hidden in the treasure vault.


“If all I have to do is wear the Spirit King’s Necklace, how do I use this magic crystal ball?”

“I heard it can be used with magic power manipulation.”

Holding the magic crystal ball in my hand, I used a mental image of circulating magic power in my body through the magic crystal ball and was surprised to feel my magic power suddenly increasing.


In an instant, my magical power was completely restored.


Next, after hanging the Spirit King’s Necklace around my neck, I began chanting toward the demonized soldiers.

【O Holy Dragon, become the light that dispels everything, consume all curses and impurities, and purify the evil souls with salvation】

When I did that, I felt my magical power slowly disappear, but the moment I felt the necklace glow, the sensation of my magical power disappearing stopped.

I thought perhaps it was a failure, but when I saw the Holy Dragon purifying the demonized soldiers while swallowing them, I understood that the consumption of my magic power was really suppressed.


“This is amazing…”

It was truly a national treasure.


The translucent holy dragon emitting pale light disappeared after passing the soldiers. The demonized soldiers returned to human form. However, since the soldiers were clearly exhausted, I immediately cast Extra Heal.

“Are you really sure I can have this…?!”

Just in case, I tried to confirm once more with His Highness Albert, but I noticed that the composure had disappeared from His Highness’s face as he held Melfina, so I followed his gaze. He was staring at the monster named Paula.


Before we knew it, Paula had entered the treasure room, and while deftly controlling a large number of miniature golems, she was discerning the treasures.

Then, the miniature golems would hand over only the items that Paula’s spectacles discerned to be valuable and then the item would disappear… and that repeated over and over.

The number of items that caught Paula’s eyes was approximately over twenty.


“Paula, that number is definitely too much.”

“…The golems are individual and a collective, a collective and individual. The golems worked hard.”

Paula said with pride, but since Prince Albert looked a little weak at the knees, I decided to reject her claims.


“Unfortunately, Paula is the one controlling the golems, so that’s no good.”

“So miserly. But I must have this.”

Paula said and showed us an ordinary ring.


His Highness Albert looked relieved when he saw that and agreed.

We were probably the only ones who understood that it was a very rare item because of Paula’s remarkable smile at that time.


Whereas Lionel showed His Highness a greatsword, large shield, and long spear before speaking.

“Your Majesty took away something that belonged to me, so I would like to have them returned to me.”

“All right.”

After that, I transferred the rights to Paula because Estia, Kefin, and Katy were interested, and Prince Albert was panicking again, but in the meantime, I took Mr. Ryzak out of the Hermit’s Coffin and had Estia wake him up.


Mr. Ryzak was stunned when he learned that everything was over, but he seemed to have discerned many things and promised to tell Gladys everything he knew.

And he was asked to talk about everything related to demons and demonization, but…


“Then you don’t know how many people the Emperor and Cloud turned into demons, and you don’t know why they started to promote demonization?”

“Yes. I had no idea that demons were entering and leaving the castle. I was given a slave crest and was ordered not to tell anyone about my father or Cloud… I was present because I was told there was going to be an attack.”

“Since you came out of that laboratory, you probably saw demonized people, right?”

“For those demons… I heard that there was an experimental facility to absorb power from demons. The soldiers and slaves were also Cloud’s private army, so I couldn’t say anything.”

Unfortunately, the information Gladys-dono collected didn’t seem useful.


I turned to Mr. Ryzak and asked him a question.

“So the reason why Ryzak-san betrayed His Highness was because Cloud approached you with a deal, to become a slave and work as a spy to obtain information on how His Highness Albert and the others would move or be turned into a demon and be the spy?”

“That’s right. The few people who were turned into demons were no longer human. I felt that it would be better to choose to be a spy if I would have to throw away my humanity.”

“But the slave crest disappeared in Ebiza, didn’t it?”

Even then, there must be some reason why he chose Cloud’s side instead of His Highness.


“I saw the Emperor teleport in and I thought there was no way His Highness could escape. Anybody who would think that they can win against that many demonized soldiers is crazy in the head.”

I felt like he implicitly said that we were crazy, but I certainly don’t feel like soldiers who haven’t turned into demons could win against them, so Ryzak’s reasoning was sound.

It would have been terrifying to have the Emperor teleport to him when he wasn’t expecting it.


“Well, that’s fine. Just to be clear, you will be handed over to His Highness Albert, so please think of what impression you should give which will determine your future.”

“… There were a few more demons in this castle, but they’re probably dead. All the slaves have Cloud’s slave crest, so if he dies, they’ll be dead too. It’s said that the Emperor’s slaves serve as pawns for the Emperor.”

“Then does that mean there are no more demons in the Empire?”

“Ah… no, not in the castle, but…” “Luciel-sama, Doran has contacted me.”


I had forgotten that I had given the magic communication ball to Lionel, but apparently there was an urgent call that Lionel could not decide on his own.

“Pass it to me.”

I received the magic communication ball from Lionel and willed it to connect to Doran.


“Doran, are you okay?”

“Yeah, we’re safe. Just a while ago, I encountered one of the Empire’s winged dragon knights, but it ignored me and headed towards your location at full speed. Just in case, we will also circle above the imperial castle.”

“I see. Could you please wait a moment?’’


I asked Lionel before there was a reply from Doran.

“Lionel, if a single winged dragon knight returns from the front line, what situations can you think of?”

“Apart from when they are tasked to take down an enemy fort on the battlefield, it can only mean that the front lines were breached or something unexpected happened.”

“Sage-dono, regarding the nature of that trouble…” “Please excuse me. Just before the battle with Rubruk began, the special squad began attacking everyone regardless of friend or foe…”

A soldier burst into the throne room, in such a hurry that he drowned out Ryzak’s words without looking at us and informed us of the urgent matter.


“…I guess that was what you wanted to say?”

“…Yeah, well…”

Ryzak looked visibly depressed as if he was trying to use that useful information as a bargaining chip.

But it was not the time to worry about such things.


“It would leave a bad taste if we don’t go to the battlefield now… right?”

I made the mistake of looking at Lionel’s face and asking him.


“Yes. This will cause the Empire to owe us an even bigger debt and if left unchecked, it will become very troublesome.”

“I see. So what should we do with the Emperor?”

“Estia’s dark attribute magic is putting him to sleep, but I don’t know how long he will be asleep.”

“That’s troublesome… hmm?”

“What’s wrong?”

When I stared at the soldier who had rushed in earlier, it was a face I had seen somewhere before.


“Kefin, Katy, capture that reporting soldier.”

The two of them responded immediately to the sudden command.

And when I headed closer to the soldier that was caught in the blink of an eye, I found a familiar face.


“It’s been a really long time since Ienith.”

“…Why is S-rank Healer here…”

Perhaps it was a reward for my hard work in the Empire, I was grateful to Extravagant Luck-sensei for pinpointing and reuniting me with the people I needed.


“Well, there are many things we have to talk about, but first there are things I want you to do. Please give me a hand… slave trader-san.”

Before heading to the battlefield, I let out a sigh of relief, knowing that I could take care of the troubles from before and not leave anything hanging.


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