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Chapter 269: Linking up

Translator: Tseirp


To think that the slave trader who sold Lionel and his party in Ienith was now in the position of commanding the winged dragon unit, it’s truly a small world…

With that in mind, under His Highness Albert’s orders, the slave trader would imprint a slave crest on the Emperor and make him a slave of His Highness Albert.


“… Doing something like this to His Majesty the Emperor…”

Although he occasionally let out such murmurs, the slave trader quickly finished the work of enslaving the Emperor, perhaps understanding that he had no other choice.

After the work was done, I woke the Emperor up and told him that he was now Prince Albert’s slave, but there was something strange about his response.


“Estia had sealed away His Majesty’s emotions.”

Lionel seemed to sense that I had doubts in mind and explained calmly in a monotonous voice. However, the Emperor harbored within him a demon known to be a kin of darkness.

Naturally, it would also have strong resistance to the dark attribute. I couldn’t hide my surprise at the fact that Estia’s dark attribute magic exceeded that resistance.


“It seems that because he was unconscious, and with the help of the Dark Spirit, I was able to somehow seal him away.”

Estia explained as if she had read my emotions.

It looks like I carry my emotions on my face…


Even so… it felt odd because with his emotions sealed away, the Emperor, who had so much ambition, appeared like just an ordinary person.

But it would be problematic if he stayed that way.


The Emperor will have to appear normal when he declares his abdication and transfer of the throne to Prince Albert.

Otherwise, even if Prince Albert becomes Emperor, there is a possibility that he will be left on the sidelines without ever being able to seize real power.

…Well, on that thought… I turned my gaze towards His Highness Albert.


The slave contract was concluded without incident.

There were three terms of the contract that His Royal Highness Albert imposed on the Emperor.

One, do not take any hostile action against any of the people present.

Two, to ask for His Highness Albert’s permission before using any skill.

Three, if someone who wants to take over his role appears again, tell His Highness Albert everything.

Those were the three terms.


And I had Prince Albert, Melfina-san, Gladys-dono, and Mr. Ryzak sign three oaths with me.

One, do not take any hostile action against us.

Two, do not perform espionage in Saint Schull and Ienith.

Three, to contact us using the magic communication bead if something happens, such as a demon appearing.

Those were the three oaths.


I was relieved that there would not be any hostilities with the Empire… although I did not believe it would last forever, I was glad that there wouldn’t be any conflict with the Empire for now.

Incidentally, at that time, Mr. Ryzak was also made into His Highness’s slave, returning to Prince Albert’s control, and was made to swear that he would never betray him again.


After that, Dolan asked for permission to land, but it seemed like they were under attack from Imperial soldiers, so they had to flee and was in a bind.

I left it to Lionel to explain to the imperial soldiers, and he informed them that the airship was there to pick me, the Saint traveling incognito, up from the imperial castle, so they escorted the airship instead.

They thought it was a little suspicious, but the soldiers who witnessed the Emperor and His Highness with us had no choice but to believe us.

At that point, they finally relaxed their attack stance and the airship landed safely within the castle grounds.

“Please leave this to me. Luciel-sama, please prepare for departure.”

“Okay. Lionel, please come to the cockpit once you board.”


I left the place to Lionel and we boarded the airship so as not to look suspicious.


When I headed straight to the bridge, Dolan and the party greeted me.

Even though we just split up this morning, it felt like a long time had passed since then.

“Dolan, I’m sorry for not paying attention to the airship.”

“No worries, it was quite a thrilling flight. Besides, it was a good opportunity to test this thing’s durability.”

Doran laughed happily as he said that, but… I was curious about the way he said it.

“…Were you attacked?”

“The airship was able to completely block the Empire’s ballista. If we activate the Area Barrier for magic on top of that, it won’t fall so easily on the battlefield.”

“…I see. That’s fine, but… is everyone okay?”

After hearing Dolan’s words, I wanted to apologize but it seemed like he was telling me that I didn’t have to apologize, so I decided to ask everyone else as well.


“We didn’t have much to do… but we had a wonderful experience of seeing the world.”

“That’s right. Since I’ve been up in the sky for so long, I’ve gotten a solid image of flying. Maybe now I can use Spirit Magic to fly.”

Nadia and Lydia seemed to enjoy their flight and had no problems.


“Luciel-sama, I would like you to make another one of these airships that teacher made. Then Luciel Co. will definitely be able to control the world. Then I will be able to concentrate on research.”

“Owner, I’ve test-fired it several times, so although we didn’t fire the main gun, I can shoot down any enemies that get close to the airship.”

Perhaps because Ryina and Nanya were influenced by Dolan, they became faithful to their desires.

I was particularly worried about Nanya’s personality change, and when I turned my gaze towards Dolan, he averted his eyes…

Lately, for some reason, he had been averting his eyes quite often… but I would still be asking him what was going on later so averting his eyes now won’t help him.



Lician was fiddling with his magic tool for finding enemies that Dolan had been playing with until early this morning, but he didn’t even notice us.

It seemed like Lician was operating normally as usual.


Deciding that there were no problems here, I told everyone that we were heading to the battlefield.

“Everyone, listen. We’re going to move the airship towards the front line where the Empire and the Rubruk Kingdom are fighting.”


“Moving to the front lines, does that mean we’ll be killing people on either side in the war?”

Nadia asked, assuming the possibility of a fight.


“No, basically I have no intention of fighting the soldiers of both armies. We are heading to the front lines just for the soldiers who have been turned into demons by the Empire.”

“If they’re fighting a war in the first place, I think we should just leave them alone.”

This time, Ryina commented, but I couldn’t let that happen.


“Apparently they will go on a rampage and attack friend and foe since they lost their slave master. Of course, that’s fine on a battlefield, but the demonized soldiers are too strong.”

Since Kefin and Ketty were injured and Paula’s golems were half destroyed, it was impossible to just ignore them.


“If they accidentally move into the neighboring regions, innocent people will suffer as well. I want to eliminate that possibility.”

“Luciel-sama is a good-natured person after all.”

“I just want to defeat them while they are still weak if there’s a chance that we will be fighting those demonized soldiers someday.”

“…A good-natured person after all.”

Ryina seemed to be convinced with that.


Just to put it out there, I told them that if they didn’t want to go to the battlefield, they could stay in the Empire, but none of them wanted to stay.

More importantly, the technical team seemed to have something they wanted to try if they were going to the battlefield, and I noticed that they seemed to be having a lot of fun.


Just as I was about to explain their respective roles on the battlefield, Lionel finally returned, but for some reason, Prince Albert and the Emperor were behind him.

“Why did you bring them here?”

“I would like to use this uproar as an opportunity to bring this war to its end.”

Lionel said confidently.


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