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Updated 10 Sep 2023

Intermission 1: A Natural Healer Appeared in the Adventurer Guild

Translator: Tseirp, TheDefend

That guy just suddenly appeared at the Meratoni branch Adventurer’s Guild on a normal day just before noon.


“Guildmaster, can I have some of your time?”

While I was training my body at the underground training hall, Nanaera who was rostered to man the receptionist desk today suddenly called me.

Rarely did any issue cause Nanaera to leave her spot, so I stopped my training and approached Nanaera.

My instinct smelled trouble, but since I was tired of my daily life that had no excitement lately, my interest was piqued.


“I told you many times, it’s not Guildmaster, it’s Broad. So what’s the matter?”

The title Guildmaster is still too early for me who is in his forties and it makes me sound like an old man, so I hated it.


“I’m sorry. Broad-san then. A Healer boy around the age of 15 just proposed to receive combat training in exchange for healing.”

Healer…… one of the jobs that I hate. Using the power received from God to heal someone is a good thing, but those moneygrubbers often demand large amounts of money.


“……Did he register as an adventurer?”

That was the important part. Because it was weird for a Healer to join the Adventurer’s Guild.



“What’s his combat skill?”

“It is Taijutsu I.”

“His objective?”

Oi oi, way too suspicious. A normal Healer would have employed a bodyguard.


“I haven’t asked about that. But…”

“Stop beating around the bush. If you want to say something then say it properly.”

“I think he feels different from the typical Healer. He looked at me and didn’t say anything, he also didn’t show any indication of being disgusted.”

“Hou. I see. H~n. It would be great if he is not a weird guy.”

In this world, it said only the human race can use the Light and Holy attribute magic, but that is a lie. However, beastmen have less magical power and not many of them can use magic so it led to that train of thought.

Well, Spirit Magic has healing magic as well so it’s not like healing magic is the sole privilege of humans.

“But wouldn’t he be a weird person precisely because he wants to become an adventurer?”

I answered myself. I walked toward the reception desk while pondering.

“Ah, make sure to not call me guild master, understood?”

I didn’t forget to remind Nanaera.


As I proceeded toward the reception desk, what I saw in front of the counter was a boy with slender and delicate features, also he was quite a young lad.

She did mention he is 15 years old.

Just what exactly is his objective?

“Are you the fledgling who can use healing magic?”

I tried intimidating him a little as I asked. Doing so would make him reveal his true nature.


“Yes. I just registered as an adventurer, my name is Luciel. I wish to improve both martial arts and healing magic and was just consulting the receptionist for any requests to earn some money as well.”

Fumu. He was indeed scared, but he still looked straight at me and those eyes told me that he was not lying.


“Hou. How rare despite being a healer. My name is Broad. It looks like you already have the Taijutsu skill? Why would a healer want more fighting capabilities?”

A money-grubbing healer actually wants to study combat skills? What exactly was his true motive?


“Because I am useless in actual combat. I have not mentally prepared myself and if I get attacked by a common weak monster during my travels I will likely die. I strive to prevent that from happening and I wish to at least improve until the stage where I am capable of defending myself.”


Ah, I understand now. This guy is the type that is aware of his weakness. Moreover, he is the rare kind of healer who has not been stained with greed for money. Maybe he naturally has little attachment to money.

“That is fine. Because you are H rank, we will hire you as a healing personnel for the arena. The pay is 1 silver an hour. The working hours and employment period are up to you, boy. When would you like to start training?”

To not let go of this natural healer, I decided to accept his request.

“If that is the case then I will start three days later.”

After that, Nanaera exchanged greetings with the kid and he bowed to her before exiting the guild.


“Never knew that there would be such a polite healer.”

Those words of Nanaera told the entire story. They are all money-grubbing and arrogant. Even here in Meratoni, the clinic is the largest building present.


“That I intimidated a youngster like that, I’m really starting to grow old. Oi, Nanaera. When that natural healer comes back, I’ll be his teacher. Also since that kid is going to stay here, clean up the nap room so he can use it. Ah, that’s right. Tell the adventurers if they dare to pick a fight with that kid there will be a heavy penalty.”

I just prayed that he has willpower.

Oh, since that kid is a natural, I should have Grulga prepare some of that disgusting shit.

If he drinks that, even if he is a Healer he should be able to become stronger even just a little bit.


And three days finally passed. I was informed by the staff that the kid came.

“Sure is wide.” The kid who murmured seriously didn’t notice me at all.

That’s concerning. Or could it be because he doesn’t know martial arts that he doesn’t have any wariness?


“It sure is. Fledgling? Let us begin immediately. I will begin with the basics so don’t run away, okay?”

Even while threatened he still gave a nod, so his courage was pretty good.

While thinking that, I decided to train the kid.

Perhaps due to his job, he didn’t have any stamina at all, so we started with building up stamina first.

Watching him do that simple training desperately gave me a good feeling, but the thing that worried was how long he would continue doing it.

The next morning, I asked Grulga to take that out and ordered the kid to drink it.

So smelly. Even from a distance the smell reached me. Even though it has been diluted, it was still that smelly.


Are you kidding me?! The kid drink that in one go.

I could tell that even Grulga was surprised.

I haven’t seen a guy willing to drink that in the past 10 years.

Could this kid actually be a raw unpolished gem?

While thinking that, the training is started.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Instructor Broad, while the training certainly is tough, since I do not feel any muscle ache, could you intensify the training?”

It’s because he made that kind of suggestion.

“Hou? For a healer say that, I didn’t think that you would have such fortitude.”

Even though he just a delicate-looking guy, is he the type that will show his value the more he is beaten and driven into a corner?

Ever since that day, the training where he is pushed to his limit, until he is one step away from breaking began.

What would happen if he keeps training that way?

And at that time I thought. It’s totally a waste. That this kind of raw gem appeared when I’m already so old.

I ascertained his limit so he doesn’t break, and guide him.


“Broad, how is Luciel?”

Grulga, who usually doesn’t show any interest towards anyone, actually showed interest toward Luciel the kid and asked about him.


Well, he was probably interested because he drank that.


“To be honest, he is not a genius, but not exactly ordinary either. After all, he’s starting to adapt to this environment. It’s some kind of talent to continue to be pushed so far without complaining at all.”

“Any contact from the Healer’s Guild?”

“None. Even though he’s a healer, he’s still just G-rank.”

“Is that so. Then how about giving him a spellbook?”

“… Let’s do that.”

That reminded me, that kid could only use Heal.

We have a book with detoxification magic that he can learn. We can give him that.


“Also, pay him first, before his guild credential expires.”

Seriously, these two brothers are so reliable.

“Will he come back?”

“That’s up to the person himself.”

“That’s true.”


When the kid went to the Healer’s Guild and eventually returned, it made me really happy.

“Now then, I should get back to train him in earnest.”

Creating new schedules while deciding on how to train Luciel for the future, I was thankful for the days that will no longer be boring as I trained him.



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    • Yes im re-editing all the old chapters. This was on TheDefend’s site but he’s no longer active so i moved it to my site

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