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ME c0034

Chapter 0034 High Poison Raptor

Translator: Tseirp


Under Elisha’s lead, we found the Poison Raptors in a large swamp area.


They had bird-like pointed beaks and frilled necks.


They also had a characteristic orange body with black spots and well-developed hind legs.


“That’s a lot of them.”


Sneaking a peek from behind the rocks, I counted thirty at a glance.


Poison Raptor

LV 27

Stamina: 93

Strength: 62

Tenacity: 58

Magic: 42

Spirit: 37

Agility: 77

Skills: [Poison Claw] [Poison] [Tracking] [Miasma Resistance (Medium)] [Poison Resistance (Small)]


Their levels and stats were almost the same as those of the Soldier Lizards.


“Do you see the boss?”


I looked around, but as Elisha asked, I couldn’t find a boss-like individual.


“Did they go somewhere else or is there a larger herd than this?”


“I don’t want to think too much about the latter, but it would be nice if there isn’t one.”


If the boss joins in, the Poison Raptors will gain momentum.


It would be easier if we cleared the herd before the boss intervened.


Luckily, the Poison Raptor hadn’t seemed to notice us, so we decided to attack preemptively.


“I will cast magic, so please attack following my timing.”




After nodding, Elisha summoned the wind spirits.


The wind spirits flew to the center of the Poison Raptor herd.


The Poison Raptors reacted when they saw the wind spirits floating in the air.


After the individual Poison Raptors gathered to some extent, a tornado formed around the wind spirits.




The small tornado easily lifted the Poison Raptors.


While the enemy’s attention was focused on the wind spirits, I activated [Instant Step] and cut down the two closest Poison Raptors.


Realizing that it was not only a tornado, but also an adventurer appearing, the Poison Raptors screamed and rushed towards me.


The Poison Raptors approached with sharp movements despite their bad footing from the tornado.


When I dodged the charge of the first and second raptor with a side step, the third raptor appeared ahead of me as if they had planned it.


I was about to intercept it with a skill, but Wind Blades came flying before I could act and the three Poison Raptors were torn apart.


Elisha was covering me with magic.


The Poison Raptors came to a halt when they saw their companions slain by magic.


I didn’t miss that chance and slammed them with the side of my greatsword.


The two Poison Raptors were launched into the air and didn’t move once they fell to the ground.


With my current strength, even just using the sword as a blunt weapon like that would produce enough force.


When another Poison Raptor came leaping at me, I received the attack with the broadside of my greatsword, pushed back hard, and slashed at where its balance collapsed.


A Poison Raptor appeared from my side, with its mouth open wide and spraying venom.


Although it could be nullified by my unique skill, getting spit on would inhibit my vision and my body would get wet, so I avoided it.


However, I minimized my evasive movements and retaliated.


Ordinary people would leave a greater margin when dodging to prevent the poison from grazing them, but since I could nullify it with my Unique Skill, there would be no problem even if some of it landed on me.


If you can dodge with the smallest movement, your next action will be faster.


As a result, my attack reached my opponent immediately.


A Poison Raptor’s attack power is not great on its own.


Their threat is when they gather into a herd and play with you until they whittle down your stamina.


Behind me, I had the magician Elisha, who was using magic to kill our enemies from a distance.


Occasionally, she also supported me so that I didn’t get surrounded, so I could swing my sword around as much as I wanted to finish the enemy.




While the two of us were smoothly clearing the Poison Raptors, a rather large Poison Raptor appeared from behind a rock further back.


“It looks like the boss is here.”


“And it looks like it brought its subordinates with him.”


There were many Poison Raptors behind the individual that seemed to be the boss.


Moreover, it was more than the ones here.


Apparently my concern that there was another larger herd was correct.


The Poison Raptor boss bent low, kicked the rock hard, and landed in front of us.


That was some amazing jumping power. And it was big.


If the Poison Raptors I had faced until now were about 1 meter tall, the boss was more than double that.


Its frill was also larger and the claws growing from its front and hind legs were dangerously long.


Looking at it up close like that, I thought the regular Poison Raptors looked much cuter.


High Poison Raptor

LV 34

Stamina: 126

Strength: 98

Tenacity: 77

Magic: 55

Spirit: 66

Agility: 118

Skills: [Command] [Strong Poison] [Strong Poison Claw] [Strong Poison Fang] [Poison Resistance (Large)] [Miasma Resistance (Medium)]


Its official name is High Poison Raptor, but Boss should be fine since that’s too long.


Level 34, which was comparable to the Lizard General.


With a large number of Poison Raptors in tow, even though there was a difference in level, we would likely get caught off guard if we let our guard down.


“Elisha! I’ll leave the surrounding ones to you!”



Hearing Elisha’s reply and readying my greatsword, the boss opened its mouth wide and spat out Strong Poison.




Its poison spread across a wider area compared to the Poison Raptors.


When I dodged sideways, the boss stretched out its neck to bite me.


I caught its fangs with the broadside of my greatsword.


Its long, pointed canine leaked venom.


Just a tiny nick would send deadly poison into your body and you’ll be in the other world in no time.


I have status ailment immunity, so I won’t be poisoned, but I didn’t want to be bitten after seeing how sharp its teeth were.


I reduced the force behind my greatsword and slightly shifted the angle of the blade.


Upon doing so, the boss’s jaw, as it tried to bite down with all its strength, latched onto nothing.


Holding higher up the hilt, I slashed the body of the boss.




“Tch, was it too shallow?”


Reddish purple blood sprayed out.


I could only deal a shallow cut because my body was off balance from shifting the blade.


While the boss was screaming and leaning back, I stepped in and tried to slice off its long neck.


However, it was avoided by the boss jumping backward.


I immediately lifted my greatsword and turned my gaze, and found that the point where the boss landed was the poisonous swamp.


“That guy is taking refuge in the Poison Swamp!”


Because of its [Poison Resistance (Large)], it was probably fine even in the Poison Swamp.


The boss’s face was distorted in a mocking expression.


“That’s a sight I’ve seen somewhere before.”


I thought I heard my companion taking a dig at me behind me, but maybe it was just my imagination.


I wouldn’t do anything so cowardly like retreating to a poison swamp during a battle.


“But it’s a pity. That tactic doesn’t work on me.”


A normal adventurer might hesitate to enter the Poison Swamp, but I didn’t hesitate because I have [Nullify Status Ailments].


When I plunged into the poisonous swamp while drawing my greatsword happily, the boss showed a startled expression.


The blade slipped through the claws of its front legs, which it brought up after a delay, and slashed its body.


When the boss flinched, I tried to follow up, but a whip-like bent tail came from the left edge of my field of vision and struck me directly.


“Lude! Are you okay!?”


“I used [Hard Body] right on time, so I’m fine!”


Elisha called out to me with concern, so I raised my hand to indicate to her that I was fine.


However, my whole body was sticky because I had plunged head-first into the poisonous swamp. It felt awful.


When I wiped off the poison swamp water and tried to push myself up, I felt a hard sensation on the ground.


“……What’s this?”


When I touched it, it didn’t feel like stone, but rather a hard metal-like substance.


I was very curious, but I was in mid-battle. I reset my focus.


When I stood up quickly, the boss gave me a questioning look.


Until now, those who entered the Poison Swamp after it would have suffered from the poison, or their faces would have turned blue, but I had no such reaction at all.


Because it didn’t work on me.


When I held up my greatsword and started charging over, the boss extended the claws on his front legs to fight back while still looking puzzled.


When I calmly deflected its claws away, its tail bent toward me like a whip, but I avoided it.


After all, that was the second time so I was on guard and avoided it.


The threats were its bite and unpredictable tail. Conversely, its other attacks were weak.


Besides, after fighting for a while, you would start to understand how to fight the bosses and their habits.


Timing it, I crouched and activated [Instant Step] after dodging the tail.


I was just below the boss’s long neck, which was a blind spot.


Since its neck, which is a mass of vital points, was exposed, I swung my greatsword with all my strength.




The face of the Boss, which was flying in the air, had a bewildered look on it.


It seemed that it could not understand why it was flying through the air until the very end.


Because I slipped into its blind spot with a momentary acceleration, from the boss’s perspective, it would have seemed like my figure had disappeared.


When the Boss’s body collapsed, the remaining Poison Raptors scattered and fled.


Defeating the boss that had gathered that many subordinates apparently led to the collapse of the herd.


Some raptors tried to continue fighting, but they were wiped out by Elisha’s spirit magic.


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