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ME c0035

Chapter 0035 Hidden Floor

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After the remaining Poison Raptors had scattered, we harvested the Poison Raptors of their materials.


I was uncomfortable with the murky swamp water on my body, but the freshness of the material is important, so I put it off for later.


Magic stones were the obvious harvest, as well as claws and fangs which can be processed into weapons.


The hide can be used for leatherwork and the internal organs are used for medicine, so the Poison Raptor materials give quite decent money.


“Thank you for your hard work. You got quite dirty. Shall I wash it off with magic?”


Elisha came over after I gathered most of the Poison Raptor materials, including the boss.


“Well, before that, there was something I was curious about in the poison swamp, so can I check it out?”


“In the poison swamp?”


While Elisha made a dubious face, I waded into the poison swamp.


When I returned to the place where I was thrown to in battle with the boss, there was something hard just like before.


“Is there something there?”


Elisha who asked that was floating in the air wrapped in wind.


It must be the spirit magic she showed me previously.


“There’s something strangely hard here.”


When I knocked on it with my fist as a test, there was a clear metallic sound.


“The armor of an adventurer who explored here in the past?”


“That’s a thought I don’t want in my head. Rather than armor, I feel like it’s a metal plate or something like that.”


“Can I try to blow the poison swamp away with a little wind?”




I couldn’t tell unless I saw it with my own eyes, so I stepped away from the spot for a while.


When Elisha borrowed the power of the spirit to create a gust of wind, the swamp receded in its center, revealing something like a thick metal plate.


“What’s that?”


“Looks like an underground door? There’s a hollow that looks like a handle.”


“No, I can tell, but why is there such a door in the poison swamp…?”


“Wouldn’t that be a hidden door then?”


There are hidden rooms and hidden areas in any labyrinth.


If it is the same as that, wouldn’t there be some kind of area under that?


“First of all, check if there are any magical traps. You must not touch it carelessly–”


“Oh, sorry. I touched it.”


I had already touched the underground door before Elisha warned me.


“I’m sorry. But I just touched the handle and nothing else—ooh!?”


When I tried to explain myself, the underground door suddenly opened on its own, and my body was drawn in by a mysterious suction force.


Down a dark, narrow passageway.




“Sheesh! I warned you!”


It wasn’t just me who was sucked in, but Elisha, who was nearby, seemed to have been caught up in it and was screaming as well.


Perhaps we would be dropped into a place like the abyss again.


Then I’ll have to prepare to fall from a high place.


That’s what I thought, but soon I saw something that looked like the ground.


I couldn’t adjust my posture in time as the ground was closing faster than I imagined and I landed awkwardly.


Since Elisha was above me, she failed to land and landed on my back.




A groan escapes from my mouth from the impact.


I now understood the feeling of the Minotaur that was trapped under me.


I’m really thankful for that Minotaur.


“I’m sorry! Are you okay!?”


“You’re heavy, so please quickly get off.”


“It’s rude to call a maiden heavy!”

When I expressed my honest feelings, Elisha quickly moved off my back even though she was indignant.


“I can’t see anything, so I’ll turn on the lights.”


Elisha said and summoned a light spirit to illuminate the surroundings.


When I got up and looked around, I saw a vast hall made of stone.


“…Where is this place?”


“I’ve dived up to the 26th floor, but I’ve never seen a place like this.”


I haven’t explored every corner of the 26th floor, but in the first place, beyond the 25th floor is a swamp.


Compared to that, the atmosphere of the floor here was too different.


“A hidden floor?”


“It’s an underground door in the poison swamp. It wouldn’t be strange if this was in that kind of place.”


A normal adventurer wouldn’t think of entering a poison swamp, and even if he did, he wouldn’t explore the inside of the swamp.


I was pretty sure it was a place no one had ever been to before.


“Hey, is it me, or did the door we fell through disappear into thin air?”


When I looked at the ceiling, the hole we fell through was completely gone.


As if there was never a door there.


“It’s a common gimmick in hidden floors like this. We have no choice but to move forward and find the exit.”


It is a mysterious gimmick that pulls you inside just by grabbing the handle. It wouldn’t be strange if there was a mechanism to make the entrance disappear too.


Giving up on going back via the same way we came through, we cautiously proceeded through the hall and suddenly heard something like a growl.


When Elisha hurriedly flew the light spirit forward, we found a huge dragon enshrined there.


It was covered in poisonous purple scales and had twisted horns on its head.


Looking up at its imposing appearance, it easily exceeded 20 meters. Its size was also dozens of times that of a normal monster.


Miasma Dragon Basilista


Stamina: 524

Strength: 445

Tenacity: 422

Magic: 377

Spirit: 365

Agility: 201

Skills: [Strong Poison Fang] [Strong Poison Claw] [Night Vision] [Intimidation] [Miasma Nullification] [Poison Nullification] [Paralysis Resistance (Medium)] [Fire Resistance (Medium)] [Lightning Resistance] [Earth Resistance] [Dragon Scales] ] [Strong Poison Needle] [Wave of Miasma] [Earth Magic Law] [Dark Magic Law] [Darkness Resistance] [Petrification Resistance] [Corrosion Resistance]


A legendary existence that appears in fairy tales and picture books. It was right in front of us.


It can be said to be the strongest among the monsters I have met so far.


“… Elisha, it’s bad. This guy’s level 75.”


“75!? That’s not a level that should be in a labyrinth like this!?”


When I appraised it, it had the highest level and stats among the monsters I’ve seen so far.


Its stats were 1.5 times ours, or even more than twice.


Although it had no unique skill, the number and quality of its other skills were overwhelming.


It’s definitely the strongest monster I’ve met so far.


When Basilista turned its snake-like golden eyes with vertical stripes toward us, it unleashed murderous intent and hostility.




An enormous roar shook the hall and perhaps the entire Miasma Labyrinth.


The vibration of the air almost burst my eardrums. But it soon subsided.


When I turned my gaze, there was a jade-colored veil covering us.


Since Sylphid was waiting by Elisha’s side, it seemed that the vibration of the sound was dispersed with spirit magic.


Despite encountering a shocking monster, she calmly fulfilled her role.


As expected of a former S rank. She had remained calm as she had probably experienced quite a few situations.


“Since there’s no other way out, we have no choice but to defeat it! Let’s do it!”




Since there was already no way out, I had no choice but to steel myself as an adventurer.


If I am to become an S-rank adventurer, it is appropriate for the monsters I face to be reasonably powerful.


Like in fairy tales, I used to yearn to fight dragons, but I never imagined that I would challenge a dragon at D rank.


I decided to challenge the legend that I had longed for since I was a child.


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