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Chapter 0036 Miasma Dragon Basilista

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“If you’ve done [Appraisal], tell me the information now.”


Using the precious time Elisha created for us, I passed on fragmentary information I found out about Basilista through [Appraisal].


“It’s called Miasma Dragon Basilista. As the name suggests, it’s a dragon that manipulates miasma. Be careful as its claws and fangs have poison and paralysis.”


“What about magic resistance?”


“Due to the defensive skill called [Dragon Scale], magic doesn’t work well as a whole. It has great resistance to fire, earth, and darkness.


Since Basilista’s long roar ended, our strategy meeting was over.


I felt sorry for Elisha, but she’ll have no choice but to guess from the fragmentary information and fight.


Basilista glared at us and expelled a dark purple mist from its body.


It was probably miasma. An unprecedentedly dense miasma covered the hall.


“Kuh! What dense miasma!?”


I didn’t feel anything because I have the unique skill [Nullify Status Ailments], but Elisha didn’t have that.


When I looked at her, her face had turned pale in an instant.


When I tried [Appraisal] on Elisha, I found that her stats were dropping at a tremendous speed.


It was because of the dense miasma eroding her body.


It wasn’t an issue for me, but the more time we spend, the more Elisha’s stats drop and she’d have trouble in battle.


It was desirable to set things up and settle things quickly, but would it go well against such an opponent?


We still have to do it.


Basilista opened its mouth wide.


I could guess that it was miasma from the dark purple light gathering in its mouth, but I could definitely feel the heat too.


When Elisha and I hurriedly jumped back from the spot, the floor and walls that were in the line of fire melted.


“Such high temperature.”


If it was just miasma, I could just charge through it, but if it contains a huge amount of heat, I can’t nullify it.


I would simply be carbonized. It seemed better to avoid attacks that can be avoided without relying too much on my Unique Skill.


After activating [Instant Step], I stepped up to Basilista’s right leg and swung Gram.


A high-pitched ring resounded, and Gram was deflected.


“So hard!”


I looked at the right leg that I had swung Gram at, there was only a slight scratch on the scale.


Gram, due to its cursed weapon property and the benefits of my skills, should have had more offensive power than what is shown in the stats, but Basilista didn’t feel any pain at all.


With that, even if I swung it dozens of times, I won’t be able to damage it.


Was that why it felt no need to dodge the attack?


Basilista lifted its right leg and tried to crush me.


I activated [Instant Step] and escaped from its trampling range.


Basilista was superior in attack and defense, but when it came to agility, combined with my small physique, it seemed that I was the winner. If I used [Instant Step], it couldn’t catch me so easily.


It was an exhausting thought but we had no choice but to attack steadily.




After Elishia summoned the Wind Spirit, she launched a flurry of wind blades at Basilista.


Basilista didn’t even pretend to avoid them and caught them with her huge body.


“I expected it, but that’s tough!”


A blow from her spirit magic slightly damaged the scales on Basilista’s right leg.


It was not enough to inflict a fatal injury, but if she attacked repeatedly, it may become a fatal injury.


The problem was that by the time she hit it repeatedly, her stats would have dropped considerably over time.


Even if she could scratch the scales now, it was clear that her magic power would diminish over time.


“Elisha! We best deal with it before your stats decrease any further!”


“I know! Just buy me a little time!”


Elisha was already aware of that as she summoned other spirits such as fire spirits, water spirits, earth spirits, and lightning spirits without hesitation.


Combined with the wind spirits, it was a gorgeous lineup of the five attributes.


Elisha transferred magical power, and extraordinary magical power rose from the five attribute spirits.


Perhaps noticing the threatening atmosphere, Basilista shot a spear filled with dark attribute.


When I moved in front of Elisha and her spirits, I thrust out Voracious Magic Sword Gram.


“I’ll be eating that magic!”

The incoming dark spear was neatly absorbed by Gram’s blade.


After eating Basilista’s magic, I could feel the power of magic essence flowing from Gram and my stats rising.


Since Elisha’s magic was not complete yet, I decided to attack.


I slipped under Basilista’s feet and wielded Gram.




“Hehe, back at you!”


Earlier I was only able to inflict scratches, but thanks to the increase in stats, I was able to inflict shallow lacerations.


Basilista let out a startled voice at the lacerations carved into its body.


Rather than being surprised by the pain, it seemed that it was surprised by being hurt by something smaller than itself.


If my blade could injure its body, Basilista could no longer ignore me.


I guess Basilista finally recognized me as an enemy.


Basilista, who had not moved much until now, lifted its heavy body for the first time.


I avoided Basilista’s left leg with a wide margin. With an overwhelming difference in mass, it was impossible to defend.


Avoidance was the only choice. There was no need to attack.


Just draw its attention until Elisha could cast her magic.


While using [Instant Step], I avoided Basilista’s attacks while moving around at varying speeds.


If Basilista tried to divert its attention away from me, I’d step in immediately and slash him with Gram.




Basilista seemed to find my movements irritating and a dense miasma erupts from its body.


If a person breathes in such dense miasma from such a distance, they’ll be in a severe miasma state in an instant, but status ailments won’t work on me.


At best, it was nothing more than smoke that impaired visibility a little.


Even if my visibility got worse, I had [Heat Source Perception], so I could sense Basilista.


I slashed the left eye of the unguarded Basilista with all my might.


Basilista screamed.


“Lude! Get away from there!”


Elisha’s magic was ready, so I immediately left Basilista’s side.


Dense magical power was drifting from the spirits around Elisha.


“Eat this! Quintet of Spirits!”


Multi-attribute magic was released by the spirits.


Just when I thought the fireball had landed, it was pierced by water spears and lightning scorched it. A large amount of rocks rained down from above, and a large tornado sliced up Basilista’s body.


And finally, when all the attributes collided, a huge explosion occurred.


As I watched with bated breath, I saw Basilista staggering greatly.


When the smoke cleared, the scales that had covered its body had peeled off here and there, and its purple skin had been gouged out, exposing its red flesh.


“Oh! Amazing, Elisha!”


Surprised by the outrageous power of spirit magic, she turned around and dropped to one knee as if she had lost all her strength.


“Elisha, are you okay!?”


“…Sorry. That just now uses a lot of magical power.”


When I hurriedly rushed over, a large amount of cold sweat was flowing from Elisha’s forehead, and her complexion was quite bad.


In addition to the fatigue from the sudden consumption of mana, symptoms such as nausea, drunkenness, and headache due to the miasma were probably appearing.


It was amazing that she was able to release such powerful spirit magic amid clearly bad conditions due to the miasma.


“It was amazing magic. I’ll be enough on my own from here. Elisha, please rest.”


“…I’ll let you do that.”


I couldn’t let her participate in battle anymore because she couldn’t even stand without leaning on her staff.


She nodded obediently signifying she understood that, and was carried away by Sylphid’s wind to the edge of the battle.


“Ah, I could have shot faster in the past, and I could have beaten that guy with one shot… it’s frustrating!”


Even though her consciousness was hazy, Elisha seemed to lament her pitiful state right now.


It was already more than enough, but considering her past ability, I guess it was a result that she couldn’t be satisfied with.


“Well, from here on it’s me and you one-on-one.”



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