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Chapter 0037 Nullify Status Ailments

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Perhaps the magic essence absorbed from Basilista was consumed in the battle just now, the increase in my stats had already decreased back to normal.


The status benefits from Gram appeared to be temporary.


Even so, due to the huge damage dealt by Elisha, Basilista’s physical strength was considerably depleted.


Our opponent was not in perfect condition, so the chances were 50:50, or perhaps our opponent still had a slightly higher chance of winning.


From there on out, I threw everything I had into the fight.


After activating [Instant Step] and jumping right up into Basilista’s space, I swung Gram at its left leg.


Gram was not repelled and a shallow laceration was carved into Basilista’s left leg.




My attacks were working because Elisha’s spirit magic had peeled off the scales covering its body.


If you can deal damage, you have a chance to win.


I moved around and swung Gram while clinging to Basilista’s feet.


“You can’t see your feet when you’re this big!”


Since I crushed its left eye, Basilista’s field of vision had become even narrower, and there were more openings than before.


I kept attacking Basilista’s left side.


The irritated Basilista tried to eliminate me by stomping with its legs and crushing me with its belly, but I wasn’t the type to be defeated by such simple movements.


Basilista, irritated after getting hit with a few good attacks, started lifting its leg and stomping violently.




It was no longer aimed at me, but the random chance of such overwhelming mass striking me increased instead.


If I got trampled, it was the end of my first chapter in life, so I kept my distance.


After I left its blind spot and it accurately grasped my position, Basilista bent down slightly and shot a needle.


I dodged the approaching needle.


The needle pierced the ground loudly with a sharp noise. Of course, deadly poison could be seen attached to the tip of the needle.


Even though the poison wouldn’t work, I didn’t want to get hit directly by an attack that was powerful enough to cause the stone ground to cave in.


As I sprinted, Basilista also changed the direction of its body and shot while predicting my path.


If it used magic, it would be absorbed by me and cause my stats to rise and hurt it, so Basilista was not stupid enough to carelessly use magic. It continued to fire needles relentlessly.


While I was avoiding the violent storm of needles, Basilista suddenly charged.


I was surprised that Basilista, who hadn’t moved much due to its sluggish body, made such a big move.


Was it because it recognized me as an enemy that should be defeated with all its might?


It didn’t move very fast, but it was quite frightening to see a gigantic body over 20 meters charging at me.


When I dodged sideways, Basilista released a breath aimed at where I was dodging to.


I couldn’t nullify an attack filled with miasma and high heat.


By activating [Instant Step], I dodged the breath and closed in on Basilista again.


Basilista, who was breathing out, interrupted it by biting it off and shot a needle at me as I slipped in.


My [Instant Step] was read.


If I repeated it that many times, it was unavoidable that it would read the timing and acceleration of my skill activation.


I was able to dodge two out of the four that came flying toward me, but I couldn’t dodge the remaining two.


I steeled myself and activated [Hard Body].


However, instead of blocking the needles with my body, I chose to treat my body like a sword and parry them.


The flying needles hit my flank and made unpleasant clanging sounds.


I immediately tilted my body diagonally, and the two needles that were about to pierce my body continued flying past me.


After succeeding in parrying them, I went straight into its space and cut its left leg.


Fresh blood danced in a blow that seemed to gouge out its flesh.


Basilista let out an anguished cry while rotating its body and swinging its tail.


It was faster than expected and I was unable to dodge, so I activated [Hard Body] while using Gram as a shield.




However, that alone was not enough to absorb all the impact, and my body was blown away like paper.


The impact knocked the breath out of my lungs.


It felt like the bones of my entire body were screaming.


After rolling on the ground several times, I stood up.


No broken bones, but my whole body was in pain.




That was after I used my skills. If I had taken the strike unhindered, I wouldn’t have come out of that so relatively unscathed.


My attacks were not critical blows to it, but its attacks had the power to kill me with just one blow. So unreasonable.


However, an adventurer exists to fight such unreasonable existences. I won’t be discouraged by that.


If the enemy doesn’t like close-range combat, stick to their feet persistently.


As soon as I stood up and started running, Basilista swung its tail and mowed horizontally.


When I jumped to avoid it, Basilista breathed out.


I can’t avoid it because I’m floating my body in the air.


While Basilista sneered triumphantly, I activated the [Thread Manipulation] skill.


The thread ejected from my fingertip attached to Basilista’s wing and I pulled to avoid the incoming attack.


It’s a skill I acquired from the Obzora Spider I fought in the abyss.


I had never used it before, but it came in handy in unexpected ways.


After I dodged the breath in the air, I used the momentum of the thread to slash Basilista’s wing.




The flesh of Basilista’s wing was soft compared to its other parts, probably because the wings had degenerated from their former use.


Of course, it couldn’t be cut off with a single blow, but my blade cut in quite deeply.


At that moment, I activated 【Blood Sucking】.


By activating the skill, Gram vigorously sucked up Basilista’s blood.


Basilista twisted violently from the disgust of having its blood siphoned.


I was thrown off the wing and managed to land on the ground.


The energy obtained from [Blood Sucking] healed my body, and the pain in my entire body subsided.


It’s another skill I acquired from the bats in the abyss.


If the more I attack, the more I recover, there was no reason not to attack aggressively.


I activated [Instant Step], struck a blow on Basilista, and then quickly left.


It didn’t matter if the wound was shallow.


By activating [Blood Sucking] the moment I inflict wounds, I could gradually steal blood from Basilista and heal my wounds.


By the time I finished repeating it about ten times, I had completely recovered from the blow I received earlier.


I haven’t used it since I’ve gotten stronger and haven’t had a big injury, but it’s a useful skill.


With that, I could heal up even if I suffered some injuries.


However, as usual, any blow from Basilista would be strong and there was a strong possibility that I would be killed immediately if I got hit.


And even if I could heal wounds, I couldn’t recover energy and physical strength.

Although my wounds had healed, the extreme tension had pushed my energy and physical strength to the limit.


But it was the same for my opponent.


Basilista’s body was bleeding everywhere due to the blow from Elisha’s spirit magic and the repeated attacks from me.


In addition to that, its stamina should be considerably drained because my [Blood Sucking] had taken more blood.


However, from Basilista’s right eye, there was a light of murderous intent and hostility that didn’t indicate it felt exhausted.


After all, it was a stupid idea to compare physical strength with a dragon.


For now, I could deceive it with my many skills, but eventually even that would be read through.


As long as there is a limit to my physical strength, I had no choice but to seek a conclusion now.


If there is an attack that can kill Basilista in me, it would be a blow with all my magic essence in Gram.


Other attacks could weaken it, but they would not be fatal.


In that case, I had to bet on that.


I channeled my magic essence into Gram.


An ominous light different from normal magic enveloped Gram’s blade.


Seeing the magic essence converging on Gram, Basilista rushed forward.


No fool sits back and waits in the face of rising powers that might harm them.


Basilista approached me violently so as not to let me accumulate magic essence, and attacked with bites, front claws, and its tail.


“Tch, it’s taking too long to put magic essence into Gram…”


I was desperately dodging the onslaught from Basilista and couldn’t channel in magic essence as I wanted.


Concentrating only on magic essence and getting hit by Basilista would be putting the cart before the horse.


Damn, I wish I could buy a little bit of time.


While I was struggling, I heard a swish of wind.


In the next moment, a wind blade slammed into Basilista’s left eye.


Having its eyeball gouged out, Basilista screamed unbearably.


Turning around, I saw Elisha behind me, dizzy and propped up by her cane.


“Hurry up and fill it with magic essence!”


It wasn’t the time to be in a daze. I channeled magic essence in the time Elisha created for me.


While Basilista was bent over, I held Gram with both hands and poured magic essence into it.


The ominous light that covered Gram intensified.


I poured almost all the magic essence in my body into it.


If I couldn’t beat it with that, there was nothing else I could do.


Half desperate, I leaped at Basilista.


When Basilista opened its mouth wide, it shot out a breath filled with extreme miasma and heat.


I had been avoiding it until now, but I purposely did not avoid it and rushed into the breath face-first.


The miasma was nullified with my unique skill, and I endured the fire with my [Fire Resistance (Large)] resistance skill.


As I plunged into the miasma flame, a huge amount of heat enveloped me.




It was hot. No matter how strong [Fire Resistance (Large)] is, it might have been unreasonable to try to withstand a dragon’s breath with it.


I was prepared to die due to the excessive heat, but Voracious Sword Gram I was holding absorbed the breath attack.


Apparently, not only pure miasma and heat but also magic essence was mixed in Basilista’s breath.


Gram ate the magic essence and supplied me with power.


As a result, my stats increased, and I felt that the heat had weakened a little.


I can do it.


When I kicked the ground with all my might and jumped, my vision cleared.


In front of me was Basilista who looked at me, who had crossed its breath face-first, in disbelief.


–Why are you alive?


Basilista’s confusion was conveyed to me through its expression.


Until now, no matter what kind of opponent it faced, they would have had no choice but to withdraw in front of its dense miasma.


If the battle goes on for a long time, its opponent would be weakened by the miasma. Basilista probably wanted to torment us to death with it, but it didn’t work on me.


“Sorry. Status ailments don’t work on me.”


With Basilista looking up at me in a daze, I swing down a blow with all my magic power on its neck.


The blow that was strengthened by magic power easily cut off Basilista’s neck, and the released magic power caused a large explosion and blew away its torso.


I was also blown away by the shockwave.


I could no longer pull any strength from within and couldn’t even try to soften my landing, but my body was caught in a soft breeze.


“Good job, Lude.”


Seeing Elisha’s smile and hearing her gentle voice, I let go of my consciousness.


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