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Chapter 0038 Basilista Steak

Translator: Tseirp


“You’re awake?”


When I woke up, I saw Elisha’s face staring at me.


I felt a warm and soft feeling on the back of my head. It seemed that Elisha was giving me a lap pillow.


“……I’m hungry.”


“That’s the first thing you choose to say when you wake up?”


My line and rumbling stomach made Elisha giggle.


I wondered what happened to Basilista and how Elisha and I were faring, but the feeling of hunger surpassed that and dominated my attention.


In any case, I was hungry. It had been a long time since I’d felt that intense hunger.


The hunger may be purely due to the desire to replenish the magic essence that had been depleted from my body.


However, it was necessary to grasp the situation to cook.


I felt an irresistible urge to continue feeling the soft touch on the back of my head, but I raised my upper body with a strong will.


I would be a nuisance if I kept lying there for too long.


“What happened to the miasma dragon?”


“Thanks to Lude, we were able to defeat it safely.”


When I looked back, I saw Basilista’s head and the rest of its torso further back.


Blood from the severed neck on the ground …


“Oh! That’s bad, Elisha! Let’s drain the blood quickly!”


“Food preparation before you even check on your physical condition!?”


“Well, I’m going to eat the monster after defeating it, right? If I’m planning to eat it, it’s better to cook it into a delicious meal.”


When I answered, Elisha made a face like she had a headache and pressed her temples.


“… Don’t worry. The miasma dragon’s blood has already been removed with water magic.”


I was told as I approached Basilista and I found the blood was properly drained.


The blood scattered around the ground seemed to have been from when I cut off its head.


“Oh! So Elisha knows how to prepare ingredients too!”


“It was because dragon blood can be used as a material!”


I thought that Elisha, who is not good at cooking, also knew some rudimentary preliminary food preparations, but it seemed that was not the case.


Well, in any case, there was no problem as long as the blood had been removed.


“By the way, are you okay with the miasma?”


“It’s much better now because the miasma has cleared.”


The hall was filled with such a dense miasma, but it appeared that the miasma had completely disappeared after subjugating Basilista.


However, Elisha’s physical condition was not at its best. Looking at her condition, she was still in a miasma state.


It seemed that Basilista’s miasma remained in her body.


“You still have miasma in you. I’ll shoulder it.”


“Please do”


I touched Elisha and activated [Shoulder].


I took on the miasma that was eroding her body and nullified it with my unique skill.


“Thank you. It feels much better now.”


Elisha’s complexion improved because I transferred her miasma to me.


In the other floors, the miasma would immediately enter her body once more and she would fall into the miasma state as soon as I shouldered her miasma, but in the great hall, it didn’t appear to be the case.


By defeating Basilista, the miasma had completely disappeared.


Apparently, the place seemed to be outside the structure of the other floors and was a safe zone.


“Should we take a break here and then go back to town?”


Even though I healed my wounds with [Blood Sucking], my physical strength and energy were considerably exhausted from the battle with Basilista.


Elisha had just been released from the miasma and was not in perfect physical condition either.


Not only was there no miasma in the hall, but no other monsters were inhabiting it.


It would be better to recover our physical strength there and then start moving.


“Let’s do that. There’s also a teleportation magic circle in the back, so there’s no need to rush back.”


A magic formation emitting light blue light appeared at the place where Elisha was pointing.


“… When did something like that happen?”


“It appeared at the same time as the miasma dragon died. It seems to be a mechanism that allows us to return by defeating the master of the hall.”


“What a devilish setup, a floor that you can’t leave without defeating the dragon?”


“The hidden floors are generally such unreasonable spaces.”


When I muttered involuntarily, Elisha shrugged her shoulders and smiled wryly.


She seemed to be accustomed to the unreasonableness of labyrinths as she had overcome many labyrinths.


“There’s nothing to worry about, so let’s cook the miasma dragon here.”


“You’re going to eat it after all.”


“Of course.”


In front of Basilista, I was more excited than ever.


I never thought I could eat a legendary dragon.


“Dismantling it is necessary so I will help.”


First of all, I carefully peeled off the scales on its entire body with Elisha.


The scales were so tough while it lived, but now that it was dead, they were easy to peel off from the skin.


It may be the effect of its death.


“Each of these are worth several gold coins!”


Elisha’s eyes had completely turned into gold coins.


I had heard that dragon scales can be processed into weapons and sold at a high price because they’re so convenient.


To her, all the scales might look like gold coins.


That said, I only evaluated things as their value as food ingredients rather than as materials.


“Ah, but the scales on this side are ruined.”


“We had to hurt it quite a bit to beat it.”


As expected, we didn’t have the leeway to defeat the higher-ranked Basilista with consideration for the materials.


In addition to Elisha’s spirit magic, I cut its entire body in multiple places, so we couldn’t collect everything cleanly.


“… The problem is what to eat.”

After collecting the scales, I stuck a knife into Basilista.


Its legs were heavily damaged due to the concentrated attacks and the flesh was particularly hard due to the many muscles in it.


It looked like it would be delicious if I boiled it well and made it into a soup, but as expected, I didn’t have the time to cook it that slowly.


In that case, the relatively soft back meat would be good.


When cut out, it had a glossy pale red color and was mixed with milky white fat.


Its beauty went beyond the realm of ingredients and was like a work of art.


“It’s very beautiful meat! How do you plan to eat it?”


“I think I’ll make it a simple steak.”


I could modify it in various ways, but it was my first time eating dragon meat.


Anyway, I want to eat it as a dish that would showcase the taste of the ingredient best.


That was why I decided to make a miasma dragon steak, so I took out the tools necessary for cooking from my magic bag.


A large frying pan is placed on top of a pile of stones that resembled a kiln.


Sprinkling salt and pepper on the steak while heating the iron plate with fire magic.


It was likely to flow with fat when heated, so that was all that was needed.


By the time I finished seasoning, the frying pan was warm, so I spread oil and put the steak on top.


The fat melted out, and there were popping sounds.


The frying pan was overflowing with meat juices.


The sound of grilling meat resounded in the great hall of the Miasma Labyrinth.


When grilling good meat, it’s fun just to look at it.


After a certain amount of heat had penetrated through to the inside, I put it back on the cutting board and let it rest for a while.


The residual heat continued the cooking, and soon I inserted a knife and cut it into easy-to-eat sizes.


“Oooooh! Such magnificent layers of fat!”


When I cut it into pieces, the center part was slightly pink, and it was just the right medium rare. I could even claim it was good fire control on my part.


“Ah! It smells good, and it looks really delicious!?”


As I was cutting the steak, Elisha raised her voice as if she could no longer stand it.


“Do you want to eat Elisha too?”


“I can’t! You idiot!”


When I made fun of her, Elisha slapped me on the shoulder quite strongly.


I wondered if the steak looked delicious enough to warrant such a hit.


“O-okay, I’m going to eat it.”


I have eaten many meats, but I have never eaten dragon meat. What would it taste like?


I was nervous for the first time, but its delicious appearance and scent stimulated my stomach.


I immediately put the meat in my mouth.




It had a flavor and taste that was vastly different from the beef, goat, pork, and chicken that I had eaten so far.


The high-quality fat contained in the meat melted on my tongue and the rich sweetness gradually spread.


At the same time, a strong flavor melted from the red meat and mixed with the rich fat.


What a sweet taste!


“Hey! How is the taste!?”


While I was in ecstasy, Elisha, who was next to me, violently shook my shoulders.


Judging from the way she spoke, she seemed to have asked about the taste many times.


The intense deliciousness tripped my consciousness and I could not react at all.


“It’s so delicious…! It’s the first time I’ve had such delicious meat!”


It is so delicious that just one bite would make you smile sloppy.


When I bit my teeth into it, the strong fibers of Basilista meat slowly melted away. It was a little more elastic than other meats, but it was not a problem because you could bite through it. I like that kind of food because it’s satisfying to eat.


Besides the taste, the amount of magic essence contained inside was wonderful.


I wondered if I should make a gravy sauce, but salt and pepper turned out to be the right choice.


It had such a rich flavor. You won’t be able to compete with ordinary sauces.


The more I ate, the more good quality magic essence accumulated in my empty body.


It appeared that the quality and quantity of the magic essence contained in it was extraordinary as it was a mighty monster.


“So this is the taste of dragon meat…”


When I think of it as a monster that I defeated after a lot of hard work, it made it even more delicious.


Defeated a dragon species considered to be one of the strongest. This achievement is the greatest in my life as an adventurer.


Looking back, more than ten years have passed since I became an adventurer.


I steadily fulfilled requests and trained repeatedly, but I stopped at E-rank for a long time.


I was halfway into giving up on my dream of becoming an S-rank because my growth had stopped and I was getting older.


I encountered a Minotaur, was betrayed by a temporary party, and fell into the abyss, but thanks to my unique skill [Nullify Abnormal Ailments], I was able to eat monsters, and I acquired the skills monsters use.


From there, I met Elisha, went on adventures together, and my rank rose to D, and we were able to subjugate a dragon on a hidden floor.


A lot of adventures that I wouldn’t imagine before.


I fell to the bottom from misfortune once, but I was able to crawl up to where I was now.


If I continued to go on adventures with Elisha like that, I might be able to become the S-rank adventurer I long for.


If I can gain that much power, I would like to cooperate with her in her goal of recovering her allies and defeating her enemy, the Abyssal Monster.


However, my level was too low now and my ability was still lacking.


That’s why I will steadily defeat monsters and eat them to become stronger.


That is my path as an adventurer—no, as a Monster-Eating Adventurer.


“So unfair! I got hungry seeing Lude eat! Let’s quickly go back!”


While I was lost in thought, Elisha suddenly stood up and exclaimed.


“Elisha’s physical strength hasn’t recovered yet, right?”


“My physical strength has already recovered! So let’s go back now!”


“No, I’m still eating, so please wait.”


“No! I want to go back now! I’m going back and eating a special-grade steak!”


While appeasing Elisha, who was whining like a child, I thoroughly enjoyed Basilista’s steak.


Author’s note:

This concludes Volume One.

Thank you very much.


TLN: Unfortunately, the author has not updated this series for the past 5 months, despite releasing chapters daily when this series started. I didn’t expect this series to stagnate so soon :(. If you’re interested, please take a look at the other series I started recently, Condemned Saint! It’s really promising!


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