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Chapter 0339 Errands

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There was no official record of whether or not Ryo was sneezing repeatedly when the matters of his new neighbors at his Rune house were decided upon.


After breaking Harold’s spirit curse and asking Merlin a few questions, Ryo’s current concerns were gone.

Then, of course, he wanted to eat something sweet.



“This mille crepe of the month… is kinda intriguing.”

The inn lounge of the Kingdom Mission also served fairly decent cakes, but there weren’t many varieties… in other words, he’s had them all.


However, there was a café next to the lodge.

‘Cafe Roemer’

The coffee was of premium quality, and the cakes were delicious, so naturally, it became his favorite spot.



After much hesitation, Ryo ordered a set of ‘mille crepe of the month’, which caught his interest first, and Roemer-blend coffee, before he finally had time to look around.


Two seats away, diagonally in front of him, sat someone he recognized from somewhere.

Looking extremely tired and with his shoulders slumped, he seemed as if he was having a hard time.

However, when the cake set he ordered arrived, he smiled as if he had come back to life and began to eat it with great relish.



Meanwhile, Ryo also received his mille crepe of the month and coffee…



After eating, they both left the cafe at the same time.


“Mr. Ignis?”

The man was Ignis, Chief Negotiator of the Kingdom Delegation.


“Ryo-san? Oh, you’re here too. The cakes here are delicious aren’t they?”

He seemed to be having a hard time with the negotiations but had no trouble having a nice treat.


Ryo knew that as long he still recognized good food as delicious, he’s good.

Of course, Ryo himself has never experienced this, but he knew someone when he was on Earth who was so busy with his work that he ended up losing his sense of taste…


“Negotiations… must be tough.”

“Yeah, well…”

Even though they’re members of the same delegation, he couldn’t tell him what they’re negotiating.

Ignis answered vaguely with a wry smile.


Then Ryo said covertly.


“If there is anything you want to discuss with Abel in the royal capital, you can discuss it through me. If you have to, please let me know. I am, after all, the Premier Duke, so I have pretty high authority to access confidential information.”

Ryo gave a thumbs-up with his right thumb.


Although Ignis probably had no idea what it meant…


“With His Majesty…? Are you serious?”

He didn’t tell Ignis about ‘Soul Resonance’.

Apart from the search party, the only one who knew about it was Commander Hugh… and that was because he had no choice but to tell him recently.


However, he couldn’t leave Ignis alone, as he looked so exhausted.

Then again, he wasn’t told not to tell others about ‘Soul Resonance’… and they probably wouldn’t be offended.


“Well, I can’t do it for too long, but it’s possible with alchemy.”

Having said that, he didn’t want to be overly relied on, so he just said it couldn’t be used for long.


Ryo is good-natured, but he is also a schemer!


“Thank you. If it comes to it, I may have to ask His Majesty’s opinion.”

Saying that, Ignis bowed his head.

He seemed much less pensive than he did at first.

That alone may have made Ryo’s proposal worthwhile…



Being at the forefront of negotiations between countries is accompanied by unimaginable pressure….

Ryo shook his head slightly after parting with Ignis.




Returning to the mission’s quarters next to Café Roemer, Ryo found Commander Hugh McGrath in the lobby, looking at some documents and letters with a stern look on his face.


Ryo, not particularly paying it any mind, tried to walk past him.


Then, he got caught.

“Ryo! ”



He didn’t expect that he would call out to him.

And Ryo involuntarily exclaimed in surprise.


“Sorry, but I need you to do me a favor.”

Hugh called Ryo to his side and showed him the letter.


“I need you to deliver this letter to a magician in the Republic of Mafalda.”

“A magician? And a Republic?”

Ryo answered, tilting his head.


Then he suddenly noticed.


“Huh? Where is Niels and the others?”

“Oh, I asked Room 10 and 11 to carry out some urgent tasks for me. Today, or rather, just moments ago, the workload of the escorts suddenly increased so much that… they all had to return from their vacations.”


Hugh said with an apologetic look on his face, and Ryo made a sullen face as he could picture the disappointed faces of the escort adventurers.


“So, Ryo… you’re the only one I can entrust this task alone. For some reason, the Cardinal requested it personally… and to be honest, I find it shady. But I’m sure Ryo can handle it, right?”

Hugh grinned.


Jumping into a trap even when you know it’s a trap… seems to be an adventurer’s vice.

Ryo thinks so, but he gives off the impression of one who knowingly jumps into a trap to crush it with force…

How strange.


“The Republic of Mafalda is a five-day trip by carriage one way. Can you help me with this?”

“Sure. I’ll go.”



Thus, Ryo took on the job of delivering the letter.

Or rather, more of an ‘errand’ than a job.


The destination was the Republic of Mafalda.

It was his first time hearing of a Republic on Phi… a country he had heard about previously and was a little curious about.


Ryo was a little excited as he left the quarters…



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