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Chapter 0343 Cesare

Translator: Tseirp


“So, do you know who those six people are or which organization they belong to?”

Ryo asked the two who had fled to his side.

Their eyes were wide open.


“Probably… one of the church’s assassination squads.”

Captain Bangan muttered.


“One of the? They have that many assassination squads?… How scary.”

Ryo commented while shaking his head several times.


“Rumor has it that the 12 Cardinals and Pope each have one… for a total of 13 assassination squads.”

Vice Captain Amalia replied.


As expected of the Secret Service. There is nothing wrong with collecting information about the enemy.


“Then… we’ll just have to capture them and make them spit it out.”

Ryo muttered.

“Yeah, but they should be astonishingly skilled…”

Captain Bangan replied in a low voice.

Vice Captain Amalia swallowed audibly next to him. It seemed that she was quite nervous.



The six from the assassination squad slowly approached.



“Well then, shall I?”

Ryo muttered and chanted.


“<Ice Coffin 6>”


In an instant, six blocks of ice were born. Sealing the assassination squad members inside.



Bangan and Amalia muttered in unison.


Ryo said as he approached the ice coffins.

“Okay, okay. It’s been a long time since I used <Ice Coffin>, so I wondered if it would be okay, but it’s okay. My skills didn’t rust.”

He nodded satisfactorily while tapping the ice.



“Um… weren’t you planning on capturing them alive?”

Captain Bangan asked with a frightened look.

Perhaps he imagined that spell could be directed at him too.


“Oh, it’s okay. These people are alive.”

“In that condition… they’re still alive…?”

Vice Captain Amalia’s mutter was heard only by Bangan next to her.


“I can interrogate them here, but I don’t have any interrogation skills…”

In the middle of his sentence, Ryo suddenly moved.



“<Ice wall 10 layers>”



Baki, Juts.



An extremely thick vortex of flame attacked Ryo.

The ice wall that blocked it melted up to the ninth layer.



Its power surprised even Ryo.


The only flames he could think of that could melt his ice wall were like Leonor or that Explosive Blaze Magician’s flames… or maybe the red bear.

Was it someone of that level…?



Five people suddenly appeared.


“Teleport? No, this feeling is different…”

Ryo had experienced the sensation of those appearing with teleport several times.

To be exact, he knew how those who appear with teleport get perceived by <Passive Sonar>.


The five people that appeared were different.


Rather, it felt closer to that rafflesia-like plant monster.

Of course, that monster relied on visual concealment but… they felt as though they had a similar but even more effective concealment lifted…


That was how they appeared.


“No way, my <Fire Breath> can’t penetrate it… that’s surprising.”

A man with fiery red hair in the center spoke in a monotonous voice.

He must have been in his late twenties, about 180 centimeters tall.

His clothes were white, and rather than a robe, it was something closer to a military coat on Earth.


“Cesare, what should we do?”

“Kill everyone. Match me.”


Saying so, the red-haired man called Cesare raised his right hand to shoulder height and chanted.


“<Fire Cannon>”

At the moment of chanting, countless flame bullets were fired from Cesare’s right arm.


When the other four also chanted, dozens of balls of flame were fired from each.


“<Ice Wall 20 layers>”

Ryo moved in front of the two intelligence agents and created an ice wall in front of them.



But even Ryo’s ice wall…


“Melting? What power…”

Surprisingly, Ryo’s ice wall was melting and being penetrated…


Each time that happened, his ice wall reformed.




“Those people…”

He heard Vice Captain Amalia mutter.

When he looked, the six frozen people… ice coffins had been attacked and tragically destroyed.

Including those who were trapped inside…


“Weren’t they allies…”

Captain Bangan’s strangled voice was accompanied by bitterness.

The six of them tried to kill them, but they had lost their ability to fight… there was no need to attack and kill them.


Ryo glanced at Bangan and Amalia beside him.

(These are difficult opponents to fight while protecting these two…)

He made a decision.


Once decided, his next action was quick.


He grabbed Bangan’s waist with his right hand and Amalia’s waist with his left hand.

Furthermore, he reinforced it with ice so as not to drop the two.


The two voiced their surprise in unison.


“We’re running.”


As soon as he said it, he chanted in quick succession.


“<Ice Mist><Laminated Ice Wall 20 Layers><Water Jet Thrusters>”


Hiding in ice fog, defending with ice walls, and flying with water… the three retreated.


Two people fainted halfway through…



Returning to consciousness, Bangan and Amalia led Ryo to the Secret Services headquarters.

For the time being, they needed to report to their superiors, and the safest place for the two of them in the capital was without a doubt the Secret Services Agency.


“I can’t believe such a big shot appeared…”

Even Ryo could hear Bangan’s muttering.

“Do you know who those people were?”

“Yes, because he was called Cesare…”

Bangan nodded in response to Ryo’s question.


But Amalia answered him.

“Cesare, the third bishop who reports directly to the Pope… that Cesare?”

“Yeah. One of the four bishops who lead the Pope’s assassination squad… his magic was more powerful than rumored.”

Bangan nodded.


“It was indeed powerful magic.”

Ryo nodded.

However, Ryo had noticed something.

When the five cast their magic, the brooches they were wearing glowed just a little.

And if Ryo’s perception was correct, that light…

((It is the light when alchemy is activated))

((…Even if you talk to me about alchemy, I won’t be able to answer, you know?))


Abel in ‘Soul Resonance’ is a busy king and an amateur in alchemy.


((Since it’s something that only busy Abel can do, I have no choice but to talk to you. Yeah, there’s no other choice. Yup, there’s no other choice.))

((R-right… So, what should I do?))

((I want to confirm with Kenneth. Details about ‘Fusion Magic’))



Yes, Ryo thought their unusually powerful magic was the result of combining alchemy and magic.

And he heard from Kenneth and Ilarion that it’s called fusion magic.



But then that means…


There is a genius alchemist comparable to Viscount Kenneth Hayward supporting them.


It’s going to get kind of troublesome…



And then, the three entered the Secret Services Agency.

Ryo was left alone in the reception room and the two went to report.


(Hah, is this… by any chance.)

Ryo noticed something.

(The rule of rescuing a noble daughter and gaining familiarity didn’t happen, but could it be the activation of a derived type of member rescue rule? Finally… the rules that are common in otherworld fantasy must have been invoked!)


He was excited.



Two minutes later.


Just when I was about to drink the coffee that was served in front of him… the door was violently opened.

Then, people who appeared to be guards entered and surrounded the sofa where Ryo was sitting.


“… Eh?”

Ryo was confused.


A man who seemed to be the commander of those who entered declared.


“You are under arrest for suspicion of impersonation.”




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